Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Aggregated Internet Design

(An odd idea I had one night about a new way to design and order custom computer systems.)

AiD - Aggregated Internet Design (Computer / Homes / Products / Etc…)
Or (another option) – Internet Based Evolutionary Design, (a.k.a.) iBED

Aggregated Blogs / RSS / News Feed
Derived virtual computer system configuration and designing based on all available information
& Transformed
Into state-of-the art real world products - within 30 days of component package fulfillment & release
A liberation of anticipation
High anticipation becomes actual satisfaction within 30 days of technology release!
Priced for ownership not for delays

Customers who desire the best possible technology along with the highest level of quality control.
Customers who understand how to utilize the NEXT level of technology even before it has arrived.
Customer who find either enjoyment or profit in exploiting the very best in technology.
We were frustrated shoppers ourselves who decided to stop waiting for the large fortune 500 companies to dictate when we could enjoy a state-of-the-art combination of just released off-the-shelf technologies. (commodities = compromise – before items are mass produced for typical consumer consumption, others can benefit for early adoption and utilization.)

We acquire and test all assembly to assure proper power consumption, Heat generation, ventilation, noise generations. Guaranteed threshold for each quality control category are benchmarked and e-mailed to our customers for review prior to final payment and shipment; to eliminate any buyer’s remorse.

Reshape your system with Migration “Molds”:
Each AiD system release will come with a guaranteed Migration tier allowing for up to 5 future upgrades or what we call “Molds”. Each upgrade can be performed either in succession of the last or strictly independently; meaning the previous upgrades are not required.

All 5 “Mold” releases will include a “Full-Reshape” or a “Touch-Up” option. The “Full-Reshape” will likely provide you with an option to completely upgrade every key component of your machine. From the Processor & HDD, to the Video Card & Optical Drive. While the “Touch-Up” will more conservatively follow the easiest upgrade path, possibly only impacting the graphics card, and its required drivers.

Legacy Limitations:
Formal announcements will be sent out to each customer when legacy supports are to be terminated for any past AiD system. However, with any growing community of customers will come a growing knowledge database which will be archived and extended minute by minute through our online public forum.

Unique “Virtualization”:
Each of our systems have a full recover partition, but even more importantly than this each system is based on a “Virtual Machine” architecture. This unique OS installation method is done for two reasons. One it gives our unique customers the option of installing any additional operating systems they desire with ease. Two, it allow us to easily include to OS builds relevant to each Migration Mold, while the customer can opt to keep their old OS installation in tact until the new system migration is complete.

THE BASE - Proven base system platforms, with absolutely cutting edge graphics.
(A gamers’ value purchase)
THE ART - state-of-the-art nearly within 60 days of reach
(Less than 30 days to component release / with one additional month to test / build / and ship)
THE FUTURE - Near future predictions - On the horizon. These are the systems many talk about but few will deliver. In most case these systems (or a very close derivative) will be within our inventory within 6 months time.
(While it is very fun to know what the future holds, just remember - “You can wait for the next 6 months for the rest of your life!”)
SCI-FI – These are designs and technologies we are utilizing our unique knowledge and experience to develop and coordinate with leading venders. Our own contribution to the future of computing.

Sculpture – Our balancing act; the most perfect arrangement of Power and Portability. Sleek! Light! Fast!
Brick – No holds bar; a state-of-the-art workstation that can be carried off-site whenever the need arises. Fierce! Big! Capable!
i.e. –

Virtual Keyboards, GSM Routers, Wireless HD Video,

Possibly helpful resources:
http://arxiv.org/ Cornell University – Library