Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What Will The Average Consumer Due With A Super Computer?

Why did the most wealthy investor in the history of the U.S. commit over 10 Billion dollars to one tech firm over the last quarter of this year? The average American consumer reading this might be guessing this firm was Apple, or perhaps even Google, or some other mobile tech or Internet firm. None of these guesses would be accurate or even on target.

Many have speculated Warren Buffets recent investment in IBM was due to some sort of "inside information" he was made privy to during a red carpet tour he was given at one of IBM's headquarters.  But the fact is, everyone was told of the leap in technology IBM has recently hinted towards within a multimedia press release much earlier this year.

To explain the significance of IBM's claims, one must first consider the typical benchmarks associated with processor designs and their pace of advancement.  Typically, Moore's Law has accurately predicted an impressive benchmark by explaining how our computing power or processor designs maintain a pace of doubling every 18 months. IBM and 3M have recently describe a partnership, (illustrated in the link and video below,) which leverages a breakthrough, heat dissipating, adhesive along with a new type of CPU architecture in order to accomplish a 1000x's increase or leap in processing capabilities, rather than Moore's Law prediction of simply 2x's.

If you want to make processors 1,000x times faster, you're going to need some serious technology. At least that's the conventional wisdom. But 3M and IBM are claiming through this partnership to have unlocked a secret shortcut.

If all indicator are correct this potential advancement appears to be the most significant announcement in the history of computer science! An opportunity for processing power to advance by 1000x times in as little as two years! And we see a hint of just how legitimate this claim may be by witnessing the wealthiest investor in the western world commuting over 10 billion dollars toward the holders of this advancement the same year it was announced.

So in making the assumption that these coincidental, telling moments in 2011's history are indeed prophetic about a computing leap, the question must then be asked: What will the average consumer due with a "Super Computer"?  The answer is quite simply, "nothing"! Unless...  Unless, software development is adequately approached to introduce this new era of consumer level super computing to task and data crunching of new categories of applications never before demanded by the average individual.

As for the world of application which are poised to fully exploit a LEAP of 1000x times in computing power.  We certainly can expect the world of genomics to take several order of magnitudes of progression, given that it is one of the most processing bottle neck laden areas of medical and biological science.
Additionally you might actually start seeing your local weather man privy to an ability to predict weather further than a 24 hour window of accuracy. Thinks to world wide views of climatology being easily afforded and disseminated.

In an ever connected world, poised to exploit cloud computing and computational results; which sciences and application are sure to most immediately impact the daily lives of the masses? What if in addition to health sciences and climatology, other social and economic sciences, less associated with data crunching were also soon to be simple, common areas of computing comparisons and analysis.  In other words what if ares of life which we typically considered that of "opinion" become such competent, undisputed ares of science based on complex analyses of multi-spectral data, they become indisputable facts?  Such as; political sciences, macro economics, real time analyst between broadcast media and actual public opinions, ever elusive stock market analysis, the sky is really the limit.  And then of course there are all the obvious areas of penetration within the specturm of entertainment, movies, gaming, simulations, training, visualization, architecture, land planning, transportation projection and analysis, urban planning, "smart growth", etc...

Once again the field of software development will be depended on to ultimately leverage and create the benchmarks for exploiting this new level of hardware's potential along with the needs and ability to learn and adapt to it's opportunities and uses for and by the end user.

"Futurist" are needed at times like these more than ever. Predictions, redefined opportunities and speculation become paramount in creating advances and whole new markets.  Necessity is typically the mother of invention, but in a rare case where capability out paces many understood necessities; and when the market is filled with projects and goals which were limited by the researchers and public's previous understanding of what is feasible; visionary's must offer, encourage and evangelize future needs, uses and methods of exploiting such enormous leaps in potential.  Their predictions and hypothetical story telling becomes the catalyst which is then be utilized as the inspirational spirit required to take advantage and necessitate such rare leaps in opportunity.

On the higher level of software development thinking, it must be asked, will yesterdays office run on tomorrows super computer? Or is a revolution required in all areas and paradigms of use and user experience?  On a lower level are of consideration, is the jury still out on which instruction set will be the primary dependency for the new languages and application of the future capable of taking advantage of such leaps in processing and processor architecture.  And will a whole new paradigm in processors advances be present in the generations beyond this lead due to the exponential quality of chip design that relays on chips to analyze and perfect all subsequent generations.


China Faced The Music Even Before The GOP

If concerns about Global Warming and any negative impacts the combined human population of the developed world is having on this planet are indeed false; and the conservative right, U.S. political movement, truly does have some incredible insight on the truth; then who or what organization is responsible for duping China into changing the way this largest country in the world is approaching the challenges of their unprecedented growth?
(Might have to log-in to YouTube to view, due to lack of films rating.)

The possibility that an officially "atheist" country was convinced to be concerned with their's and the planet's future; while, on the contrary, an entire swath of one of the two party's which run our own country are clued out, is truly embarrassing! Worse, irresponsible and sadly ignorant! :-(

Completely ironic this same, "conservative" political party, is the one which often attempts to market itself to the Christian, God fearing people among us. And of course the reason this seems SO ironic and relevant to the fact China is atheistic, is the fact that most folks of such conservative faith are insistent God expects them to be good, responsible, stewards of his gifts. And none are larger than that of our planet and the life we live while on it.

Seems strange to sacrifice one's faith based principals (or for that matter, one's common since,) on the chance that a U.S. political party's claim of some rash, organized, conspiracy is occurring amongst the majority of all climatologist and related scientist all across the world.

It is hard to find legitimate organizations to depend on for learning and direction in this endeavor of "Green" living and transition towards a smarter future for this country. Let me know if you come across other resources like the NRDC: http://www.nrdc.org/default_t2.asp

Update: The following link, views even more humbling insight to the original movie, embedded above! http://youtu.be/A-RtiZSuFJ0
This is the fifth in a series of video podcasts from the new PBS series e2 desig.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Continued Education Via The Internet

It is true, there are some things in life that just can't be measured.
Our intelligence is definitely a hard one to gauge.

"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education" - Albert Einstein
Some folks are only inspired to accomplish something if others are able to recognize, pay tribute to, or monetarily compensate them for their accomplishment.  Other's find the drive, incentive and passion to create, produce and grow simply for the sake of the accomplishment itself and the edification which comes from creating something new; regardless of whether or not others are present or aware of the effort.

For those who enjoy learning, striving and improving one's knowledge and capacity, regardless of measured or shared recognition with others; the following websites are simply a treasure! You will find an ability though these resources to literally learn just about any physical science, chemistry, political science, history, health care, astronomy, architecture, languages, all levels of math, software training, grammar, physics, philosophy or practically any other area of academic learning you choose.

I have blogged about this first site on my list of links previously.  It represents an exceptional future in education, and is sure to become a resource used by schools and home student all around the world.
Great resource for all grades and levels of teaching and tutoring needs:
  • The Kahn Academy:  http://www.khanacademy.org/
    • Kahn has recently not only received multi-million dollar support and donations from Google's founders, but also the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.
  • Lentil (alpha) "Get your learn on":  http://lentil.cc/
    • Lentil describes itself as, "a learning application. Like a wise tutor, it breaks things down and finds the right pace for you. If you ever have trouble, it's our fault, not yours."
    • While it only serves to teach Japanese, some Korean, and some Geography at the moment; it promises many more application are to come!
    • It was founded by Russel Simmons, a Yelp co-founded who has always wished to improve education through tehcnology.
  • (An Online Academy are integrated with the University of Kansas, "eLearning Design Lab")
Other exceptional resources sponsored directly by elite Universities and Colleges around the country:
For those seeking professional software tutorials, (which in some cases require a small fee) these are very helpful:
Other resources best at inspiring interest and informing us of exceptional areas of research, science, art and current social issues are as follows:
Ready to enter the hottest advancing market in technology, App Development?  Let the resources help get you there:
More general learning sites:
Need help with your research:
Need to translate an article, text or entire website:
Simply, instant news briefing / electronic news paper:
I will continue updating this list of education related resources as I learn and use other sources over the coming years.
Enjoy!  ...happy (e)learning...

As for more physical / hardware tools to consider:
consider a writing instrument such as the PULSE SmartPen, which records ALL verbal lectures simultaneously while each written note is also digitized. This digital synchronization of both the audio present during a lecture or meeting along with your written dictation, allows you to later return to your writings and simply tap the desired note on the paper to instantly replay and hear it's related sound bite.  The more you get use to the power such instant recall and note embellishment provides the more you love it!
Soon we will live in a world which better understands, self sufficient accountability, where related to the study habit and efficiency of every student; regardless of which level or area of studies they are facing.  Once this maturity and wisdom is more common, and something our culture embraces, teaches and expects then resources being made available all around the world will then be recognized for the revolutionary tools in learning and developing they represent.
"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education" - Albert Einstein

Schools, libraries, colleges & university use to be the exclusive resources (beyond that of internship and apprenticeships) we had to depend on for higher education and continued education.  However, such brick and mortar, costly, institutions are simply no longer required.

Society has not yet caught up with these existing, new opportunities, the information age has now brought instantly to our fingertips, ears and eyes.  And there may not yet be an award system or  measurable way to account for the regular attendance or results each attendee visiting these resources garners; regardless, they are no less capable of complimenting and in most cases replacing our current aging system of education in this country.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dream Depletion Comes Natural to Some

"That's what life is... You have a bunch of dreams, and then you do what you can to make them happen." Jeb Corliss, Venice CA, Professional Base Jumper.

I'm no base jumper, and perhaps you aren't either, but that doesn't mean I don't dream. :-)
In fact:
I thank God for dreamers! And for those who encourage others to dream!

I also thank God for all of those folks who's dream it is to help those who don't have any, find their's. Whether they are teachers, coaches, activist, bosses, managers, co-workers, preachers, parents, writers, directors, artist, photographer, art directors, software developers, land developers, engineers, musicians, etc...
...be a dreamer!
Be a dream maker!

On the frustrating flip side...
Have you recently, (or perhaps long ago,) experienced a "Dream Depletion"?
Life is far to short to be diminished by those more motivated by office politics, insecurities, money and corporate ladders; rather than finding inspiration in the true progression of dreams and visions, versus one's own individual status.

If you are a dreamer - stay your course! Of you are a depleter of others, remember; your roll only truly serves to ruin those around you; and nothing truly successful will come from this. Find no pride in the halls you walk down, until you find the wisdom to lift up those whom you share them with!  ...I do believe these people; these "users" and "abusers" of all those in possession of dreams of their own; do indeed know who they are.  If at all unsure of your roll, you may also want to view the following check list to make sure your methods are not present on it either.

Moreover, here is some more direct communication for the "Dream Killer"s of the world:
When you find yourself so insecure and fearful of living life, you have become a dream squelcher, then get help and as quickly as possible, get out of the way! I don't care if you create such deficits in people spirits, intentionally or accidentally; the world is not here for your careless destruction.

Simply stay AWAY from those who are here to improve and grow all of our lives, until you can learn to contribute versus smother; lift up versus deplete, compliment rather than insult. Move on to a place where your negativity is only destructive to yourself; rather than damaging others; and the opportunities they are working hard to develop and potentially provide to others.

As an entrepreneur, product designer, inventor, friend, student, trainer and dreamer; I have had more than my share of run-ins with thieves of dreams! Some, were people vary close to me; other's looked on from a cowardly distance, while still taking their best shots. As a dreamer and dream creator, you MUST simply learn to accept that cowards exist in this world, and learn to continue dreaming, persevering even when in their midst!

Today I want to encourage all dreamers to dream again! Dream bigger! Live again! Live bigger! No matter who tried to rob you of your vision, who tried to insult your creativity, or who tried to taint your reputation, ...do NOT let them win!

Putting it bluntly, they were "damaged goods", meant to deplete this world of it's most precious commodities, long before they met you, and they mustn't make a looser out of the real dreamers within this world. If you let a dream thief beat you! ...if you give up, if you quit, we all loose far more than we know or deserve.
  • Don't ever let your religion get in the way of progress. (For instance, in the case of protestants, No death experienced by Christ ever illustrated a cross in defiance of science.)
  • Don't confuse your own desire to understand morality as an excuse to fear and insult other's methods of thinking and living.
  • Don't confuse a message within a self-help book; such as one trying to teach you how to win friends and influence enemy's; as an excuse to exercise uninvited influence or self assumed power over others.
  • No political party you choose to align yourself with is worthy of the resulting insults you see fit to cast on folks you have never met; or worse, friends and family members whom you are familiar with.
    No representative of that political party will EVER bother attending your funeral or your hospital bed when the chips are down. So put into perspective any false alliances you have constructed, and any insecurities which might have inspired these.
My random inspiration for jotting down these particular thoughts and encouragement was a result of simply watching a base jump video, featuring Jeb Corliss' quotes. I was instantly and vividly reminded how hard it is to keep your dreams alive within a world full of insecure, dream killers.

While there is very little I can directly relate to insofar as the world of those inspired to base jump, I certainly know how hard it is to get or remain positive in the face of, ever so tempting, cynicism; which tends to grow and grow after the numerous trials of facing dream killers head on.

For years I served co-workers and clients within the world Civil Engineering. I would remind myself on a weekly basis that in the world of Civil Engineering, these professionals are essentially taught, innovation is a potential liability. They are after all licensed by the state, and expected not only to follow each states rules and regulations but place a seal on each plan or document symbolising the liability they are willing to accept if those standards and rules are not properly executed.

As my professional and technical abilities grew; and my resulting dreams and departmental goals along with them; I progressed to larger and larger firms. It is true, it became harder and harder to make excuses for the co-workers, leaders, managers and fellow directors within the HUGE corporate environments. And quite frankly, tracking the politics within was not always my forte. However, I will NEVER believe that giving up or enabling the depletion in one's rare ability to initiate and bring to fruition one's visions and dreams is acceptable!  Instead, you simply MUST accept the fact these dream killing people exist and move on.

Thieves are after all, allways present.  This fact doesn't prevent us from, buying, gifting or treasuring the things we hold most dear.  We just lock our doors at those times when we feel the need, and trust our belongings will remain safe when we are unable to protect them.  Such cautions and trust in our inspirations and dreams is no different.  However, these gifts must also be taken out in plain sight of the thieves, often, in order to functionally serve the community at large.  It is finding this ability to continue to trust and risk, which all dreamers must never loose or give up on.

Stay strong, bounce back, present your gifts again and again, and dream on!

(Incidentally, I did construct some similar warnings and encouragements, from a Corporate America stand point, in bullet form, a few years ago; after leaving a rather high-profile position within a large 4000+ man national firm. This bullet listing can be found at another recent blog posting: http://themichaelhulmeproject.blogspot.com/2011/10/real-men-dos-and-donts.html )


Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Genius of Ren Ng and Lytro

Truly the start of a new revolution in personal photography.
The Lytro Camera!

Folks with careers in Computer Animation will appreciate the continued fact, real world technology is now even closer to mimicking the post-production opportunities of those frames rendered from within the virtual worlds we have been privy to illustrating and manipulating for decades.

First the XBOX Kinects brings live Z-depth recognition (and combines/utilizes it with real-time motion capture) to any living room (And becomes the fastest selling piece of consumer electronics in the process.); now the Lytro brings, "Light Field Capturing" to a tiny, one click, (sub $400,) hand-held, camera!

Not only are the depth of every captured pixels understood by this camera, but also the direction of every 11 million light points (not to be confused with the pixels), it is capable of simultaneously detecting.

The term "fix it in post" is becoming rather unreal (as in, unimaginable) reality!!

Visit the Camera new website here to learn all the technical details: https://www.lytro.com/camera
You can also see some fascinating example of photos taken with their camera within the company's "Living" Picture Gallery or on their Blog.

There are already several little reviews of the first consumer version of this tehcnology available all over the web, such as the following:
To read Ren Ng PhD disertation on his technolog Click Here: http://www.lytro.com/renng-thesis.pdf


Why did I still get a wedgie? I said you were cool!

It is an interesting study to me, how many folks find comfort in defending the 1%. Seems like it is often an attempt to feel more secure, or "aligned". Or perhaps for many; some opportunity to bring about an alignment through a form of self-fulfilled prophecy.

Hearst’s Mansion in Beverly Hills = $165 million

After all, why would I defend such a group, unless I too had a stake and would one day join it, if not already be on my way? Right?

...Like when a potentially targeted nerd at school continually bolsters the "cool" guys reputation, while only in the company of his other nerd friends; as if that might somehow (magically) help him avoid the likely wedgie tomorrow from the "cool" crowd. :-)

Such insecurities, and lame attempts at self-preservation, have been around all our lives; they just now appear to whimsically "mature" into goofy, editorialized commentators; and the sad, sidewalk, wan-a-be, interviewees within big city crowds. Not to say that is any more appealing or admirable than becoming a rebellious, modern day, hippie; I just like to be mindful of both, intriguing areas of temptations when possible.

Then again, if the 1%-ers are seemingly the martyrs; as these events continue to "irresponsibly, and "abusively" drag on; that must also make for some interesting / entertaining toast within their own elite social groups at the moment. No? :-)

I just wouldn't know; I am decidedly, NOT a part of the 1%.

In other words: Often seems just as odd perhaps; during such perceived, unfounded, methods of protesting; to blindly follow or side with either issue; or, unduly respect either position, touted on one sides of a coin or another.

"Occupy Wall Street" protesters:

Such blind positioning or touted faith, is no more appealing or sensible, than those guilty of radical rejections, or simple reacting and flailing directed at the status quo. To be on either side of ANY issue without truly studying both sides plights, advantages, challenges, naivete or problems more closely is reckless. And to do so without offering "real" solutions to (unbeknownst to either side,) real problems should be an embarrassment for the group you have chosen to align with.

US Bureau of the Census, Historical Income Tables

Fact is, any lack or understanding the facts, and/or lack of a solution, will likely go "unnoticed" by either side. After all, one started reacting out of pain and therefor scarcely had time to devise a sensible "out"; the other doesn't want solutions discussed in the first place, for fear of potential costly transitions and losses. So the "Status Quo" is very likely to be perfectly safe, for the moment. :-)

In summary (sort of), or at least, conclusion:
I'm just offering thoughts towards this odd tendency so many have found comfort in lately to defend the 1%. (As if they need it.) Don't they realize they will still be likely to receive a wedgie while innocently roaming the halls tomorrow? :-) Such phenomena, or futile (and insecure) goals of self-preservation, are even more surprising to me than those camped out within a cold park tonight in protest.

And regardless of the motivation either group has to be on either "side" (while neither is likely to be truly classified as a "1%-er"), they each are SO likely to lack in numerous crucial facts. So how can either be well respected or blindly trusted at the moment?

I personally think any methods taken within a democracy or republic such as ours, which can ultimately gain the attention of the public and / or thereby insight reasonable discussions, (probably outside of the arena of the protest itself,) is a wonderful and interesting example of our freedoms. Truly synonymous of the historic actions which most often tend to do the more profound shaping of our nation.

So it is somewhat easy to see whom I think are the actual insecure cowards in this, and who I think are the few and the brave. (Albeit I don't deny, each group may very well be mislead at the moment.) What does remains to be rather confusing, is whom our media will convince us tomorrow (and the day after) are the actual martyrs in all of this? After-all, most of us must wait for a cable news network's droning in order to know how we feel and who we will defend.