Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our new life, our new adventure! The Pacific paradise island of Kaua'i!

We're relocating to the country. Well... more of a "paradise" with no traffic and fewer people. 
...No, I'm not talking about Brenham Texas, with the happiest cows and greatest ice cream.
This is more of a tropical pradise, rather than a contemporary topical one...
                                               { Kaua'i Hawai'i }
After more than 80 combined years of Native Texan living, snugly under our belts, we've finally decided to venture out into a new life, overseas! To be more accurate, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

We promised ourselves when we were married a little over 18 months ago in Varenna Italy, that we would not remain in North Texas any longer than required, in order to discover a more appealing place to call home, and make suitable arrangements for the relocation. In keeping with this goal, in just over 6 weeks time, we will be relocating our lives to the Island of Kaua'i !!! ...and we couldn't be more thrilled!! :-D

                                               { Varenna Italy }
~ The weather played a crucial role in our determination: ~
Every summer we are brutally reminded as to why we wish we lived somewhere with a more accommodating climate; as our local temperatures exceed 100 degrees on a humid, daily basis; and at times, remains there for more than 100 days of the summer!! Subsequently, each year, we've been noticing our comfort with staying indoors throughout these months, becoming more and more the norm.

~ Our health remains our primary inspiration: ~
While it use to be the case that I would add a few pounds in the winter, and shed a few during the summer. This trend has become confidently derailed in more recent years! And speaking only for myself, my waistline is no longer allowing me to ignore this fact!

So we felt a place with a perfect year round climate, and adventures around every bend, valley, beach and mountain; within a concentrated paradise of 500 sq miles of unmatched, beautiful, island living; should quite naturally remind us each and every day to enjoy our reaming health and all the natural surrounding beauty, such environments provide on a much more habit forming, regular, year round basis.
                                               { Kaua'i Hawai'i }
There will simply be no excuses and very little hesitation to jump on our mountain bikes, or finally dust off our two ocean Kayaks, when the climate is ALWAYS an admirable 72-78 degrees! ..and the beauty, natural terrain and trades winds are calling.

~ Paradise beckoned: ~
The Island of Kauai (a.k.a. The Garden Island) ticked off almost all of our relocation, "different than Texas" / ex-patriot goals. Sans the fact (excuse the French) that we are fortunately able to remain "patriots" of our native country! :-D

We'll actually be able to speak the language; to all but about 8-10% of the population. (Bonus!) The connectivity of the home office, and Paula's nursing skills, will all still serve us well; insofar as creating additional financial security during this period of our veritable "working retirement". (Lucrative!) And we can no longer complain about the only true native culture in our midst being that of Oil and Cows, (of which we own neither,) nor the lacking geographical beauty of our 11 brief weeks (out of 54!!) of somewhat enviable North Texas annual climate.

                                               { Kaua'i Hawai'i }
In addition we hope the vast expanse and beauty of the Pacific, also serve as an effective "jumping off point" for a future life of additional, annual adventures. At least that of 3-8 week visits to other far off countries and cultures through routine "home swapping" adventures, further down the line; well after we've established our own little patch of paradise.

The goal in our later years will be to give a few Europeans a year a chance to enjoy our pieces of Hawai'i; as we in turn, go and experience their homes, steeped within various European destinations and cultures. So this move is just the start in a slate of intentional living geared towards further expanding our exposure to more cultures, people and places. (Not that being native to the Bible / Cotton belt hasn't been an eye opener, and a scorcher!'s just high time to venture onwards and outward.)

~ Counting on future trends: ~
Fortunately, many more Europeans now tend to achieve their ultimate goal of a Hawaiian vacations; however they also lean towards longer vacation commitments than their U.S. counterparts. So finding lodging well suited for more extended breaks has become the norm for such European travelers. Subsequently, "home swapping" has begun to serve as a very good option for these distant travelers, and is a trend sure to grow in popularity as the Internet refines it's version of "Collaborative Consumerism" and more easily verified accountability and/or confirmed credentials of those adventurous consumers.

Meanwhile, we have a home in Paradise to build. And 12 months out of the year of mid 70's temperatures to enjoy!! :-D

                                 { "Zero Home" by Miller | Hull }
Here's to a smaller waistline, tone physiques and forgetting all about the long LONG summers of 100+ degrees! ...followed by perhaps a five week reprieve of beautiful weather; headed towards the short days of chilly cold, snowless winters; lacking topography or snow adequate for suitable winter recreation. I'll sadly forgo my annual snow skiing trip to Colorado or New Mexico, for a few extra refreshers on catching a wave.

Paula was never a fan of winter recreation anyway, so even my winter trips were becoming far less frequent since tying the knot. This way, she gets her beaches, and I get my year round recreational activity adventures! Now, if I can just convince her to take up mountain biking on actual mountains. ;-)