Thursday, April 16, 2009

How misdirected energy will be the death of capitalism!

Recently a close friend of mine and I were having a long distant email exchange, talking about the motivations of those attending the April 15th 2009 "TEA Party" demonstrations.

I opened up the discussion with my following thoughts; "I'm worried my Facebook wall is too often serving as a blog! Sorry for all the political statements... But it is far better to talk here than listen to Fox, CNN or MSNBC... 24 hours news media has truly become a hoax of trying to blather on for 18 hours a day while selling ads; in hopes that the American population actually thinks they are learning something! Man, we are truly a naive bunch of folks sometimes..."

I additionally reposted a link from my March Facebook wall with the following explanation, "I originally shared this link back in March. See what you think? I am personally embarrassed for the number of my own friends whom participated in various "TEA party" demonstrations yesterday. Fox news is breading some REAL naive individuals!

I hope my friends are at least buying the products sponsoring the shows Fox is airing. Someone ought to be benefiting. It sure isn't the overall intelligence of our society.

I included the following quote on my original posting:
"When I saw this movie last summer my eyes were truly opened!
It explains things in a way no reporter, politician, teacher or publication ever has! Brilliant, simple and sobering... -MH"

This movie is now out on DVD!
I suggest anyone confused about taxes or our debt or the countries we are going further into the hole with, instead of paying for our own luxuries, watch it...

And please, someone research the difference between the cost of our Federal government and the funds being circulated as so called "bail outs"."

They responded with, "The point of the Tea Parties is to express disgust for the debt, for the out-of-control spending, for the so-called representatives who have become unprincipled crooks, for the bailouts and for feeling like they are not being "heard" by said crooks. (And then in a cruel twist of irony, Obama's press secretary states that he "doesn't even know if Obama knew about they tea parties.")

Contrary to what is being played out on the news channels, the feeling I got was not "Anti-Tax," but rather "Anti-debt." Isn't that what you are trying to say, as well? You are anti-debt?"

I thank most folks anger and seeming frustration with having a Democrat in the office is currently, SERIOUSLY misdirected. Correction, completely misdirected! Unfortunately, most folks/voters just weren't paying attention over the last eight years. However, they neither want to admit this, nor would dare admit prior to the house of cards being built and caving in, they were "asleep at the wheel".

(Side note: It is so bazaar to me with the feedom to do anythign we wish we have gravitated to a two party system we feel is representative of 360,000,000 opinions! Really? Two sets of values and opinions for 360 million minds and hearts?)

Early last year (2008), I kept hoping for a Ross Perot of 16 years ago to surface, (bare with me,) someone to simply "wake up" either party which had a realistic chance of winning. I wanted someone to find the courage and inspiration to address the REAL issues, and present a candidacy with the energy and intelligence to tackle the actual catastrophic problems underpinning America's bleak future.

I had no idea the private sector's financial markets would serve as just such a wake-up call only weeks prior to November. So this embarrassing issue of greed and corruptions in the private sector also gave rise to America's belated awareness or responsiveness, and unfortunately hurt our ferocious pride, as people attempted to get energized in the final weeks of voting on so many other unrelated macroeconomic issues. Well, at least I got my wish of getting folks off of the less relevant issues they typically use to vote, but sure seems something other than a catastrophe and hurt pride would have been more appealing; say, "wisdom".

Incidentally, all the resulting "TEA party" event news (of April 15th, 2009) I witnessed, was utterly partisan. And without fail discussing taxes, hence the 15th being the chosen day... When none of the issues currently decaying our countries stability and potential future squarely related to taxes, nor are the 3% increases being proposed for those households making well over $250,000 a year representative of those holding signs and attending the events. While our decay is in part related to the catastrophic Federal Spending trends and resulting National Debt we now cope with; the Federal spending deficits are nothing more than the tiny tip of the iceberg.

And yes, understanding and dealing with this absolutely unimaginable National Debt is in large part my own desire and interest; I fortunately, also understand, we will all have to pay BIG for being asleep at the wheel all of these consecutive 8 years and combined past decades. Again, we will have to pay dearly, in the form of higher taxes for a good long time. Along with smaller government, reduced spending, etc... You just can't be "Anti-tax" & "Anti-debt". Those two don't mix for the moment, there is NO math to make that work... None!

This fact is not a valid protest-able point, it is a reality of life within the future of this country! In the private world when you wish to admit guilt where related to excessive debt and irresponsible spending, you might be able to declare chapter eleven or let credit cards be "charged off"; however, that is not an option for America as a whole. Therefore, we are forced to pay-up for all of our decades of unaffordable luxuries. ...period

The commitment has also been made by the current administration to reduce Federal Spending by 50% over the next 4 years, which is far more than the last administration ever attempted, to be sure; given the fact the previous administration handed over a 1.3 Trillion dollar annual deficit Federal Spending budget at the conclusion of their 8 years. (An 8 year period of time where they also controlled the house and the senate 75% of their reign.)

Of course none of this partisan / Washington D.C. frustration, even broaches the issue of the Financial Markets, Housing Market, Banking Industry, Stimulus Spending or Much less poorly made American Cars, and hundreds of struggling Domestic industries, etc....

Again, these are all separate issue of our Macro Economic turmoil, but folks now feel helpless (if not ashamed) and want to show their frustration on some pro-active level. While that in and of itself is certainly admirable, they sure can't trust Fox news to convey the genuine reason or message of those whom are intelligently approaching these issues such as yourself.

Therefor being potentially baited by such overall negative journalism, that rarely explains the differentials between all the issues; and aligning any demonstration efforts with such news outlets and their commercial advertising agendas; is, in my view more damaging than helpful, certainly when it confuses folks about what the future of America really entails.

People feel, and are told, each of these issues are a bit more intertwined financially or Federally than they are. Which is misleading. But confusion from voters is understandable, given the fact most recent leadership in this country has typically been chosen, based on issues surrounding, gay rights, abortions, stem cell research and religion. So the leadership we have assembled for decades has rarely had to worry about economics, intelligent fiscal policies, balanced spending, accountability, or appropriate regulations and all the things the Federal government really does directly impact and govern.

Additionally, the obvious and ironic fact is; those "representatives" we actually send to run the federal government have NEVER had a significant impact on gays, abortion, religion, etc... Those are still policies left to and policed by state and local legislation. The only way an administration or an office such as the president really impacts such issues is through their Federal supreme court appointments. Of which Bush 43 had a record setting three appointments, so we can assume a good amount of conservative thinking has been established in this area of federal or Supreme Court appeals. The point being, we have achieved the leadership over the years that we deserved, where related to Fiscal responsibility, because we voted on unrelated issues.

Do I feel we are trying to overcompensate now? Yes... Do I think most of the negative banter is misdirected? Yes... Do I feel I am hearing more negative banter form the very same folks who voted for those most responsible for where we now find ourselves? Ironically, yes... Do I think negativity alone will accomplish anything positive or prosperous? No!

I hear folks saying "capitalism is the solution," and yet as we dive into the Federal reserve bank (not to be confused with the Federal Budget,) to provide stimulus money, (which admittedly will ultimately cause HUGE inflation,) I find it ironic that "pro-capitalist" are not using their energy to exploit these HUGE funds to create industry, jobs, and prosperity. Especially, given the fact the financial markets are not currently in a position to finance their capitalistic visions. Being a "capitalist" is knowing when to capitalize, not simply criticizes. Keep your voice but also use your mind, or the whole spirit of this particular Republic will indeed die.

At the very least, this energetic group of vocal naysayers is most directly wasting everyone's time and money, by not contributing towards revolutionizing industry through entrepreneurial ingenuity. In my opinion, they are the ones most directly contributing to the death of capitalism in every way greed can and has also deservedly contributed.

I simply ask myself, is all of this negativity, late to the game complaining (or pride), Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem. I think the later...

What do you think?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This does completely change the game!

I have been meaning to explain and comment on the ever growing popularity of Virtualization or Virtual Machines (VMs) for the last two years. A recently announced innovation in cloud computing, secretly under development over the last seven years by, was unveiled and explained in detail during this years Game Developers Conference.

Such an innovative method of capitalizing on centralized processing and remote systems administrations has never been more effectively presented, nor more capable of taking advantage of the Internet's advancing average bandwidth, than Onlive's example application. Admittedly this video is describing an "On Demand Gaming" service; however, it is further illustrating a new form of high-end cloud computing, featuring real-time high definition graphic results. Furthermore, it is an example of a centralized computing environment which will dramatically capitalized on the substantial advantages of virtualized computing.

The innovation and results demonstrated in the presentation video below, are far more reaching than initially described. Onlive's dependency on virtualization and this groundbreaking, progressive, example of cloud computing, are more than just a glimpse of the future. The presented synergy of "cloud computing" and virtualization are a blatant leap forward and a genuine view of technology which must be considered and soon adopted by any progressive technology dependent institution or company.

It is a natural bridge to soon apply this technology towards instantly delivering and executing advanced, graphic demanding, state-of-the-art CAD (Computer aided design) applications for use within any architect, engineer or city planner's design and review process. Alternatively providing such professional applications could yield a system capable of unlimited, cloud based, clustered GPU results; simulating photo-realistic, full-motion computer generated output in real-time for any design project under development and review.

This is an opportunity that will LEVEL the playing field for even the smallest of A&E service firms which could benefit from high-end technology normally beyond their budgetary considerations or daily requirements. Drastically reducing typical cost associated with a local IT staffing and large departments. No software upgrades to worry about, license codes to manage, sophisticated hardware purchases to upgrade each year, or equipment leases to exchange, renew or turn in every two years.

The game has truly changed! Now you know why AutoDesk is one of Onlive's venture capitol partners to Onlive's unique process! Not to mention the inspiration AutoDesk will have to prepare their game authoring tools to take advantage of this new model in Game distribution.

Virtualization has been a fast expanding, emerging technology for consumers over the last couple of years; one which best exploits and better utilizes all available computing resources within any company, educational institution or ISP. It promises the ability to dramatically capitalize (or amortize) the huge repetitive and often underutilized investment in CPUs and related software and technology. When properly implemented Virtual Machines can offer HUGE cost savings for the end user. Helping to avoiding the surmounting annual cost associated with built in obsolescence and continued maintenance.

Virtualiztion drastically reduces any concerns or efforts spent upgrading and maintaining systems as well as their application and base OSs. Additionally, the technology leverages far fewer attached, physical servers in order to accomplish far more task. Furthermore these advantages and efficiencies may be applied on a company wide basis; not just in the "server rooms", additionally serving as a foundation for each end user's workstation throughout the company.

Despite all of these advantages, IT departments are, as usual, slow to adopt and implement this exciting progression in computing, cost savings and efficiency. The bottom line is, the cost of implementing such VM environment pays for itself in the first year of operation or less. Hesitations in utilizing VM's is more likely due to the lack of understanding its implementation and inability to fully calculate the financial advantageous which are crucial barriers for any institution or company to solve prior to risking innovative thinking.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is going green important? How inconvenient is the truth?

How connected are we?
Why is going green important?
How does each country and each person's actions affect those all across this great planet? Whether you feel there is an "inconvenient truth" or not, some facts are undeniable. Watch this video below to better understand the impact we all have on one another.
(After the 30sec ad, press the "Full Screen" icon in the upper right corner to enlarge video.)