Friday, December 10, 2010

Onlive came clean! And the future looks bright!

Onlive app now available for the iPad... Can't play with it yet, but you can observe. Check it out.
I have been using the Onlive PC & Mac app for many months, and I love it...
They recently announced their foray into other industries...

Stream Windows 7 to iPad via OnLive App

7:40 PM - December 8, 2010 by Kevin Parrish - source: All Things Digital

Welcome to the world of cloud computing.

Tuesday during the D: Dive Into Mobile conference, OnLive CEO Steve Perlman took the stage and revealed the company's goal to take it's cloud-based streaming service beyond gaming and video. While we've previously reported that a video streaming service is planned for a 2011 launch, Perlman quickly proved on-stage that OnLive is taking cloud computing to the next level.

The plan, according to AllThingsD who hosted the OnLive presentation, is to turn almost any device into a console for the cloud system. Users will eventually be able to virtually run applications that exceed the computing limits of the device at hand. As an example, users will have the ability to create 3D models in Maya using Apple's iPad.

To prove this, Perlman whipped out his iPad on-stage and showed the audience that he could run Windows 7 via OnLive's cloud connection within Apple's iOS. He then launched Internet Explorer and surfed over to the Flash-heavy Mercedes website-- all streamed to the iPad via an OnLive datacenter located about 50 miles from San Francisco.

Perlman then paused for a moment with the iPad demonstration and whipped out the Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tab. He then showed the audience that he could run Quicktime Video by using OnLive's cloud computing. "Perlman says none of the applications are running natively. He says all that’s happening is a tiny app is running to decompress video," reads AllThingsD's transcript.

Eventually Perlman moved back to the iPad and launched Autodesk's Maya on the iPad via OnLive. He began to edit a 3D character while someone else was spectating the editing process through the OnLive app on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Although the spectator wasn't able to join in the editing process, Perlman indicated that the ability may be available in the future.

To read the entire transcript, head here. Does this mean that high hardware requirements for software will soon be a thing of the past for consumers?

While I understand the confusion when comparing OnLive's services or technology to "Remote Desktop Access", don't be fooled. Onlive has developed a nation wide infrastructure and a set of technologies much more important and impressive than some standard, Thin Client, RDP or VPN.

Onlive has virtually eliminated (or reduced to an acceptable level,) all latency and limitation associated with the real-time compression of remotely hosted, high-end, high resolution computing. Not only has such flexibility and power never been offered to the public, it has never been developed or positioned via multiple, local computing centers, strategically placed throughout North America to deal with (speed of light,) physical, latency limitations. When Onlive 1st revealed to the public their "gaming service" back in February, it was apparent then this would have a far reaching impacts on the high-end computing, and the high-tech production and design based world.

Being a person who has launched and lead several separate computer animation studios during the last decade and a half of my career, I understand the burden of massive hardware and software cost. Creating options, creates freedom, which opens up creativity, innovation and yields products a productivity which are hard to put a price on.

To have "tested" its technology and/or attracted its first run of investors through it's initial delivery of gaming and garnering of those related revenue is great; however, the opportunities this same platform will now provide to the design, CG production and "creative" professional communities and/or individuals who understand how to leverage these remote computing centers, will truly be a game changer.

** For those of you who are "independent developers", Onlive will now give you a chance to completely level the playing field, by providing you an on-demand arsenal of high-end, 3D capable computing and design tools which rival the largest design, gaming and CG studios.

A side note to those who are windows "haters":
Personally, I am a loyalist only to effective technology. The brand dose not factor in to my final orders and studio designs near as much as the quality of the solution.

I have outfitted the back-end of past Animation Studios with the likes of six figures in Apple X-serve and fiber channel SANs editing solutions; and gone the complete other route towards Linux and Windows based technology when that also served our needs. On a personal note, I now use a dual quad core Mac Pro at home, but the OS of choice I bare metal boot on this machine is Windows 7. The comparison of the two OSs on that particular hardware is almost humorous.

The Windows 7 OS makes OS-X feel as dated as OS-X makes XP feel. And perhaps it is not fare to compare a state of the art OS, such as Windows 7, to a now ageing platform such as OS-X. On the same token, forming an opinion on "Windows versus Apple" to one's exposure to say Windows XP (circa 2001) versus OS-X progressive releases over the years, is also uneducated. Apple's OS has the luxury of living within a consumer bubble that few long standing product have been afforded. This "bubble" as it were, is a great choice for some consumers, but far to restricted for many of those wishing to push the ceiling on tech based production.

When you make comments, like "Windows is antiquated, Balmer sucks, and I hate Microsoft!" you are revealing your lack of knowledge or your tendency to cut your nose off despite your own face. More specifically, comments about the "antiquated nature" of Microsoft's current product line tend to reveal a user who has no direct exposure to their current OS; nor access to a valid framework for comparison; nor any past or present professional dependencies on high-end, PC applications. This is why folks reply with simple thoughts like "morons" to whom this concerns.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Democracy or Dummies?

A good friend recently asked me, following this years (2010) mid-term elections:
- November 3 at 5:34pm (via Facebook)
"What is your take on all of this? Is it doomsday? Or do we have a chance to regroup and go for a new strategy? Is Obama a one termer or two termer? What are your thoughts?"

My reply:
"Such a fickle population of mid-term voters is historically consistent and further proof as to how clueless we as American voters are. Meaning, the tendency to "react and flail" tends to be the only recourse available to a population of voters which absolutely fail to "study the problems". (Listening to FOX News, or any editorialized commentary, is in no way "research" or studying.) Put another way; any of those voters who seem to be so upset, or narrow enough, as to blame anything of our country's current state on just the last (2) two years of governing; are those same folks who understand exactly nothing! These are the same folks who have evidently never "studied", nor likely stated an intelligent, educated utterance in respect to our country's choices, form and/or method of governance, past or present.

I think anyone who's vote is consistently or strictly based on party loyalty is utterly foolish. For that matter, maintaining such a constrained vote in times of rebuilding or extreme change, solely based on "party loyal", is shamefully choosing to ignore the opportunity and most potent strength of a free democracy. These types of "loyal" or VERY LAZY voters are letting others choose their candidates for them. Additionally, they are voluntarily sending a message that lacks any culpability or accountability. They are acting as if any EXCLUSIVE party has been a part of the solution versus part of the problem.

No "side" in this problem is an innocent. So I have very little respect for people/voters who depend on little to no examination of how we arrived at this point in our history. Here's is a hint, it had nothing to do with the last 2 years!

I have little respect for those who don't even try to grasp the lengths and uncomfortable decisions we have no choice but to attempt in order to get ourselves out from under our literal decades of poor decisions. And to this end, I personally remain fervent in my opinion that "conservative" thinking in a time following 8 years of failed governance and the resulting faltering economy is far from the form of governing capable of digging us out of this hole. I will continue to avoid "conservatives" and "Grand Ole Parties" at all cost, at this point...

No party has a perfect solution, but furthering this country's inability to act, and therefor creating even more instability and dysfunction within our government is definitely not the solution. It is however, a recipe for failure! However, it is no mystery, that an uneducated democracy is an ineffective democracy; and yes, unfortunately also one that could much more easily fail!" :-(

Friday, September 24, 2010

The "Why" is more crucial than the "How" - Blogging

A friend of mine asked:
"You may have heard of a recent trend called "blogging". My wife wants to start one and has the following goals:
1 - use a feature set such as is offered by WordPress
2 - control/eliminate/sell the ads on the blog
3 - use her own domain name
I know WordPress offers a Premium package but good luck finding the price. Any quick pointers for my research?"
-Your friend"

There are definitely some very cool features on Wordpress. I have just used the free google service they bought years ago called, "Blogger". I set it up my blog about 4-5 years ago, and called it:

(Incidentally, I'm sorry for all my up-and-coming typos. I'm responding from my phone.) ;-)

I also have my Blog site setup with adds through Google's AdSense; however the most I have ever earned in a month was just a couple of bucks. (Takes a long time for those Nickles to add up.) 

What I like about the Blogger route, is it is freeeeee (with or without adds), and my current ability to just create a Google Doc, using the online version of "Word", Google provides for all sorts of editing; then I just hit "Publish to Blog", and it automatically throws it up to the Blogger blog site for me.

I will admit, every blogger needs an "editor" or serious proof reader. I don't hardly ever do that, and I desperately need to. I just selfishly started blogging because doing so FORCED me to seriously research other areas of the American experience, besides my own focus of almost exclusively technology & religion. My mom always told me, "never put anything in writing, you may one day regret." 
Therefore, I initially proceeded VERY cautiously, before I ever hit the "publish" button.  In time, and soon after I finally realized the shameful differences and motivation between the reporting of real News, versus "editorialized", News cloaked, programing; I became more and more inspired to hit the "publish button" as soon as I was made aware of actual facts; rather than after I had read and re-read dozens and dozens of varied positions, including those editorialized, add mongers.  Knowing full well - I would never end up selling adds with factual opinions or reports.  Just not the stuff that keeps us Americans compelled and coming back for more.  That and the fact my writing skill, hardly warranted repeat readers.  Plus I never publicize the fact I post anything to a blog site.

It was a cool platform for a lot of good exchanges for me and a few other folks, prior to the crash of 2007. And one of the main inspirations I had for realizing I needed to get behind Romney's level of expertise. (Even though I knew no Southern voters would back a Mormon.) 

Thanks to Blogging on Blogger, I knew well prior to the Nov 2007 "election season" (by late 2006) through my Blogging research, what everyone seemed to later get, about 3-10 months before Bush left, and then oddly blame anyone they could find in the months that followed his departure. Blogging re-mined, taught and forced me to maintain a truer time-frame, cause and perspective since I had actually personally documented the same findings, far in advance of others in the "News" media, once the damage was done and our pride was unexpectedly swallowed.

Point being, blogging unexpectedly opened my eyes to a whole new world of knowledge, positions and interactions, I just wouldn't have otherwise known. Simply because I refused to type and publish anything I had not thoroughly researched myself. My mom's life long warning was the driving force to growth threw my Blog. This is also when I really became aware of what drives our 24hr "News" media outlets. (Wasn't my mom's motto!)

I highly recommend Blogging to anyone wanting to learn and grow - it is a very humbling and stretching experience if used as such. Truth is, I'll end up publishing this (e-mailed) thought as well, since I don't think I've ever admitted this "humble Pie" or facts on my own site in any previous entry. (Since I use G-mail, I simply hit two buttons, "convert message to Google Doc" and then "Publish to Blog". (Goto: in a few minutes to view.)

If there is an exquisite Word Press app on the iPad, then I'm sure that would work great! I don't pay a dime for Blogger, it is just free, but probably not as spiffy as Word Press. Google just recently announced their ability to perform editing with Google Docs tools on the iPad. Not sure if it is out yet, but was announced last week.

Lemino what she ends up calling it? I just reserved a URL and pointed it (via a permanent forwarding) to my actually "Blogger" site name... I'll be excited to read it!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Independence of the spoiled

"No morn ever dawned more favorable than ours did; and no day was every more clouded than the present! Wisdom, and good examples are necessary at this time to rescue the political machine from the impending storm." - George Washington, letter to James Madison, November 5, 1786

Always inspiring to consider how progressive, out-of-the-box, pragmatic, brave and creative our founding fathers were! their actions represented true innovative and originality! I often imagine they would hate the notion of any derivation our era of American politics and the resulting government represents in relation to their historic efforts. These days it is easy to hide behind party loyalty and blame one another, rather than challenge ourselves to consider true solutions. Relying on such laziness and cowardly notions never would have founded a Nation capable of sustained success and growth. 

Here we all sit, for literally decades of our lives, with historically unoriginal challenges, being met with far less risk and creativity. Rather than finding inspiration from our own founding father efforts; thereby applying even more inventive spirits and intellect, given all that has been a stake for so many years. Instead we choose to expend our energy blaming one another! Bolstering nothing more than our own ego's, while seemingly determined to prove we are our own worst enemies.

No wonder we find so much pride in claiming to have founding "fathers". We are all really just children in ageing bodies and minds! We are like the spoiled, undeserving children of parental figures who understood and made clear the lengths it took to earn what they reaped. However, we have been so busy enjoying the spoils of our parents riches, we have failed to consider the character and continued innovation we would ultimately have to represent in order to sustain a vision of freedom, equality and prosperity far beyond the 21st century.

Shameful to think how unoriginal any founding father would view this "evolved" democracy of now 360,000,000 free people, acting as if there are a whopping, two schools of thoughts; or offering nothing more than an insistent on determining which of those two parties are "right" and condemning those whom they have determined are "wrong". Quite a reduction of a once broad and inspired "Declaration of Independence" spawned from men willing to revolutionize the governance of people! We the people! All "we" have turned out to be is ignorant, prejudice, greedy, and determined to spend more time and energy convincing one another which side of "the issues" they should join or stand behind. It has become a soap-opera of embarrassing bickering, rather than any thing producing or capable of revolutionary thinking in the face of challenges or defeat.

It is now as if we've forgotten we were all born into a democracy where EVERYONE is culpable and spend more time these days making sure no one from our side of the camp is accountable. Sad state of affairs. To have simply found "identity" and comfort were our founding father strove for originality, revolution and Independence. We don't deserve to claim loyalty to such a group of wise men, as long as our most original thought is to blame another side or condemn those who don't think as we do.

"The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by obvious realities. We need men & women who can dream of things that never were . . . " John F Kennedy.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Age old questions? And the grace that follows.

An old friend of mine I have known most of my life recently posted this VERY frustrated sentiment about life with their grandmother. (They share a home with them and care for them on a daily basis.)

"ENOUGH!! Really need all of my prayer warriors out in full force praying for me and my grandma. I have had it. I want a divorce from my grandmother. Just because she is 87 years old DOES NOT give her the right to be a hateful person. We are supposed to treat others as we want to be treated right? I can tell you I would NEVER EVER treat anybody anywhere close to the way she consistently treats me and my mother! Its truly heartbreaking :("

I often wondered; do we become more of what we were as we get older or less? Meaning does a grumpy, mean person become meaner and grumpier? However, if this were true, wouldn't happy people be annoyingly joyful as they approach 90? Age certainly hits everyone differently! I know my friend is not alone in their above expressions of exhaustion and frustration! So much harder for folks when they live under the same roof!

Coincidentally, I had another friend recently who was facing a few similar challenges with their father who is only now just approaching 80. We agreed in our discussions together how hard it is to imagine, when most of us are only half his age, what toll, both mentally and emotionally (not to mention physically) the years will place on each of us? 

The point my friend and I came to, is the fact there comes a time when folks who are up this far in their years, have to be taken less directly or less personally if you will. They are not really processing the relationships and the moments quite the same way as those of us who are half as old.

I think life, our minds, and our attitudes, often become quite an overwhelming challenge at this advanced point in our lives.  Perhaps aspects of life (and the loved one's around them) are perceived so completely differently, it seems foreign or even abusive to the loved ones who are witnessing these changes first hand.

This acceptance by no means changes how unfair it all feels and perhaps is; Just possibly gives us an ability to make an excuse or two on their behalf, when they don't even know to ask for one. The hardest thing to prepare for, is the inevitable fact that these neglectful moments will not likely become less common but rather more. This is why my friend and I were trying to find a way to reason through it a bit, and perhaps lesson the pain through more understanding and forgiveness.  I hope my friend and others can find a way to be at peace with the frustration of their loved ones aging and even angry or abusive tendencies. 

I know it is painful. Just know this is not the same person (mentally) dishing this out on you, which was your loved-one of 10 or 20 years ago.  We all know how much time changes us all... However, the mental changes are some of the very hardest to cope with! And perhaps the hardest to forgive or even recognize.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Android Application Selection - 80,000 and Counting!

Choosing which applications to install when setting up your new smart phone can be a bit overwhelming. However, in order to really get the most out of your new device it is great to find applications which effectively target your interest, hobbies and daily needs.

Mobile computing should be a technology which helps make your life easier to manage, more connected, a bit more entertained and always better informed.

For those using the Android platform, here is a nice little set of tips and the accompanying application needed for managing your entire App Collection and discovering and installing new tools as thousands more are being introduced every week. Yes, we will be using an App to manage and discover new apps. May sound a bit confusing at first, but it will save a lot of time and energy in the long run, and allow you to get the most out of your device from day one!

The key to this Application Management and discovery process is a tool called "
AppBrain"; so there are a few steps you need to follow to initiate and utilize this time saving tool.
  • 1st) go to the AppBrain website, and create your own account. (This really isn't very difficult since AppBrain, uses your Android phones own Google account to register you.)
  • 2nd) Go to your typical "Android Market" icon on your device to download the AppBrain application.
  • 3rd) Your almost done! - just run the newly installed "AppBrain" application on your Android device, and all of your current Application information will be synced with your online "AppBrain" account.
  • 4th) From now on when you are curious about getting a new app, you can start by frist browsing he "AppBrain" site from your won personal computer, read reviews and rating, and even go to their "What's Hot?" listing to discover the latest apps. You can of course still browser, search and install directly from your phone, but this gives you a perhaps easier, faster way to to started in your searches.
When you return to it will now display statistics on your apps downloaded; including costs, free vs paid percentage, total storage size, plus a breakdown in categories. You can share your app list publicly or keep it private. You can even uninstall apps from via their website.

There are two other ways you can simply review and learn about new apps via your web browser
  1. Google host an online listing of all of the apps at the following web address:
    The only downside to this listing, is the fact it isn't searchable. Other than the fact you can choose the "top app" list and then select categories beneath those list.
  2. You can use the AppBrain site itself to see a ranking by Android developer download stats and who’s producing the most downloads, highest ratings, and total apps available in the Market.
And once you've create your own AppBrain loggin, you can also share with other the apps you have found most usefull. Appbrain even provides a list of your favorite apps complete with their corresponding links and HTML code neccesary to e-mail or embed your own current listings.

Here is an example of some of the Apps I currently have installed on my own Android device:

hulmevv's Apps on the phone

Phone: T-Mobile G1
48 total, 41 free (85%), 7 paid (14%), 24MB total size, $23.73 total price
View this app list on AppBrain


Thursday, July 15, 2010

We have far to much potential!

Allow this astonishing work of a mere 12+ graduates students to BLOW YOUR MIND! Let it expand your view of God, creation, and the wonders of our existence. We are in a true renasaunce of Physics and our position of learning and understanding our place in this universe. For the last 12 years, Carter Emmart has been coordinating the efforts of scientists, artists and programmers to build a complete 3D visualization of our known universe. He demos this stunning tour and explains how it's being shared with facilities around the world.

I'm often blown away that folks would ever limit these (and other) topics to such poor interpretations of the book of Genesis (or other areas of the Bible). Perhaps it is my own journey from a Religion/ Phycology major to Physics which has always opened my mind and steered me away from any "young earth" notion of a 6,000+/- year old planet.

I can't imagine a God or a place in our heavens which would prove less wondrous or amazing than the imagination of a Leonardo Da Vinci or the creative direction of a Steven Spielberg. And to this end I don't feel we should ever find ourselves comforted in defending highly limited, human perspectives of life, love, generosity and purpose.

Humans have far to much potential to be guilty of "pigeon holing" God's purpose, desires or methods. Be inspired to live by faith and inspirations rather than limited interpretations... Life isn't about conjuring up a "comfort zone" and then preaching other's should join you by sitting squarely within it.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

North American's will soon learn to avoid all cellular contracts!

In the coming weeks I will set up a new website allowing visitors to quickly understand the advantages and disadvantages of singing up for long term contracts with North American cellular providers.

While avoiding contracts can add up to a sizable savings for any end-user, it does come with the added burden of learning to shop for ; purchase your own cellular equipment, smart phone or handset.  So my site will also provide you with simple step-by-step guides to both choosing and ultimately purchasing your phone and having it shipped directly to your home or business.
Time for North American consumers to learn what European and Asian cellular users have understood for some time; concerning their choices and the HUGE price advantages available to them when they avoid getting locked into long term, limited, high-price, contracts.

While the North American carriers tempt us with ($150-$400) subsidies placed towards the initial prices of the limited selection of equipment, they each strategically chose to offer new customers; they make out like bandits with the annual, total cost of ownership, they garner from each of their long-term, contracted, costumers!

Once my site is up and running, it will be accessible by either of the following URLs:

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications: originally from Groupe Sp├ęcial Mobile) is the most popular standard for mobile telephony systems in the world. The GSM Association, its promoting industry trade organization of mobile phone carriers and manufacturers, estimates that 80% of the global mobile market uses the standard.[1] GSM is used by over 4.3 billion people across more than 212 countries and territories.[2][3] Its ubiquity enables international roaming arrangements between mobile phone operators, providing subscribers the use of their phones in many parts of the world.

The ubiquity of implementation of the GSM standard has been an advantage to both consumers, who may benefit from the ability to roam and switch carriers without replacing phones, and also to network operators, who can choose equipment from many GSM equipment vendors.[4] GSM also pioneered low-cost implementation of the short message service (SMS), also called text messaging, which has since been supported on other mobile phone standards as well. The standard includes a worldwide emergency telephone number feature (112).[5]
<For more on the worldwide history of GSM, click here.>
For High-Res version of this World of GSM poster CLICK HERE

New Virgin Mobile Plans
    • $25 -- 300 voice minutes, unlimited messaging, email, data
    • $40 -- 1,200 voice minutes, unlimited messaging, email, data
    • $60 -- Unlimited voice, messaging, email, data
    • $10 -- Blackberry data service charge
The pre-paid plans can be cheaper because there is no phone subsidy. You pay for the whole phone with no special discount that's spread over 1 or 2 years.  Therefor, my site will include a simple menu allowing visitors to pick from the top 10 phone choices for each of the  the most popular standards for mobile telephony systems in the world.  

... Simple searches, like the following: Google: "no contract any carrier";
... and; announcements like these, which most consumers don't know how to profit from: "Apple sells no-contract iPhones at full price"

You can easily find a list of all MVNO carriers here:


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Perhaps Apple will soon release an iPhone "Lefty"!?!?

How embarrassing for Apple; from 4 bars to 1 in less than 10 seconds without moving locations! (Video demo by Engadget, UK)

The phone is so fancy you simply can't touch it! As further demonstrated in this video too:

Not a very smooth move to make such a "thin & stylish" phone which requires an ugly, rubber, black case in order operate properly. So much for Apple's understanding of minimalism or form & FUNCTION. But they have only been designing & making (or outsourcing to China,) wireless communication devices for a few years. And this is only their 2nd phone design.

Strong inspiration for having experienced wireless communication company's design & manufacture the cell phones we chose to spend big money on; while getting suckered into, two more years of AT&T contracts. LOOK FOR CONSUMER ELECTRONICS FIRMS WHICH ACTUALLY DEVELOP / TEST & MANUFACTURE MANY OF THEIR OWN COMPONENTS UTILIZED WITHIN THEIR COMMUNICATION DEVICES; such as Sony/Ericson, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Nokia, etc.. However, feel free to shop different OS choices; the software can be easily upgraded and customized; the hardware however, in Apple's case, can not! (Once Apple releases a software "patch", one of the phone's radios will inevitably suffer permanently, lower, performance. However, Bluetooth, WiFi & GPS, share the left side of the device. The rest of the "wrap around" antenna is dedicate to UMTS (3G) & GSM/Voice.)

They say this "loss of reception issue" or short circuiting of the antenna, only affects, "left-handed, callers". At the very least, I think right-handed or the majority of people, tend to hold "Smart Phones" in their left hand while using a device's more advanced functions; so they can write and operate the more complex functions with their free, right, hand. (I am right-handed, yet typically hold my cell from with my left hand for all calling as well. Perhaps I started doing this back when I drove a stick shift car and had my earliest cell phones. Not sure?)

<Other "issues": >


Friday, June 25, 2010

Rubber Buggy iPhone Bumper (10x fast!)

"Rubber bumper" your iPhone or it may kill your call!
(Familiar though - "Rubber baby buggy bumper" - 10x fast!) 
Apple's been pushing this product, The iPhone 4 Bumper, for its' new phones; now we know why!

"The most prominent complaint on Thursday, were customers noticing that touching the seams of the antenna band that runs around the iPhone 4--particularly when holding the iPhone 4 in their bare left hand--interrupts reception, slowly causing the phone to lose its signal."
To read all the details on this complaint and this early, 3rd party testing, click here

Apple confirms, with this response
"Gripping any phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of the antennas. This is a fact of life for every wireless phone. If you ever experience this on your Phone 4, avoid gripping it in the lower left corner in a way that covers both sides of the black strip in the metal band, or simply use one of many available cases."

Even without these reception issues surfacing; it seemed a bit of an odd design choice to wrap a entire phone in an external antenna; which was meant to then be directly held by the end user. Despite the assumption by most, typical cell phone radiation is unlikely to cause lasting damage to humans; radiation from phones (especially when in close proximity to the antenna,) is proven to cause a "warming of the skin tissue". Therefor, articles like these, "How Stuff Works" , caution folks to "Use a phone which places the antenna as far away from you as possible." ...Ouch!

At least there are no complaints of needing to, "Rubber bumper your iPhone or it may kill you!" ...YET! :-S

Concerns like these, might give rise to folks only purchasing phones from the actual phone manufactures. Or at least seek devices manufactured directly by makers who have longer histories of cell phone manufacturing, and the related years and years of extensively tested, numerous designs. The types of company's with internal R&D, and those whom are able to include supporting components they actually designed and manufactured.  These types of company's are called "Development Manufacturers (ODM) and Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers"

Ask a consumer which company made their mobile phone, and they are likely to answer with the name written on the product, such as "Nokia" or "Motorola." But the reality is that the handset likely was made by a contract manufacturer whose name the consumer has never heard. Indeed, a shade over 30 percent of mobile phones produced in 2009 were built by such Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) or Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers.

However, a consumer is better off sticking with brands that provide much more in-house support, design and manufacturing of the components they utilize within their devices.  Manufactures such as the following:
  • Sony / Ericson
  • Samsung (Makes both the iPhone CPU and invented their "Super AMOLED" displays.)
  • Motorola
  • LG
  • Panasonic (Extremely popular in Europe, even though few are distributed in the U.S.)
  • Nokia (The most popular cell phone brand in the world)
  • Etc...

Understanding that very few of these manufactures make their own display technologies. And even fewer still make their own CPUs or Dedicated Graphics Processing solutions or the wireless communication chips and radios within the phones. However, all of them have an order-of-magnitude more experience than a "computing company", who has relatively recently entered the cell phone market, and merely submits a design solution to the lowest bidding chinese manufacturer, and then proceeds to fill the phone with commercial-off-the-shelf components, made by numerous other companies. 
Such as:
  • Apple
  • Dell
  • Etc...

The one thing a company like Apple can claim is the internal or single handed development of their OS (opportunity system). However, you will find this one claim to fame is the primary reason this particular product is avoided and unattractive to so many end-users and perhaps more troubling, developers and content providers.

Given the fact Apple can claim an exclusive ownership and distribution of their own Operating System, they use this exclusivity to control who can develop an application, what one tool (another product made only by Apple,) which can be used to author the application, and which store (Apple's own iTunes,) a user must depend on to buy not only all application sold on the device, but alos all mainstream media you wish to download and play with your device.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What offers meaning in your own life? Luke 6:38

A friend sent me a message this morning on Facebook:
"crazy as this seems, my daily devotional this a.m. was from Luke 6:38 which, again, is God talking right to me..."Give away your life; you'll find life given back, but not merely given back- given with a bonus and a blessing. Giving, not getting, is the way. generosity begets generosity."

I responded:
Makes perfect since doesn't it? Nothing can possibly be more rewarding then feeling we are useful, and nothing can feel more useful then providing a service and fulfilling a need for another person.

I concluded:
The two most dangerous days in each of our lives, are said to be the day we are born and the day we retire! Birth due to infant mortality in this country; and retirement due to the fact that those who do it, on average, take 7+ years off the length of their life; when compared to those who NEVER retire.

Point being - when we don't see ourselves as useful, we loose our spirit, our life, our meaning.

This particular speech was compelling to me, pertaining to the things that give folks meaning and inspiration in life: Dan Buettner - Living past 100yrs

If asked, Why do you get up in the morning? - what is your immediate reaction?

I watched another speech recently, which asked the question, "What counts?" The speaker asked the audience to consider what it was that they counted in their own live as a measure of value to them?

He pointed out one of the most common standards of measure used in this and many other countries, which is used to determine a countries current "success", the GPD, or Gross Domestic Product. In this particular medium of measuring our countries success, many tangible figures are measured and a total calculation is made.
GDP = private consumption + gross investment + government spending + (exports − imports), or
GDP = C + Inv + G + (eX - i)
However, none of the "intangibles" of life, American living, happiness or any other non-tangibles areas of "successful" living are ever considered and measured.

Shouldn't some of the following items be considered more important than the measurements offered by mediums such as a GDP's measure of success? Items such as the following were suggested in that recent speech I watched:
  • The health of our Children
  • The quality of their education
  • Joy of their play
  • Beauty of our Poetry
  • Strength of our marriages
  • intelligence of our public debates
  • integrity of our public officials
  • Out Wit
  • Our courage
  • Our Wisdom
  • Our Learning
  • Our Compassion (I'll add: Humility and respect of others)
  • Our Devotion
I'll add...
  • Our Generosity
  • Our community involvement
  • Our Architecture
  • Our ability to build city's that connect us to our lives rather than "zone" us into divisions
When will we as a society start measuring more of the intangibles in our lives as THE measure of this countries "success". a measure of "what REALLY counts"?

What would you add to this list?


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

High-end Media Devices Should Deliver Media

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the release of Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 to mobile platform partners.
<Click Here to, read the Press Release>

A high-quality screen deserves high-quality content.  And the Internet is the place any mobile platform will head to get it.  

If only the iPhone, or any of Apple's mobile devices supported viewing it!  Vimeo, YouTube, Hulu, Blip.TV, Netflix, etc...  But Apple has no way to control or profit from these various outlets, so they make excuses to the contrary. 

More PPI (Pixel Per Inch) or Dot Pitch, isn't near as helpful as supporting the unlimited amount of multimedia websites which deliver 75% of all video content on the web and which all require Adobe's Flash.  One day this may be a moot point, but not today.

(Flash provides a "wrapper" to any number of current video, "CODEC's" or Compressor/De-compressor, including H-264 or MPEG-4.  In addition to Video delivery, Flash is the foundation for countless websites GUIs, or menu structures; including many of the leading e-commerce, news, and marketing websites.  In addition, Flash provides an exceptional application development platform, allowing artist and programmers to develop incredibly rich, gaming and immersive, graphically enriched, experiences.)

Redesigned from the ground up with new performance and mobile specific features, Flash Player 10.1 is the first release that brings the full Web across desktops and devices. Mobile users will now be able to experience millions of sites with rich applications and content inside the browser including games, animations, rich Internet applications (RIAs), data presentations and visualizations, e-commerce, music, video, audio and more.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do we live in a big world or a small one?

Odd to me that one of the most accurate map designs in the world, portrays a planet of such unification.  We appear to all be joined together as one large common land mass.  Yet it often seems nothing could be further from the truth, when you consider the ever present influence of our differing religion and politics.

Fellow Americans can't seem to resist rampant, incestuous, petty bickering!  An ever growing amount seem to carelessly proceed without hesitation to tear down their own family's, political party's, church community's and/or the country's ability to proceed forward functionally; rather than attempt to grow and mature.

I venture to guess a great deal of our hostility is fostered from the fact we have no real persecution or daily need to fight for our survival within the U.S..  However, so often we want to feel as if we have earned the luxurious life we all share within this country.  Moreover, since only a small percentage of us have actually served in a capacity to have fought for this freedom, we instead choose to fight one another.  This garbage set of, mainstream media spurred, trash talk, has gone way beyond the confines of "constructive" uses of democracy and free speech.  

Often, needlessly destructive behaviors are justified over the shallowest of political divides, prejudices or mundane doctrinal excuses.  Creating ridiculous conflicts, hardly befitting the dismissal of solidarity, loyalty or loving consideration once offered by a true friend, family member, fellow citizen or loved one in return for shared or differing positions of depth and respect.

I wonder when and where humility and intelligence will finally coalesce on a large enough social scale to finally overcome, ignorance and pride?  Doubtful we will see such social or political maturity and sophistication, occur within our own lifetimes.  

Despite our fancy iPhones, air conditioned homes, unlimited access to information, and ever growing ability to communicate with others, all over this world; we still seem to hold ourselves hostage to a sort of dark-ages, fueled by pride; where related to our inabilities to effectively love, care, share, unify, forgive and broaden ourselves beyond our own selfish wants and comforts.

So when I asked the question, "do we live in a big world or a small one?" the answer I already had in my own mind was, "an unfortunately small minded one!"  Yet we have all witnessed the TRIPLING of the population of our planet in just 50 years time!  How can we afford to still act like such ignorant fools!???

Broaden your heart and broaden your mind.  We are here together, along with a total populous, fast approaching, 7 billion!  What have you done today to consider the well being of this vast amount of fellow human beings, versus just yourself?  I'm not saying to think in a way that is overwhelmingly burdensome; nor feel you are actually, directly helping, each and every one of these 7 billion people.  I am saying, stop thinking in a way that doesn't help them!  ...or yourself in the long run!

Our reach now goes far beyond the call to arms, gut check, post war speeches of the past; which we have also so confidently ignored, despite the last 10 years of costly wars.  Therefor, we should not merely feel compelled to check our patriotic conscience when asking, "not what our country can do for us, but rather what we can do for it?"  We must consider a much broader human condition and perspectives and countless lives far beyond our own political, social, economic and ecological bickering!  We, along with 7 billion others have a lasting impact on this small world, a flat world, the one word in which we all share.

If your thoughts are narrow and your reach short, then you are only limiting the life you will one day loose.  Don't take for granted the small world we do live in, by having a small way of embracing it.

Time to get a grip and grow up!  
You are either part of the solution or part of the problem!  
Which do you want to be in, P.O.T."S." or P.O.T."P."?