Saturday, August 30, 2008

Let's take stock of our investments... No let's take cheep green stock!

When I first saw this interview it was the acreage yielding statistics that really struck me! When the described alternatives are compared to say, corn; the comparison is shameful.

  • Corn, yields a dismal 18 gallons of oil per acre per year! WOW - Truly pathetic!
  • Palm, yields 700-800 gallons per acre per year
  • Algae, 20,000 gallons per acre per year (in an open pond system!)
  • Additionally the "Vertigro" system, overcomes evaporation and obviously uses any acreage with extreme efficiency.
  • A ten thousand (10,000%) percent increase over corn! (And that is only useing an open pond system.) These sad comparisons aren't science fiction, they're a reality; one, which will hopefully have an impact on current, very poor ethanol production techniques!

    Is it any wonder why corn based ethanol is so debated? The only winners are the farmers… And perhaps commodities traders. I thought the corn farmer's were already further protected with government subsidies as well? Perhaps that's only the milk & cheese producers. The point is, how many different ways do we need to waste resources before we invest in efficient, viable solutions for our country. Oops, I digress...

    Well, the original goal of this particular blog entry was finding "cheep green stock", so please feel invited to look up VCTPF's latest trading value; for your chance to get an inexpensive piece of Valacent's ( “High Density Vertical Growth”, Vertigro system.

    Another couple of picks I like which are actually in the Solar arena are unfortunately not yet IPO's. But I'm keeping my eyes and ears open. If your hear something please leave me a comment.
    Energy Innovations - and NanoSolar -

    Another exciting company in the field of Product development and Venture Capitol is Idea Labs -


    Friday, August 29, 2008

    The Holy Grail For A Modern Inventor

    When I was 22 I heard of a company just 3 hours south of me in Austin, Texas, which had just brought online a costly, (at the time,) but mainstream solution for "3D Prototyping"; termed, Sintering. My understanding was the technology had been revealed and formalized in a Thesis by a University of Texas graduate student and then licensed through DTM corporation, a subsidiary of B.F. Goodrich in the 1990's; who in turn set up an impressive facility right there in the originating town of Austin Texas.
    (DTM merged with, 3D Systems in 2001

    As an young, eager, aspiring inventor I saw no choice but to call the company's switchboard and ask to speak with anyone who might have the time to explain more about the technology. Keep in mind this was 18 years ago and you couldn't just "go online" and Google or Wikipedia desired knowledge. So I did it the old fashion way.

    I was lucky; I not only received thorough information on the technology; I was also instructed how to export compatible 3D data set from my own personal computers into an IGES or STL format from my DOS based Microstation CAD software; providing 3D files compatible with their machines. In addition; (I assume the manager could interpret my enthusiasm;) he invited me to come take a tour of the facility any time I wished. I took him up on the offer the following week.

    At the time to purchase a machine; capable of producing a 12" cubed prototype dimension, cost over $180,000! These incredible technologies are now becoming not only common place, but affordable; or should I say, inexpensive enough to be afforded by a much broader audience.

    Desktop Factory's solution pictured below, can now be reserved for $4999. It is marketed to small companies and private inventors. (UPDATE: Desktop factory failed to gain necessary funding to complete their journey to market with this consumer product line.)

    This video (below) demonstrates a more commercially viable solution, by, which actually "3D Prints" in color.

    Update: One of the major players in todays 3D Printing products is "Objet"

    There are now even a few publication and websites fully dedicated to the field of Rapid Prototyping; 3D Printing

    We are now seing a growing trend of "Home Brew"3D printer kits, which offer a bit more rudimentary version of 3D printing, at a budget cost; in both the initial hardware and the printing materials they require.
    The most popular version of these Home Brew devices is made by "Maker Bot".  They just released version 2 of their popular "Maker Bot" kit at the 2012 CES show in Las Vegas.
    Update 2:
    1.) Let’s all 3D print our houses, what could possibly go wrong? A USC professor is working on a means of using 3D technology to wholly disrupt the construction business.

    2.) Stone Spray project uses 3D printer to build long-lasting, intricate sandcastles.Researchers have created a 3D printing robot that uses organic materials to build some truly stunning sandcastles.

    3.) 3D-printed exoskeleton gives a little girl use of her arms (video)

    4.) Students build 3D printer that fits into a briefcase. Technology is getting smarter by the day, and some gadgets are on their way to becoming more and more portable. Two students, Ilan Moyer and Nadya Peek, from the MIT CADLab and MIT Center for Bits and Atoms respectively have built a 3D printer that can fit into a briefcase.

    5.) DIY: 3D printing a custom iPhone case. Sharon Vaknin dives into the world of 3D printing to find out what it takes to print a custom iPhone case.


    Tuesday, August 26, 2008

    We owe it to ourselves to know better and take action - NOW!

    I had to take action! The movie crashed coursed me in a way I wasn't expecting with the most substantial, startling combination of facts and statistics I have ever heard in one sitting!
    I.O.U.S.A., A MUST SEE!

    The movie ended, EACH AND EVERY viewer was frozen in their seats! They had no choice but to sit frozen with a sort of hopeless anger and fear... Perhaps frightened for the first time, that the U.S. will economically implode on itself within each of our lifetimes.

    Did you know that the federal government is in a $53 trillion financial hole? A hole that's growing by $2 trillion to $3 trillion every year? That amounts to a burden of $175,000 on each and every American citizen.

    So I sent a letter today to:
    • John Cornyn, U.S. Senator, TX, Republican Party
    • Kay Bailey Hutchison, U.S. Senator, TX, Republican Party
    • Kenny Marchant, U.S. Representative, TX-24, Republican Party
    And this is just the start! The smallest start!

    I'm additionally inspired by:
    Peter G. Peterson Foundation. Founded by the former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker

    Download The State of the Union's Finances

    The Concord Coalition:
    They are continuing with their sponsorship of the aggressive "Fiscal Wake-Up Tour". It's mission is to cut through the usual partisan rhetoric and stimulate a more realistic public dialogue on what we want our nation's future to look like, along with the required trade-offs.

    Here is a video of a "Fiscal Wake Up Tour" speech:

    I.O.U.S.A. The Movie - Web Site (We are one of only 10 cites where it was released.)

    Other Compelling Materials:


    Sunday, August 17, 2008

    I've got some swamp land I'll sell you...

    Remember when there use to be clever cliche which warned us of getting double crossed or bait and switched. It just seems to me there were some more sensible times in our country's history, when we socially knew how to spot a wolf in sheep's clothing.
    Doesn't seem those rules, or cautions are applied much anymore.

    Recent "grass roots movements", like "The Pickens Plan"; and the likes of environmental conscious campaigns such as "Blue Communities"; forged by one of the largest Foreign Oil Cartels in the world, are becoming the new trend in marketing. These are nothing more than campaigns designed to seem as if a larger majority's interest are in mind, in an effort to expedite local and federal legislation and keep at bay environmental or social interest groups which might delay each billionaire's latest goals. I'm afraid as a whole, we're just to naive to know any better!

    Take the "Blue Communities" Map website for instance; displayed below. They are nice enough to provide a beautiful map featuring interactivity which allows you to roll your mouse over any number of exceptional, natural, underwater habitats and get immediate gratification by viewing an underwater video of the environment.
    (Click Map - then hit BCKSPC to return to blog)

    Just doesn't get any more environmentally friendly than that, does it?

    In the bygone days of cautious cliches, this would have been called a "Snow Job in the Desert"! It just doesn't exist!

    Blue Community's misleadingly claims they are the "worlds expert" in Marine biology and impacts made to under water habitation. They are certainly doing their share of "impacts"; since they are after all, unearthing the largest amount of underwater water land in the history of man, and piling it into vast artificial "sea side communities" for luxury living. Do you see any contradictions here?

    For a little inspiration in finding the irony, watch the video below.

    For additional confirmations of their claim to be the worlds leading environmentalist, you can visit their home website where the same opening video on "Blue Communities" is featured.

    Now let's look at our own domestic oil tycoon's environmentally conscious marketing. Frankly, details of my opinion on these recently announced domestic campaigns; by one of our most out spoken private oil men, is included in my blog entry from, August 6th, 2008 called "Green and Ripe for the (Boone T.) Pickens". However, there is an impressive similarity to the "bait and switch" marketing of both those "Royal" families in the middle east and the Good 'ol boy campaign's being forged stateside.

    While not quite as profound or tree hugging as the Blue Communities map of precious underwater habitats; Boone T. Pickens like to show colorful maps too. Those that seem to demonstrate how rich the U.S. is in its own "Natural" / "Alternative" energy sources. Such as the areas now being coined the "Wind Corridor".
    (Click Map - then hit BCKSPC to return to blog)

    The only key issue left unexplained (initially), is the fact that this whole campaign has much less to do with impacting our (The U.S.A.'s) dependencies on foreign oil (Since Oil is not used to produce 98% of our electricity); versus the real goal of gaining the public support required to quickly and effectively engage congress; thereby quickly influencing the necessary legislation for positioning the huge transmission line infrastructure required to transport power harnessed in the "Wind Corridor" to the far reaches of large urban areas such as L.A. and New York who will spend endless amounts on this new electricity.

    I think we (the general American population) are far to easily marketed too. Show us a map and a couple of videos and we assume you not only know what you're talking about, you also must care deeply about the big picture; and doesn't this include myself and my interest?

    Thanks for the map & the videos! It means everything to myself and my fellow Americans. We're sold!

    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    How Much Does $4.00 A Gallon Actually Buy?

    If you ever wondered where all the money you throw in your gas tank goes?
    ...wonder no more, here is where 70% of it is exploited!

    Palm Island Resort

    Full Size Image Link:
    Advertised as "being visible from the Moon," this man-made palm-shaped structure displays 17 huge fronds framed by a 12-kilometer protective barrier. When completed, the resort will sport 2,000 villas, 40 luxury hotels, shopping centers, cinemas, and other facilities. When completed, the resort is expected to support a population of approximately 500,000 people. Image Credit: NASA

    They also built "The World" with 70% of your gas money...

    At least the largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind has also built the tallest structure in the history of mankind. So we've got that going for us... "Us" as in the U.S.!

    All brought to you courtesy of yours and my dependency on Foreign Oil and:
    His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
    UAE Prime Minister and Vice-President, and Ruler of Dubai.

    For more information on the United Arab Emirates current developments and impresive presentations, visit these sites:
    (Due in part to my own professional background, I did find an interest in the simulation technology they are using to show off each piece of their vision to their 500+ stakes holders who's oil money makes it all happen. )

    Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    The U.S. is FOR SALE - Again!

    It seems it was the plot of at least a few movies in the 90's; it was rather popular at that time to vilify the progress of Japanese investment in the U.S..

    Well, how popular is it to now watch Middle Eastern company's and Royalty spending there windfall profits on our gluttonous, careless, absent minded dependency on their Oil. And their spending it on some of our most treasured and prime pieces of real estate.

    I can remember the catch phases of the 90's when the asian markets were emerging as heavy U.S. investors: "Americas historic national treasures are not for sale!" This meant buildings just like the Chrysler Building? This news along with the other 10 billion in Manhattan purchase bought over the last three years is shameful. (This NY Times article link below has an interesting chart illustrating the last three years of foreign investment/purchases made in New York alone.)

    The United Arab Emirates presence in America is extraordinary.

    An interesting media outlet for Aljazeer News is their own English speaking YouTube channel. Where you can also chose to watch LIVE TV if you wish.

    It is typically one of the 50 most viewed channel on YouTube, and is the 69th most subscribed to. That is incredible given the shear volume of YouTube channels. (I maintain 4 of my own.)

    Not wanting to sounds confrontational, but you know what they say, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." I'm not one that feels other cultures and/or other countries typically need to be considered our "enemies" in order to be kept closer than our "Friends". Certainly doesn't seem like a very popular or even mature position in this day and age. Hard to picture any one as to formidable of an "enemy" when we are the ONLY super power remaining. I'm much more afraid at times WE are (or our complacency is) our own worst enemy.

    I will say, whomever finds themselves in a position to put us in a strangle hold, with issues like their control of OPEC and now massive investments; and ownership of some of our most significant real-estate holdings, is someone we should "keep close"! And in many ways that might not feel to natural or comfortable in the normal scheme of life.

    Staying in our comfort zone just isn't going to cut it this time.

    Monday, August 11, 2008

    Fake or Future? (I'm not a believer, yet!)

    Fake of the Future, you be the judge. Well, at least you can be entertained watching the video.
    I don't think any of us have enough information to form any sort of opinion yet. Or perhaps, we only have enough information to know better. Physics 101, or simply the old adage; if it is to good to be true then it probably is...

    Perhaps the only thing we get out of this video, is that same sort of entertainment you get when you buy a lottery ticket. You know better than the chances of actually winning, but it is fun to think about the possibilities, so you do it anyway.

    Can magnets provide power from creatively harnessing their potential energy?
    Are the magnetic poles delivering something to us for free; just as gravity powers a old mill using water. Or wind powers a windmill pump. Is there a way to go from the primitive harnessing of earths renewable resources to a more advanced method in our near future.

    I sure hope so, but I'm skeptical of any "Zero Point" machine's claim at the moment.
    Saved me from having to buy a lottery ticket though... I just imagined a world were power was free! And it looked good!

    Sunday, August 10, 2008

    Any color you like, as long as it's Green!

    I've been trying for the last couple of days to stay away from the inevitable topic of; renewable fuels, solar tax credits, rebates, wind power, and OPEC; and stick to a lighter topic of gadgets and big boy toys. And as much as I love my gadgets, it hasn't been easy for me!

    So today I'm going to compromise. It is time to announce a few Green Gadgets! But not just any ol Green Gadgets; the kind that tackle both, our dependency on foreign oil and our desire to go fast!

    Cars, cars and more cars, any color you want as long as their green!

    (One more cool video link for the Honda FCX:

    For some additional shopping, start here...

    Saturday, August 9, 2008

    Now for a few leads that allow you to "phone home"!

    Here is some rare mobile phone news; since it is not all about the iPhone.

    Smart Phone Sites, Sales and Technologies:


    Friday, August 8, 2008

    Okay, enough "Green" news! Now for some Gadgets...

    I've been blogging about; OPEC issues, renewable solutions, and even added a nice little news banner on the top of my page searching for news feeds about compostie fibers & tax credits. I'de say it is time for a little break!

    So in honor of my 8:08 a.m. blog on 8/08/08 - Here is a short list of some of the high-tech (and a few low-tech) items that you might find of interest.

    A Dose of Gadgets:

  • If you do a lot of reading and research, DocuPen RC800 – Smallest handheld color scanner =
  • Bluetooth, virtual, laser Keyboard =
  • Holographic images used for advertising =
  • Any retro or new Coin Op game you could ever want =
    When you’re at the airport and you want to watch something other than CNN, on their TV =
  • The quintessential Gadget website =
  • A company that specialize in unique optical illusion art & toys =
    - Demonstration Movie:
    - While looking at illusions, this is a wild one too: (View this video with a “Full Screen”)
  • The ultimate eBook Reader – The Iliad:

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    Thursday, August 7, 2008

    Going Solar - Renewable Energy Credits and Solar Tax Rebates

    Know Your State’s Perks.
    DSIRE, which is the Database of Solar Incentives for Renewable and Efficiency, provides all state-wide financial incentive details for free at

    Act Fast.
    The Federal Solar Tax Credits Program is slated to end on December 31, 2008. Additionally some states are considering modifying or doing away with their rebate programs, so this may be the best time to secure the highest return on investment.

    Calculate S-RECs.
    As a solar system owner, you may qualify to receive Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (or S-RECs) every time your solar electric system produces 1,000 kilo watt hours of electricity. These certificates can be traded in for cash.

    Read More:

    Wednesday, August 6, 2008

    GREEN and Ripe for the (Boone T.) Pickens!

    Oddly enough, Boone T. Pickens isn't proposing anything that actually, directly, replaces our Oil consumption or imported oil dependency. However he has constructed a super marketing campaign which, acts as if this is what he will ultimately accomplish.

    Keeping in mind during his (full-length) presentation he says we will not discuss Nuclear, since it will "take to long, and is ten+ years off." He mentions that the ten year math of 700 Billion spent on imported Oil, adding up to 7 trillion, is what he is trying to save us from. So his plan is suppose to impact us sooner than nuclear.

    With a little odd, slight of hand, he illustrates that what he is doing, may ultimately have an, indirect; although he acts as if it is direct, impact on our dependency on foreign oil. As long as we first use his, and other, wind farms to replace the 25% of electricity that Natural Gas currently (and I might add domestically,) produces.

    I'm afraid this is shamefully all about establishing federal government support or mandates that allow for aggressive Right Of Way and Immanent Domain support necessary to establish the Transmission lines required to cross state lines from the "Wind Corridor" in the Central U.S. towards the east and the west sides of the country. It is about private enterprise activating the citizens to fight thier fights for them. Smart business from a smart business man... What else would we expect?

    Unfortunately, a few other significant things must take place, in less than 10 years!
    50% of America must starts driving Natural Gas Vehicles; and the government or Private Enterprise, must invest (as mentioned in his "Ask Boone" video,) 10 billion to retrofit 25,000 gas stations to server up Natural Gas. Talk about an indirect affect! And why does he think this will happen in less than 10 years? What is the REAL story here? His own math isn't working!

    "Our dependence on imported oil is killing our economy," Pickens said in a statement. "It is the single biggest problem facing America today."

    The goal of the "Pickens Plan," announced Tuesday (7/8/08), is to replace more than a third of the oil the United States imports with wind, natural gas and other green energy sources, in the process, saving the country more than $230 billion annually. Currently, the U.S. spends $700 billion a year on foreign oil.

    Pickens Explains his plan in this video:

    Another (wordier) break down of my own initial observations and summary of his presented plan; along with some of the problems I see:

    1. He is proposing to stop using Natural Gas for electric production altogether. This is odd; primarily, because he currently earns a great deal of money from that market.
    2. However, he is proposing to shift our Natural Gas resources from their current primary use in this country, of electricity production, to the transportation market.
    3. While I think it is great that their are over 8 million vehicles world-wide that utilize Natural Gas. Haven't these typically been reserved for fleet proposes; with municipalities and delivery/parcel services? Groups that can centrally refuel via their own tanks. And isn't infrastructure always the 800lbs gorilla in the room preventing quick (10 year+/-) adoption.
    4. I understand each new vehicle sold in this country apparently has a life of over 14 years. Therefore, expecting a very expedient move from our current gas vehicles to Natural Gas is no easier than moving them to electric in the first place.
    5. Which brings me to my final thought. If we are finding renewable ways to replace natural gas in the Electric market; then why wouldn't we also, simultaneously, be inclined to develop a higher dependency on electric vehicles? Which would in turn, potentially weaken the domestic Natural Gas market as it adjust to loosing its role as 25% of our electric production. Something just doesn't add up Mr. Pickens...
    Pickens is hoping to rally support to get the next president to enact his plan. "The plan … is doable in five to 10 years if we can get Congress and the Administration to act quickly,"

    Again, the only HUGE problem I see with this plan so far, is the fact that you can't substantially reduce our dependency on foreign oil by creating more electricity. Since Oil is not what we use to produce 90% of our electricity. Now if we all drove electric vehicles then okay... So his plan will ultimately have to discuss how to drastically accelerate this transition too a new type of vehicle. Should we really 1st drive N-Gas cars, then switch again to Electric or Hydrogen? Why?

    Admittedly, his optimism is in keeping with this video below I keep actively circulating by Amory Lovins; explaining the study performed for the Pentagon by the Rocky Mountain Institute a few years ago called "The Oil End Game".

    Analysts say if Pickens' renewable energy plan catches on, it would mean more business for his Seal Beach, Calif.-based Clean Energy Fuels, which sells natural gas to service stations and municipalities, and Westport Innovations, a Canadian company that makes heavy-duty trucks that use natural gas.

    Pickens is spending $58 million of his own money to market his plan. He started airing ads on TV, radio and in print this week. He's also launched his campaign on social networks Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, YouTube and instant messaging service Twitter.

    Here is one of his TV adds:

    I say GOOD FOR HIM! (Not that he needs my endorsement!) I do worry however, there are many who are passionately on this "band wagon" or "grass roots movement" because they are simply attracted to the idea that a billionaire can now help speak for their hopes of less foreign dependency and alternative energies. I think they need to realize that they have about half of that hope right.

    I personally can’t wait to see where this is headed since smart business men often pull of some incredible things. But I wouldn't over estimate why this PR is being leveraged the way it is. I've attended far to many Public Meetings in my own career for the purpose of informing others of "Displacements", and R.O.W. land purchases mandadted by iminent domain; to think of transmision line legislation as a very romantic topic.

    In conclusion, let me just say that Mr. Pickens has set up one of the most impressive (Video Blogging) websites out there. He obviously has done his homework on the PR side of things; and has GREAT people working on this within his organization. To read more than the tid bits I have included below just visit his site.

    Incidentally, his site is fast becoming one of the largest repositories of Green videos on the web
    ...thanks to his growing community of over 200,000 "Pickens Plan" site members.

    Mind The Gap!

    Have you tried Gapminder yet?

    Here is a link (Click HERE) that takes you right to a "Gapmided, statistic model".

    After you try that, pick your own world statistics of interest.
    You might even find a picture of our, quickly flattening world, that inspires you!

    Tuesday, August 5, 2008

    Should energy independence be a high priority in the US?

    Debate Blog:, is an interesting blog format that I like reading. It ranks the positions on both sides of most issues through a voting system. So it is assumed that the cream sort of rises to the top. You can then easily read the best results on both side of each issue first.

    Better in my opinion, than just digging through endless back and forth banters. Banters where some of the statements are educated and informed; and some, let's just say - are way below the mark...

    Monday, August 4, 2008

    OPEC - Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries

    Here is an interesting speach by Anne Korin;
    entitled, "Global Security Analysis War Terror Oil"

    Anne Korin's Oil Solution 1of7

    By the time you finish viewing part two, you will be riled up!

    Links to the remainder of her presentation:
    3 of 7:
    4 of 7:
    5 of 7:
    6 of 7:
    7 of 7:

    Anne Korin:
    Co-Director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, a Washington-based think-tank focused on energy security; Chair of Set America Free, a coalition of people and groups of all political persuasions that focuses on the goal of reducing American dependence on oil.

    Sunday, August 3, 2008

    Information overload

    Had a nice weekend...
    My middle brother, Philip, hosted the whole family over at his new home north of Frisco.

    Had some interesting conversations with a couple of my Uncles on a broad variety of topics. These discussion lead to me compliing some additional information, once I was later back at the house; for the purpose of primarily providing links to content already posted on my website. AT least on of my Uncles and I will now use this information to continue our banters in the up and coming weeks via e-mail.

    Should be fun...

    (Thought it was a bit much for one read, so I sectioned it into chunks.)

    For the unique statistics site I was talking about; primarily sourced from the UN’s data, head to my “Going Green” page under “Noteworthy Links” on my home page and choose the third link down called “Gapminder”. It actually makes statistics pretty cool.

    Better yet, to view a very cool, MUST SEE, video of the professor who created this novel statistics site;. Just go to my “TED” page on my site. (Which is also under the “Noteworthy Links” menu.) The second video down on the TED page is by Hans Rawlins. The video really improve one’s understanding of the unique offering “Gapminder” provides when illustrating the changes occurring socially around the world
    You may also watch the video here: Directly from TEDs website.

    Incidentally, if you found his original lecture interesting there is also a follow-up, given on March of 2007; called, “New insights on poverty and life around the world”. This is when he actually announces the fact that the UN was making all of its’ statistics public, by May of that year; he then shares some of the results he had yielded in advance; and he announces the browser based version of his software “Gapminder”.

    The area of my website that show some interesting information on new state-of-the-art vehicles, and the SMART car (which has been out and refined over the last 10 years.) is all under my “Extras” are of my website. Just choose the link, “SMART cars are smart”.

    This is that “news at a glance” site I have enjoyed for several years (at least 5 or 6,) that just compiles all the latest and most popular headlines from Google news, in a sort of unique, at a glance visualization. I feel it serves as an affective sort of an electronic newspaper.

    This is an area of my site I really want to work on and develop further. I want it to not only compel us all to seriously research and consider if we are, “Part of the Solution, or Part of the Problem?” (or as I call it, “POT-S or POT-P”) It will ultimately house good, verified, useful statistics; and then, perhaps more importantly, present real solutions to the problems we are all plausibly facing and possibly causing.

    I just feel it does other’s little good for me to weigh-in to heavily on any discussion, if I’m not armed with facts and almost exhausted from research. So I try to spend most of my time reading as many reasonable arguments from all sides, rather than talking to definitively as if I have a solution; or an educated understanding for that matter – yet.

    Unfortunately, at the moment this POTSorPOTP page on my site consist of nothing more than a video “Mash-up” of researched feeds, bookmarked to my own YouTube Channel, called “POTSorPOTP” =

    IN RESONSE TO (one of my uncle's) FRIDAY (8/1/08) E-MAIL:
    “This is really incredible. Please watch the short C-Span broadcast and forward to other Americans concerned about the rising cost of gasoline.”

    This particular YouTube Channel is probably one you would find even more inspiring; towards these frustrations currently faced by Republican’s their battles within congress.

    Of course I still don’t know what will incentivize any auto industry to start sternly consider modern advances that matter to anyone! Much less any “solutions” to pollution; such as those proposed in talk’s by guys like Amory Lovins, presented in 2005 when Oil was only actually “only” $45 a barrel. <- Skip to about 8:00 minutes into this talk if you want to save some time; then it only takes about 10 minutes to finish…

    In states like California, despite all their strict regulations, it is still true that cars are the guiltiest party in the transportation sector at producing harmful waste.
    However, given the fact only a, very debatable, percentage of our overall pollution in this country is caused by Vehicles; there are perhaps many even more reasons, but often even less incentives, to apply new technologies towards our industrial and commercial sources; before we worry too much about expecting each of us to sell our current vehicle and buy new better solutions.
    I’m still trying to figure out how to productively utilize, what should be one of the most useful, Air Data websites. But it is not the most user friendly index.

    Definitely some of our biggest reasons to stop overseas dependencies, is minimally to flip our trade deficits; and thereby, perhaps more significantly, eliminate a rather shameful need to empower Middle Eastern countries. Which would otherwise merely have the political clout of any other dessert region in this world – zero!

    I rarely quote anyone as profound as one of our founding fathers; therefore, here is a little statement from a member of our pop culture. “Idealism detached from action is just a dream, but idealism allied with pragmatism, with you rolling up your sleeves and making the world bend a bit, is very exciting.” – Bono…

    His whole speech in context is a little more compelling, ( but I like that quote 15 minutes in… And of course, this video is posted on my site as well… J

    I’m still trying to figure out what action are the best ones to take and/or stand behind…
    Let me know your thoughts whenever you can…

    Although gun control was also a rather invovled topic during our discussions; I didn’t really touch on any issues related to gun control in this e-mail; Although, I admit, I personally, find movies such as, “Bowling for Columbine” interesting. As I do most of Michael Moore’s films. Notice, I simply said “interesting”.

    HOWEVER, I also feel they have to be VIEWED before they can be affectively criticized. Do you agree? Hard to really identify with what is provoking about the films, from either side of the issues & arguments aired; when the films have seldom been viewed firsthand. Right?
    Considering the challenges, researching and hypothesizing or execution of solutions, (found most often via the internet,) was my plight for 14+ years in the design & technology sectors I served; so it is a hard habit to break. I just direct it towards many different areas of interest these days.


    Friday, August 1, 2008

    "My grandparents didn't know any better." or is it Al Gore's Fault?

    Well, we all made it to August 2008! Excellent...
    It is about as hot and humid as any person can stand here in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas!
    105 and counting! With, I would assume about 98% humidity; since a portion of the city is getting intermittent showers. All I know, is if you stick your head out the door, it feels like you’re about to head into a sauna, fully clothed! Truly uncomfortable!

    I remember one time questioning my grandmother as to how folks dealt with the heat in this part of the country, prior to having A/C? More specifically, I ended up asking, "why folks did it"? And, "why our family lived here; given this crazy uncomfortable weather, and the fact that they use to have no air conditioned reprieve?" Her answer was rather straightforward... She simply said, "We didn't know any better."

    Well, I guess that is as good of a reason as any! I just wonder, now that we live in this; jet set, well traveled, information age; and assume I end up having children; who in turn one day ask me, “why in the world did I chose to I live in an environment with 105 degree 98% humidity for weeks on end?” What will I tell them?

    I think for now, I'm just going to take the easy way out - and explain, "My grandparents didn't know any better." Hate to make a scapegoat out of the folks I respect the very most! But what else can I say...?

    Here's another possibility, which thankfully avoids targeting my family's earlier generational decisions. "Al Gore failed to do anything to ward off global warming during his own 8 years as VP. Which you would think would have been the ideal platform and office to speak to such things as floral carbons, and new green technologies. Instead he was able to parlay his non-responsive vice presidency into a post career of touring with an inconvenient, academy award winning power point presentation; which ironically offered no solutions! And yet, acted as if he was the holder of all things Green! As a result, temperatures in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, have risen faster than I realized, since I was a child. And I simply failed to shop for a career or home in a more suitable climate for my family's survival.

    Sorry kids… It’s Al Gore’s fault… But at least he (claims to have) “invented the Internet”!

    That guy makes me sad… Folks that have to, tailcoat other people’s ideas, leadership, hard work and productivity; and then act as if they had some part in the efforts, are really pathetic…

    Wow! This blog entry went from somewhat light hearted “talk of the weather”, to a sad observation about one of our ex leaders. Oh well…