Wednesday, January 25, 2012

State of The Union Will Never Explain The State of Wingnuts

Spent some time off-and-on playing last nights recorded broadcast.  Was interesting and encouraging, as any State-of-the-Union address should be I suppose.  Of course, each time any positive statement or call to action was stated, it made me think in the back of my mind of all those folks in our midst who are trained at the moment to think our country's leader as a blatant, habitual lier, and a man somehow genuinely bent on establishing an agenda and goals contrary to the well being of the U.S..

As a result of such selfishly enacted brainwashing from the conservative media and it's unscrupulous methods at establishing loyal viewership; there is simply no way, anyone enticed or entrenched in such persuasions could have considered listening to or taken away anything constructive from last nights broadcast; nor for that matter would have had any interest in listening to anything the President of our United States has to say.  I think such audience members would probably be called a "lost cause."

Has been an odd time to watch what has happened to many of our more entrenched Right Wing (nut) Americans and their deteriorating ability to view, review, reason and/or relate to reason.  It seem frustration and confusion (and as I often admit, bruised pride,) have only yielded anger and resentment.

Ironically while on my way to a late lunch this afternoon, I tuned in to the Sean Hannity show on the local AM station.  One of the typical resources of Right Wing (nut) anger and belligerent opinions presented as facts and legitimate information.  It always helps me to listen to these types of broadcast in order to better understand why so many conservative and/or Christian friends and family have chosen such polarized paths of fear, hatred and extreme prejudice against any and all reason, conversations or dialogs which do not involve passionate insults of new or different ideas and facts.

As you listen to any single show's effort to scare folks, from any ideas and reasons beyond those which these shows consistently contort and disseminate, the thought does cross your mind, when did hatred become so appealing?  Why does fear create such loyal followers?  Most of these listeners are brutally (perhaps brilliantly) trained after only a few shows, through a keen version of reverse psychology if you will, to then avoid future, productive, discussions or learning outside of the shows own programing, by being sold an age old concept of "indoctrination".

The ironic teaching of a concept of "indoctrination" helps provide a fear of any one outside these veins of viewership, and teaches very directly that anyone not receiving the shows "legitimate" viewpoints are the people whom are have been "indoctrinated" by a socialistic, liberal, "left wing" agenda.  You realize real quick, why regular audiences become, sub-cultures of folks burden with unimaginable negativity, fear and insults.  And if you have ever tried to reason which such audience member or introduce additional facts outside of what they were taught to these loyal viewers of such "programing" it is met with noting sort of fear, contempt and conviction they would simply swear are not only their own, but feeling they have always felt about anything other than the political vein or party they are now aligned with.

You end up not possessing a mutual fear for them, but rather a concern for what motivated them to find identity and loyalty in such extreme prejudice and contempt.  It makes you wonder, if they could be so easily influenced by some journalism majors and writing staffs on one or two sources of editorialized news, what else will they most likely fall prey to once this trend has subsided?  In other words, what or who will be in their crosshairs, once any current victims are no longer relevant.

I am of course assuming for many, this is their first bout with despising their countries chances and adopting hatred for leadership under a particular administration primarily due to influence they have little to no affiliation with.  Or I should say for many of my own Christians friends, I think it is the first time they have also chosen to abandon any teaching related to a stewardship of support for those whom are chosen to lead our nation.  Instead there is no longer any discernment to the destructive nature of their new found, rash, negative loyalties based on disdain and hatred and concocted claims of "indoctrination" for not only the current leadership but also anyone choosing a course of support or optimism about the U.S.'s current goals for recovery and repair.

Such easily influenced populous must start understanding, they are either part of a solution or part of a problem.  And quite frankly they have yet to solve anything while spreading negativity and unfounded or educated prejudice. Buying into a school of thought simply because syndicated and network broadcasters are selling it to you, is truly reckless.

And worse, finding ones identity within a sub-culture, through a practice of taking issue with a HUGE percentages of your fellow Americans, while failing to understand any schools of thought or actual facts on any one issue, through direct research or dialogs with opposing groups is a radically mislead notion of progress and assistance.  In other words, it is a lynching negativity which only parallels movements fostering failure and damage to vast societies if not millions of people's well being.  Such negativity and those who follow it serve to accomplish nothing and simply represent an irresponsible and lazy way of thinking, way of avoiding complex conversation, way of gaining a voice with no reason.  More simply put, simply complaining and hating has no bearing on creating stability and progress.

As a result of spreading these damaging psychosis throughout naive or hate inspired sub-cultures, such confounded broadcast and resulting loyalties seems to be creating a much more profound, emotional divide between those who; seek information from actual sources, and reason through this information in attempts to approach potential solutions or in order to form position based on their own individual beliefs and convictions; versus those who are fast becoming or are already entrenched audiences who simply trust editorialized commentary as fact; and find inspirations in the daily negative rhetoric which follows.

The "loyalty" which hate based broadcast create in the form of return viewership is unfortunately, incredibly, effective!  Of course, scarring folks away from evil and towards a salvation centered on fear, self-proclaimed truths, arrogance or piety is nothing new!  It just surprises me that AM radio and cable news networks are able to depend on age old revival methods to sell pizzas and razors and unfortunately mold a very vulnerable set of American opinions and beliefs.

History and facts are certainly not on the side of proving, schools of thought fostered by sub-cultures whom choose to align with hatred, will hold any bearing on solving a countries recession.  Nor will you find examples of such extreme prejudice and hate centered objections to apposing policies, ever willing or able to offer sound rationales or adequate, proven alternatives in an effort to justify such extreme and negative bias.

3 fighter programs like this = $1 Trillion Dollars!

I'm glad they have been able to work out some of the most recent hiccups in the F-35 program. ( )

My granddad still loves sharing with us, each time we vist, tales of all his aviation stories from his days as a young man in the Army Air Corp (prior to the inception of the Air Force) so it is easy to take pride in these program when you are in a country steeped with such history and presence.

Of course his stories were also fostered at a time of World War!  How is it exactly that we still find it thrilling to spend money this way?

None the less, not only is the technology surrounding this program amazing, it comes with the most amazing statistics by already being the most expensive defense acquisition program in U.S. history!

Each plane is now estimated to cost tax payers between $80 and $95 million dollars EACH, just to build!  This does not include, pilot training, fuel, weaponry, nor maintenance and upkeep.  When you start combining those figures you get closer to $154,000,000 (million) per plane.

The GAO estimates U.S. taxpayers will invest a total of $385 billion (1/3 of a TRILLION) to develop and maintain 2,457 planes through 2035.

While the joint fighter program features some of the most secret and state-of-the-art tech we can muster; surprisingly enough 730 of the aircraft are also committed to Eight US allies.

Refer to the following articles for more amazing recent details on the programs expenses and schedule:


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Timeline Helps Illustrate The Facebook Time Bomb

I was a bit surprised over the last two month or so that more folks hadn't already converted their personal Facebook walls to the new "Timeline" version.  Since the old profile wall didn't really have anything going for it.

This only difference you'll experiences on FB, is when or if you click your own name, which few people ever personally have cause to do. (Meaning, normal logging in and using, still subsequently looks and acts the same.)

At least now if you choose to, you can actually sort of take a more effective stroll down the memory lane of your social, FB entries and any reams of resources you might have recorded, shared, "liked" or chosen to upload.
I had been using Memo Lane for a while ( and thought it was pretty cool.  So I was glad to see Facebook finally stooped to stealing other 3rd party ideas like this.

The problem which remains a NIGHTMARE for most of those heavily depending on Facebook is it makes a HORRIBLE digital "silo". ( ) But millions of folks are treating it as if they can count on it for just that!  A personal repository of information.  But there is a HUGE problem. They have no ownership of any aspect of the infrastructure nor its contents. :-S

Meaning you are not only unable to assure how long your data will be visible or available; (since you neither own, nor pay a subscribed access to a server;) you have NO functional way of instantly searching or usefully indexing any past entries of data, text, links or media; nor can you effectively download previously uploaded content in a fast convenient way. (Such as Google's "Data Liberation" site and tools: )

The new "timeline" representation, sort of helps folks better appreciate (or shed light on) all that they may have put into their participation on Facebook and the resulting, wall / digital profile / account content / timeline; and therefore remind us all, how little of this vast record can be easily sorted, backed-up or easily retrieved.  (The closest you can come thus far on FB to any data retrieval, is downloading each photo, ONE at a time, and that of downloading your current "friends" list. As far as the latter is concerned, Big deal... This list should already be synced with your smart phone via the installed FB App.)

Such hindrances will become an utter nightmare and vivid realization for folks as they choose to be more and more dependent on Facebook year after year.  A potential catastrophe for many, as more and more celebrations, evenings out, family events and vacations have been uploaded or recorded through one's Facebook account and submitted as 100's of videos and photos; and the smart phones they did all this record keeping with has been long since retired, upgraded, lost and/or replaced, etc... (Since honestly, how many folks are good at backing up their mobile computing device?)

Can you imagine all the photos albums you've ever placed a picture in, or all your families old 8mm & VHS home movies being owned or controlled by someone else; and fostered for their own use, monetization, organization methodologies or even deletion.

There needs to be much better information taught to folks about this "information age"! Resources and training for folk about digital resources in order for trusting users to understand the liabilities, pitfalls and/or advantages of sharing and even creating memories with such services.

(If you are a heavy Google G-mail, Docs or Apps user and you haven't visited your own "Google Dashboard", take a gander at it sometime just to see how explosive all of these online resources and data archives have gotten. )

User beware:
Remember the old adage, you get what you pay for!  And if it is too good to be true it probably is.  How much of your own personal money have you sent to Facebook?  Probably none!!  So how much protection of your own personal thoughts, picture and memories are you expecting them to respect and protect?  Possibly a great deal!  ...something doesn't add up...

(And unfortunately, playing & paying for Zynga games, such as Farmville, Castleville, Words W/ Friends, etc., or clicking 3rd party adds, unfortunately doesn't count.)  :-(

Monday, January 23, 2012

Beautiful People Don't Just Happen

The message below points to the wisdom of those who have learned the hard way and concluded, trails can undoubtedly be the blessings which most effectively mold us and makes us grateful for who we have become and the many gifts we have been shown.
Nothing teaches humility better. And humility is crucial for man's grasp of grace and forgiveness.

Scriptures are great for clarifying this understanding, especially for those whom were uncertain or required further examples. 

I have known a few, rare people, who simply exuded this spirit of wisdom, humility and compassion. And I have known many others who have been preached to for decades, yet still seem to lack any deep understanding for atonement and grace.

Personal trails are definitely the most effective teaching tool in life. One of the many reasons Christians who, over emphasize on scripture reading (or study), versus the applications of their own personal testimonies (private or public), are often lacking discernment and adequate perspective when choosing to judge another; given the fact the price we all pay on our journey to grace, humility and wisdom is often perilously high.

In other words, some lack the personal testimony to bring such grace and love to light; while many just simply, ignore it. The test for all of us, is to maintain grace for such careless oversights as well.

This journey, our journeys are neither an intellectual process nor one we should ever judge in others. It is shameful and truly costly when such judgments occur. :-(

Robert F. Kennedy Tombstone inscription:
“He who learns must suffer
And even in our deep pain that cannot forget
Falls drop by drop, upon the heart,
And in our own despair, against our will,
Comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.”

About Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross:
She was a very interesting and accomplished women! Fun to read her biography of accomplishments and quotes. Twenty honorary degrees! Sounds like some sort of record! And yet she is a steward in teaching humility and grace. You have to love that about her!

Another quote she shared:
"We need to teach the next generation of children from day one that they are responsible for their lives. Mankind's greatest gift, also its greatest curse, is that we have free choice. We can make our choices built from love or from fear."


I Ignore Facts, Therefore I Vote? ...huh?

I love signs like these!! You have to love seeing raw emotion having the potential to convince folks to bring an entire nation to it's knees! All the while throwing fact, history and logic to the wayside as if they hold no weight in fixing our country.
Such illustrations are best featured as examples of how an ignorant a rather sad minority (I hope) of the voting population, would rather find solace and identity and comfort in the name of party loyalty, rather than attempt to understand why our country has suffered it's most recent bumps and bruises.

Let's first use this brilliant sign to remind us all when unemployment peeked, on Oct. '09.  Moreover, we should then ask ourselves; (if we are "fiscally conservative" and logically minded folks;) did 18 months of a new administration effect the momentum of 360,000,000 (million) hard working folks; causing a fast-track, peek in unemployment?  Or are the previous 12+ years trend setting Federal spending deficits and enormous, high risk, housing bubble lending the actual culprits?

Folks are so desperately trying to get their minds around higher or lower taxes and government spending trends, and which party we can trust for either issue?  Well, I take that assumption back; they are actually just trying to redirect anger and broken pride.  And they tend to do it very VERY carelessly and without real pragmatic thought.

For instance, from 2000 to 2008, under President Bush, Federal spending rose by $1.3 trillion, from $1.9 trillion a year to $3.2 trillion a year. President Bush, you will recall, inherited a budget surplus (the first in decades). Then, hit with a recession, he took the budget into deficit. Then he cut taxes, growing the deficit to $400 billion a year.

From 2009 to 2011, meanwhile, under President Obama, federal spending has risen by $600 billion, from $3.2 trillion a year to $3.8 trillion a year.  It has also now begun to decline.

In other words, federal government spending under President Bush increased 2X as much as it has under President Obama.
(data from U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis)

However, lets also keep in mind, "The Backfire Effect", which teaches us:
-> The Misconception: When your beliefs are challenged with facts, you alter your opinions and incorporate the new information into your thinking.
-> The Truth: When your deepest convictions are challenged by contradictory evidence, your beliefs get stronger.

Take into consideration the fact that 79,000,000 (million) Americans are "pre-diabetic", but this won't stop the majority of us from eating garbage, day-after-day. We are stubborn to the point of early deaths! As they say, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."

Regardless of this phenomenon, why would "fiscally conservative" folks, allow "party loyalty" to cause them to overlook cause and effect?  We simply can't afford such absent-minded antics at the polls any longer.  To keep enabling mindless, "loyalty based" voting, versus fiscally sound solutions are the exact mob mentalities and comfort foods which we owe generations of blunders to.  We can't allow these trends to be our own countries early death.

You are simply either part of the problem or part of the solution.  I would argue, if blind party loyalty and misplaced anger is all the reason you need to cast a vote, then you are more likely to be part of the problem.

Unemployment, is one of the most basic results of a completely battered, recessed, scared economy.  One which required 100's of billions of dollars in "infused", stimulus cash to even keep it afloat.

While that cash should have been used much more efficiently and was carelessly and hastily thrown at the problem in many cases, during the biggest, deepest, panicked, recession the U.S. has seen in over half a century.

President Bush cut taxes in 2001 and 2003. These tax cuts hit federal revenue, while federal spending growth continued apace. This combination ballooned the deficit in the early years of the Bush presidency.

By the middle years of the Bush presidency, however, on the strength of the housing boom and strong economic growth (much of which now looks like a debt-fueled mirage), federal revenues began to grow rapidly. By 2007, in fact, the gap had almost closed.

But then the bottom fell out. The housing bubble burst, the financial crisis hit, and the economy plunged into recession. And then President Bush handed President Obama the worst recession in more than 70 years and left Obama to clean up the mess.

Ignoring such facts shouldn't / can't allow us to remain ignorant to the originating causes of our lingering problems.  Rewriting history to serve our pride would simply be foolish! ...and would be a sad and costly way to prove a Democracy our size and age is simply incapable of learning and applying new and innovative enough solutions to overcome such unfortunate historic mistakes.

Charts like the following help folks see how catastrophic this separation in Spending versus receipts became think to the resulting recession:

Other great GDP data sources can be found at:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The GOP Truly Has The Best Pitching Arm!

This video is an opening question posed by CNN's John King to Newt Gingrich during the most recent (as of 1/20/2012), GOP 2012 Presidential candidate debates, which can be seen at the following link:

(No embedding allowed fromt he original Yahoo news source, so here is a poor quality YouTube posting.)
This was certainly an entertaining way to open a political debate!!! :-D
And it is a real neat notion, that a debate candidate can just say "screw you and your question" to any topic he wishes to deem inappropriate or irrelevant. However, I'm not sure it is easy to agree with Newt's frustration at this point. I mean this is a debate for the GOP candidate after all, not a Democratic candidate. And these very types of personal inquiries are rather the norm for the GOP. I feel there is more irony in Newt's advisors wishing to sell us on avoiding the questions, than there is in John King asking it in the first place.
I'll explain:
Personal character and habits in the bedroom seems an almost fitting topic during a GOP debate; given the fact the GOP creatively markets itself so heavily to Evangelical Christians; since it desperately depends on 1/3 of its votes from this realm of conservative sub-cultures.

The main reason this was so well played by Newt's advisors, is the fact Christians, no more or less than anyone else, typically wish to avoid the experience of having someone rooting around in the gardens of one's own personal history as it were! So everyone can related and empathize with Newt's final denial and points. After all, Christians are indeed taught no man is without sin, and no man should cast judgement on another's opportunity for grace and salvation.

However, back to my original point; such questions of character and marital habits, sexual or otherwise, do seem a rather likely matter of discussion for a party which so blatantly weighs in on sexual orientation and lifestyles. Meaning, given the fact the GOP itself often probes such matters and makes crucial decisions based on what goes on in the bedroom; why wouldn't simular moral decisions, controversial or not, be asked directly of a GOP Presidential Candidate?

Given the crowds generous reaction towards Newt, how should such overall judgments of a man be reexamined by the GOP? If indeed this audience is synonymous with the opinions of the majority of registered Republicans; which would indicate they feel Newt is correct about the imoral, appalling natures of such interest and therefor his rights to privacy and/or enforcing relevancy to issues of leadership?

It seems each Republican whom appreciates Newt's response to John King must question how such extreme prejudice on topics related the personal lifestyles, personal morales and related personal choices each of us make in life. There is no way to "have it both ways" given the type of extreme prejudice the GOP markets. And such questions are certainly no more "inappropriate", complicated or personal to me than the GOP also campaigning on and/or being asked about positions involving Pro-Choice / Abortion matters during Federal campaigns.

Not because the two topics are related, nor compare, but just given the fact, final decisions and laws on such matters are regulated through each individual State's constitutions. Therefor it seems Newt's proposed barometer for relevancy and intimacy should also apply. After all, the only time any relevance to opinions on pro-choice or pro-life might become a potential factor for Federal influences would be indirectly through an Administration's opportunity to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice. And even then the vetting process may causes final chosen candidates to fall on the apposing sides of the administration's public positions on such matters.

I see it all as just clever maketing and manipulation of the facts. But voters don't normally spot it, or care! So more power to Newt's team of advisors and their brilliant slight-of-hand! But is their strategy in tune with it's parties landscape of required voters?

The current division of voters within the Republican party continues to desperately depend on convincing Evangelicals the GOP is the more "moral" choice. How then will the GOP avoid extremely personal questions; questions of private persuasion and lifestyles; or those based on a highly sensitive levels of intimacy and marital behaviors, if they flip/flop towards an opinion they are not relevant to leadership?

What categories of piety, bais and judgements will the GOP be left with in their facade of moral high-ground? They simply MUST continue to market towards and attract Evangelicals? Do they feel being Pro-Guns will attract them? Perhaps Pro-War? Perhaps being for lower taxes in a time of extreme past debt, when lower taxes is simply "spending" by another name? Pro-Death penalty? Reduction of government support of the poor and the indigent? Anti-Government sponsored Health care for those who can't afford it? They simply must continue to act as if issue of sexuality and abortion are relevant to leadership and Federal campaigns, or they would completely loose ground in maintaining an evangelical facade.

I guess this is also why it helps when fewer than half of the candidates present at any one GOP debate have to resort to such extreme versions of "I'm rubber your glue". It is possibly all rather cumulatively measured and received by the more naive Evangelical party loyalist viewing such debates.

Again, this all just seems to offer additional reasons at least some (1/3) of the GOP's followers should re-examine the irony within the GOP's stone throwing in the first place? At least where related to marketing to the Christian far right. Since ironically, such assessments are neither very "Christ Like", nor relevant to running the country.

Regardless of how Newt's campaign may have failed to prevent further divisions amongst Republican voters; Newt's campaign advisors did a great job getting him prepared for that inevitable questioning of his character and choices made in marriage, divorce and the bedroom. About time someone within the GOP at least act out and soulfully deliver a vivid message that such probing measures and extreme basis based on the judgement of others is shameful and wrong!
...but again, the more ironic aspect of this, is not that CNN thew the stone, but rather that the GOP has the best pitching arm of the two!"

I've more recently viewed the second video on the Yahoo news site?  The one with his wife's live interview, which John King's original question is based on?
I can understand Newt's point about relevancy, but I still have a hard time dealing with yet another lie.  Didn't the GOP recently spearhead the impeachment of a President for such levels of "honesty"?

As a matter of fact: Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Newt Gingrich, was one of the people leading the impeachment proceedings against Clinton.  WOW!  Fact is truly stranger than fiction!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My old Facebook Bio - pre 2008

Been a long LONG time since I've updated my FB Biographical information! For instance, I married my beautiful wife this last October (10.1.11); therefore my old FB description is no longer the most befitting statement about my life to have posted for the world (family and friends) to read.

So I am replacing my old sentiments with a new "manifesto" as it were; one which I drafted for my blog site just a few months ago. The new FB Bio is a literal cut and past of this previous blog entry:

The previous, dated, Bio it now replaces I'm throwing up here on my blog, just for my own future reference, it read like this:
++++++++++ Begin ++++++++++

I guess putting it nicely; I would say, life is very cyclical & I wouldn't necessarily recommend all of the cycles I've experienced. But most have been very good!

One of those that absolutely loves kids, but has to live vicariously as an adoring Uncle to my Niece & Nephew! In other words, never settled down.

Have humbly had more than one long term (3+yrs) relationships during my 15 yrs of working in Dallas, Texas, but never married. Regretfully, spent more time than should for far too many years working very long hours.

Never would have predicted I would be the workaholic type - definitely wish balancing life with more sensibility had been an earlier priority in my life... No time like the present!!

Eventually found myself dating folks who were equally as passionate about their own careers! Not the most romantic combination!

WOW - the more I rehash this past of mine with you - the more I regret... Didn't mean for this to sound like such a downer biography!??

Honestly, I think I've accepted my belated wisdom at this point; at least I won't blame Facebook for my brief moment of depressing reminiscent thoughts this evening. :-)
++++++++++ THE END ++++++++++

Thank you Paula for joining me on what I'm sure will be the most satisfying, exciting and best part of my (our) remaining journey through this world! I love you babe...


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Religion says DO, Jesus says DONE

Religion has brought many people much pain...

Nothing more despicable to me than when it is used, harnessed or conveyed in order to hide behind or justify behavior! Behavior which my own very embarrassing limits causes me to lastingly, deeply regret or despise.

Were it not for the example of our Lord Jesus Christ, I would have such a limited perspective & inept capacity to understand or deal with the atrocious abuse of religion. (Abuse within religion, abuse from religion, however you see or experience it?)

Often ashamed of my own past encouraging words and involvement to and with others; once I found how shamefully easy it was to be in the destructive crosshairs of the falsely righteous, religious, peers I had once called friends, brothers & sisters.

Thanks to His example of grace and wisdom I stive to forgive and work hard to effectively move on; but I could do so much better, and pray that I will!

Fun to see examples of Art and Style used to effectively comunicate such warnings and encourage others to find wisdom rather than cling to poor, misdirected sources of belonging.

Many ministries are such a blessing and an exceptional way to witness the gifts God has given some of us.

It is just a scary thing when man believes religion is the embodiment of Christ, rather than remembering that Christ is the embodiment of God, Grace and Mercy. And as unfortunate as it is; man made organizations (even those designed for worship,) more often than not, bloat into large structures of corporate worship and hierarchies of religious loyalties; becoming a place more befitting for bolstering ego, creating a since of belonging or confidence, rationales and strength or security based on numbers, etc..

Perhaps even more disturbing are the eventual sources for justification, condemnation, judgment and repute which quickly follow large structures of worship. Such contortions of God are unfortunately much more prevalent than are regular gatherings and places which are continually mindful of humility, equality, grace and pointing to the cross; therefor, each and every ministry (and those who attend them,) must be ever mindful of such tempting distortions and man-made attractions which attach to any tendency to feed one's very human and mortal ego.

The only real place of love, comfort, grace and wisdom which achieved such perfection was Christ. However, many naively find themselves on a path of years and even decades of trusting their church; instead of being mindful and steadfast to avoid piety, pride, the temptation of the ego or a false since of belonging and righteousness; simply because many peers are gathered in their midst.

Corporate worship and the exceptional ministries who often brave starting their own spin off from a large "main stream" or growing independent organization, (even with a fresh group of self-appointed "Elders",) have their place and are often glorious and impressive; however, it is a rare follower who can also distinguish from the temptations and inspirations which come from popularity, impressive speeches, ironic boastings of humility, explanations concerning the "chosen" versus those "less fortunate", or learning how to repent for sins of commission as well as sins of omission, etc...

The unfortunate majority of "followers" of religions, tend to find it VERY hard to distinguish from the inspirations their man-made ministries deliver; versus, the salvation their Lord gave to them freely.

While a gift of salvation and atonement is occasionally discussed with many (or even most) independent ministries, it is also to often wrapped in all the trappings and comforts of having much more to do with the inevitable hierarchy, and predicated since of corporate beloning and the sheer joy, power, truth and encouragement such a community fosters, rather than the originating message of love, humility and grace. (Although I will admit, women tend to be better at being and remaining independently mindful of the later.)

Another interesting bait and switch, are those large corporate groups who foster belonging and solidarity through the claims of persecution and the need to defend Gods position in this world. I find those some of the most disturbing examples of "ministry", when they are predicated on creating an image or position within this world of a frail God; one that quite frankly is in man's own image.

Folks generously wish to demonstrate the love they have for God; therefore, ministries utilizing this err of "defending persecution" as a means to justify the condemnation and judgment of others, is such a shameful ploy; and unfortunately, one I have many friends in the wake of. (You will see these type of groups tending to claim that "end-times are near", and "apathy and tolerance are rampant", etc... These groups have been out in force for 100's, if not 1000's of years in one form or another, they just conveniently deny history and facts, along with grace and Gods true sovereignty.)

You never see God warn that "without our help his Will will not be done." Or make any such encouragement, "once you find me, please find another group of like minded people whom you can boast and feel more confident about your beliefs and/or behaviors through." But you do finds millions of folks who find solace in such notions. It is truly the resulting condemnation of those who don't agree with such gatherings that are the true shame of it all.

As Christ so perfectly put it, "They know not what they do."