Thursday, November 4, 2010

Democracy or Dummies?

A good friend recently asked me, following this years (2010) mid-term elections:
- November 3 at 5:34pm (via Facebook)
"What is your take on all of this? Is it doomsday? Or do we have a chance to regroup and go for a new strategy? Is Obama a one termer or two termer? What are your thoughts?"

My reply:
"Such a fickle population of mid-term voters is historically consistent and further proof as to how clueless we as American voters are. Meaning, the tendency to "react and flail" tends to be the only recourse available to a population of voters which absolutely fail to "study the problems". (Listening to FOX News, or any editorialized commentary, is in no way "research" or studying.) Put another way; any of those voters who seem to be so upset, or narrow enough, as to blame anything of our country's current state on just the last (2) two years of governing; are those same folks who understand exactly nothing! These are the same folks who have evidently never "studied", nor likely stated an intelligent, educated utterance in respect to our country's choices, form and/or method of governance, past or present.

I think anyone who's vote is consistently or strictly based on party loyalty is utterly foolish. For that matter, maintaining such a constrained vote in times of rebuilding or extreme change, solely based on "party loyal", is shamefully choosing to ignore the opportunity and most potent strength of a free democracy. These types of "loyal" or VERY LAZY voters are letting others choose their candidates for them. Additionally, they are voluntarily sending a message that lacks any culpability or accountability. They are acting as if any EXCLUSIVE party has been a part of the solution versus part of the problem.

No "side" in this problem is an innocent. So I have very little respect for people/voters who depend on little to no examination of how we arrived at this point in our history. Here's is a hint, it had nothing to do with the last 2 years!

I have little respect for those who don't even try to grasp the lengths and uncomfortable decisions we have no choice but to attempt in order to get ourselves out from under our literal decades of poor decisions. And to this end, I personally remain fervent in my opinion that "conservative" thinking in a time following 8 years of failed governance and the resulting faltering economy is far from the form of governing capable of digging us out of this hole. I will continue to avoid "conservatives" and "Grand Ole Parties" at all cost, at this point...

No party has a perfect solution, but furthering this country's inability to act, and therefor creating even more instability and dysfunction within our government is definitely not the solution. It is however, a recipe for failure! However, it is no mystery, that an uneducated democracy is an ineffective democracy; and yes, unfortunately also one that could much more easily fail!" :-(