Monday, July 28, 2008

Still a newbie... Slow to post...

Well, I don't want to stick with this "newbie" theme to many nights in a row, but I'm still going to take a "Kings X" tonight, where related to posting anything substantial.

Suffice to say, I've spent the last several days making significant strides on the content of my personal website. If you haven't visited it before, feel free to take a peek. .

The "Portfolio" section is probably the area I have spent the most time organizing. However there are some intriguing areas like the "POT "S" or POT "P"" page; and the "TED" page. Or if you are just looking for a little distraction, visit the "Movie Time" page.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Intro, The Michael Hulme Project - "Hello world!"

I know the blog title "The Michael Hulme Project", leads one to believe there is going to be some discussion here about some; formal, possibly impressive, undergoing, "project" or event; but the truth of the matter is, I have no formal plans for this blog or its real "purpose" at the moment. And honestly, the Blog URL "Michael Hulme", was already taken! ...what can one do?

Fact is. as of this month there are times when it feels the "Michael Hulme Project" is merely the task of getting older! I turned 40 this month! Ugg - who can feel to excited about that milestone? That's kind of a big one! One inspiring relative (uncle) of mine who hit 50 last month, tell me "50 was the new 35", so I'm not sure what official hope that can give me as far as an age conversion, but I need to get creative.

I have definitely hit certain ages with a bit more grace, and a bit less reflection on the passage of time and where life has come from and where it is going. But I think I will indeed survive this transition into my fourth decade. Would be kind of nice if the latest consensus were "40 is the new 25." 25! Now those were the days. Well, let's see - if memory serves perhaps those were just, "the younger days."

I guess the fact is I made of fraction of the income I deem appropriate these days. I was much less mature in so many ways, and I'm not sure I even considered the passage of time. And weather such consideration are spun positively or negatively, you have to agree considering the passage of time; or should I say, considering ones legacy which will be left to this world, is always a good thing.

Well, there is plenty more time to add plenty more thoughts - I'm going to end this (first / opening / premier) blog entry of mine here and now... Until later...