Friday, June 29, 2012

Comparing The Poor To Wildlife Is Only The Beginning

The insanity has got to stop!!
Several people whom I respect have begun circulating the following image; typically, with the caption:
"Great advice from a park ranger."
My most restrained response, thus far, was the following:
"Very sad insinuation when photos like this are circulated to lesson our sensitivity towards the human condition, poverty, or philanthropy; not to mention the programs developed with regard to all three. 

Nor am I convinced there are many children, growing up from impoverished circumstances which would come to respect, and therefor grow, from being compared to a park Ranger's advice on how to handle bears. Therefore, I'm not sure there is any hint of valuable mentorship, wisdom, or accountability being offered within such misleading sentiments.

I could be wrong? Perhaps it's very inspiring to a certain group. I'm just not sure I would ever care to count on the folks finding inspiration in such messages if I or my wife were ever in a pinch or precarious stage of life, or heaven forbid, without food on our table!

The despicable nature of today's politics and the resulting G.O.P. message is truly shameful! :-("

I'm so completely disgusted with the mentality being bred by today's politics!
Such distributed newspaper clippings are just the latest in an endless, careless, barrages of GARBAGE which now circulates throughout our lives; breeding ideals of judgement, prejudiced, lacking wisdom, and an inability to relate to anyone outside of your current success or social stratosphere.

It's bad enough when a Rush Limbaugh states publicly; following a natural disaster where over 100,000 people lost their lives within a few hundred miles of our boarder; that "the Haitian earthquakes were a custom ordered disaster for Obama to shine." I can cope with an uneducated, shock jock, looser like him, bread and paid to say anything and everything to his constituent of oddly titillated listeners.  However, when well-meaning members of our general population have started finding some patriotic comfort in also blasting those whom have needs, or disparaging the programs designed to help during trying times in life; we have lost our ever loving minds!!

You see, none of the folks being influenced to further proliferate such garbage sentiments, are getting paid the millions of dollars a Rush Limbaugh is.  And even if you were, you can probably tell how much respect I feel folks who think making the almighty dollar is a valid excuse for undermining others.  (Refer to my past blog entry: "Real Men"

I'm actually losing more and more relationships to this sort of insanity!!  It does make me truly sad!  People whom I respect for a number of reasons; folks who even claim to be guided by the life, death, humility and grace of Jesus Christ, if you can believe it; are actually being inspired by political rhetoric, more it seems than by their own good sense of morality and perhaps their own faith.

And I'll admit the most ironic thing for me, is the fact that NONE of these "friends and family" could tell you anything about the money they have personally contributed in their life towards those geniuses, down and out embezzlers that are out there robbing our social programs of all their good merits. NOR can they possibly quantify the amount of money they have personally contributed to the federal government that has gone towards the building of bombs, tanks, fighter jets, jet fuel, dessert air conditioning, the rehabilitation of countless wounded soldier and civilians.

BUT I WILL PROMISE YOU THIS!!!  Every one of us, has spent far more in just the last ten years, on wars we have no grasp, goal, benefits or understanding of, than we EVER will the alleged, "con-artist", indigent of our country; whom have all somehow managed to pull the wool over our eyes and outsmarted the system in order to take from our good and generous nature!  Give me and everyone around this sad realm of  insinuations a BREAK!

I'll say it again, you're either part of the problem or part of the solution; and many folks are on the very WRONG side of such fights. I wish I were better at discouraging these misdirected, angered, folks just how to avoid being a HUGE part of the problem when it comes to offering this country a legacy which history will avoid holding us in contempt for!

**A separate words of advice about the "News" you're listening to these days:
The people of this country have really got to rethink if a Billionaire (a.k.a. Rupert Murdoch, a.k.a. Newscorp), whose nefarious business practices and abuse of the media caused him to get THROWN OUT of his own country, are worthy of undermining the morality, philanthropic abilities, influence of the middle class, and proud spirit of this country?

Incidentally, in that last statement; I'm not talking the bad type of "pride"; the one typically touted as a "sin"; causing us to think we are "better", MORE deserving, somehow having more to lose than the next, etc.; I'm talking about a pride in knowing with confidence that the "Super" in our "Power" was ultimately a label, generously offered to this country, not because of our ability to fight; but because of our ability to care and steward this world towards the good and right decisions necessary for the type of long term prosperity and leadership any country should actually take pride in.

If you don't understand the power of the press and the media, you are kidding yourself. And if you don't think a man who single-handedly owns more of this influential vehicle than anyone else in our country, isn't able to manipulate his viewers, then again, naivety is simply not your friend.

Start questioning, whole heatedly, the source of your mis-founded insensitive and prejudicial influences; before it is too late for you to even remember what your actual, personal values, once represented.

I've started writing about these atrocities more, since it is after-all an election year; and it would be nice if each of our votes, (here in the bible belt,) counted for something more than bitter resolve, prejudice, pride, or a local, possibly family or church "tradition"; such as those you don't even know enough about to question, therefore you don't. You just punch the button and scoff at whatever point you're instructed. That's not leadership, and it's sure not a "vote", nor a personal choice one should simply surrender to any man's political campaign.


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