Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Get Your Virtual Assistant NOW!

It's official! "Fancy Hands" is one of the coolest services I've ever discovered or signed up for! Just incredible! If you are a person who feels busy or has procrastinated ANYTHING lately, you must look into this service!!

It provides an arsenal of "virtual assistants" (all U.S. based!), you can subscribe to on a monthly basis in order to complete virtually any minor task you wish.

I have now "posted" over 3 dozen task to my new account just since Monday; (Luckily I chose the "unlimited" plan!) and they have yet to let me down on anything I've needed their assistance with.

From researching a local ear Dr., to finding a better price on a high-tech, carbon Fiber component I needed.  From the creation and organization of simple Calendar entries, to compiling current pricing within a shared Google spreadsheet full of CPU components I'm wishing to order.

They have found service providers for me, such as house cleaners, and have informed Groomers when I was bringing the dogs in; as well as let the carpet cleaners know I would be late meeting them at the house via a message I called in to them while in the car!

From personal domestic task to minor professional assistance! INCREDIBLY handy!  I can post my request via website, email, or simply phone in and leave a message with my need. They jump on it, and presto!

Basically any calls, research or simple considerations I was procrastinating, I threw their way! Has been the most productive three days in a long time!

Obviously, I highly recommend it!!

I continue to find new and exceptional ways to exploit Fancy Hands AMAZING Virtual Assistant services!

Recently, I've even resulted in depending on their assistance for researching any Mac or PC tech support issues. Lord knows most IT departments are neither timely or worth a darn; certainly not when the issue is application related or discipline specific. (No offense to IT folks, those just aren't your primary obligation.)

So whenever autonomy let's me down :-( or just gets in the way, by becoming too time consuming; I just throw the issue's description and the remainder of any research I began, their way; and let them call, wait on hold and summarize the appropriate provisions and solution notes offered by the responsible software vendor/developer. (They have even created forum postings for me on respective support sites, and waited for a crowed sourced answers to surface. A very resourceful yet sometimes tedious way to obtain the needed insight for an issue.)

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