Friday, June 29, 2012

Social Progression From Resentment And Prejudice, wouldn't that be something?

Here's another "beautiful sentiment" floating around the social network walls of some of my favorite Right Wing Nuts.
I think the humor is just lost on anyone who has ever struggled, or been around those who do. I was raised with a good margin of wealth, but that lifestyle changed in my early teen years. I was then able to see very vividly, another side of going without; struggling, and wondering what the future would hold.

I remember how refreshing it was in college to take my first Sociology courses, and really gain a better understanding of the VAST differences in the challenges and values I never imagined between social classes.  Just one of which was the absolutely perplexing learning curves, varied classes often face or never obtain, were related to saving a dollar or understanding the value of one.

Such as, never been taught or understanding, turning off an electric light when one leaves the room would save money at the end of the month.  And as for the pressure to try and fit in or have dignity in one's self, through spending money on something which shouldn't be afforded at the time; it is often just as surprisingly and complex as all of our fellow Americans of each and every class and status who are eating themselves to diabetes and death.

It appears, even folks who know better, can't always do better!

The more ways in which folks find to make light of such disparities, versus understand them, the less likely such nuances and challenges within our society ever are to change.

I'm not sure when it became patriotic to criticize, not only our American leadership, but also our fellow Americans; versus, offer any real solutions? Nevertheless, it seems this country is on a roll.  Just hard to imagine when any of us have witnessed a productive manifestation of hatred, resentment, prejudice, judgment and raw criticism?  Many folks are evidently counting on our country being the first to ever benefit from such behavior.  I'm afraid such delusions will never pay off.

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