Friday, July 13, 2012

Affordable Health Care Act (a.k.a. ObamaCare) A Bill That Ignores So Much, while Accomplishing Even More

I have no delusions about the Affordable Health Care Act's ability to address the abomination our insurance industry has made of American medicine and the affordability of our care. It accomplishes little to nothing to correct this quagmire; this INSANE system, we have allowed to run-a-much for so many decades. And regardless of what it will or will not achieve towards putting these insurance company's in their place; there are the minimal establishments it offers which MUST NOT BE OVERLOOKED OR UNDERESTIMATED.

I am merely hopeful and confident, an individual who has no other fair way, to step up to this table of bloated, "managed health care" non-sense; can at least, count on approaching the desperately needed attention and care they require when the time comes! But this bill goes far beyond this!!
It will quite simply save the lives of countless citizens, while preventing bankruptcy for 10's of thousands of others. In addition, it will offer countless millions an the opportunity I mentioned above, to finally seek care they would have otherwise neglected. And perhaps the most "American", capitalistic, benefits, will be the opportunity for many of those who have felt shackled to a pathetic means of livelihood and income to finally feel compelled to pursue something much more befitting of their aspirations, talents and potential; without the fear they will be denied coverage elsewhere.

What is the point of trapping American's in situations where they fear adequate coverage will be unaffordable or completely denied, without a current (often dead-end) employers' continued involvement and medical policy related compensation? Our country was not built on such trappings.

Our insurance industry has architectured a system which assures your health care is un-affordability; unless, you pay them a monthly premium; which you also can't afford. And then by design, they are able to refuse, reduce and deny any portion of coverage and/or service cost they see fit.

In addition to this insanity, some voters act as if a fear of "socialism" is their impetus for avoiding government intervention. This is absurd given the hypocritical fact that no one can afford medical care without depending on insurance, and insurance in and of itself is a socialized, group participant, economy of scale. 
In many cases, our fellow citizens don't even have an employer capable of absorbing the $20,000 per year overhead in order to assure their family's premiums are covered; in addition to whatever generous salary they've been offered; (or in many cases, instead of offering them anything all that generous; take your pick.) The Affordable Care Act is additionally extremely sensitive to such costly challenges to small business owners and those individuals braving self-employment. Hence its' provision of tax cuts for small business to help offset the costs; and the aggressive, largest middle-class, tax cut for health care in history!

If government scares you; (and Cigna, Aetna, Hamanna, Blue Cross / Blue Shield, etc., inspires you;) in turn you don't feel systems chosen by the people for the people will ever, ultimately offer a better say or better control than purely trusting the board members of each of our 1/2 dozen, major health insurance companies; (as they only cater to shareholders;) which have bastardized our medical system for all of the years; then so be it. Vote for the continued inactivity which has been the only course of action the federal level of GOP" leadership" has bothered to convey on such matters for as long as any of us have been able to vote.

On the flip side, if you feel such lacking responses to one of our country's most pressing burdens, places to many families and individuals into perilous of a situation. And you feel such liabilities for so many can't help but place an additional stranglehold on the health and well being of not only our individual citizens, but also our country; then vote to lesson the priority of the insurance company's shareholders, (although they will still get paid handsomely given the embedded compromises,) and increase the ability of our citizens to survive a bit longer.
A voter is either naive to the challenges our health care presents to countless millions of families and individuals here in the U.S., or they feel it is high time the government get involved and provide a survivable alternative.


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