Saturday, July 14, 2012

Apple Would Have To Sell 50% More iPhones To Equal Google's Current Android Platform Install Base

Hard to believe there are now 50% less Apple iPhones, than there are Google Android phones!  Given the fact the Android platform (Sept '08) was released a year after the first iOS device (Sept '07).
I knew the average consumer would soon catch on the the many advantages of Google's Android platform, but I had no idea it would happen so dramatically and quickly.

The historical data for the last year, paints even more of the "Smartphone" story:
Poor BlackBerry went from 20% of the Smartphone market just a year ago, to 8.1% this week! Whereas Android, went from 39% to 51.8%, & iOS from 28% to 34%.
So Android increased by another 13% of the total market share, while iOS took an additional 6%.

It's definitely just a two horse race at this point, with Google managing to deliver twice the results.  And this gap between Google and Apple will grow even more drastically if Nokia indeed decides to jump ship from the Windows Phone platform and also adopt Google's Android.

Now if U.S. consumers would just stop signing up for those OUTRAGEOUS, subsidized, post-paid, cell phone, voice and wireless data plans! Given the fact alternative "pay-as-you-go" plans will typically offer unlimited EVERYTHING (Voice, Text & data,) for somewhere between, $45-$60 per months!!

So even cell phone users living in the State, can now experience the values their European counterparts have always demanded; if they just shop a bit better, and avoid walking into those brick and mortar major carriers retail outlets.
...i.e. By saving money through providers and plans such as:
NET10 (GSM on ATandT): -or-
TING (CDMA on Sprint): -or-
PAGEPLUS (CDMA on Verizon) -or-
RED POCKET (GSM on ATandT): -or-
(Each of the above offerings are MVNO's; meaning they resale other carrier's cellular bandwidth, follow the equipment advice in the "fine print" below accordingly.)
Perhaps the best unlimited data ONLY deals are, T-Mobile $30/month Monthly 4G and Virgin Mobile's $35/month Beyond Talk plan with an Android phone or BlackBerry Phone.

Many more details on these types of offerings are available in articles such as the following:
(Combine such services with free offerings like Google Voice to experience the ultimate convenience and value for mobile communication and wireless mobile data/computing.)

Fine print when choosing your desired handheld, Smartphone equipment:
I can't really recommend a phone for you as everyone's needs and tastes are different. But here are some things to keep in mind.
* To use the phone in Europe it must support the 900 and 1800 mHz GSM bands. To get 3G in Europe the phone must support the 2100 mHz UMTS band I.
* To use a phone on T-Mobile USA it must support the 1900 mHz GSM band. To get 3G on T-Mobile it must support UMTS band IV (1700 downlink, 2100 uplink) (aka AWS)
* To use a phone on AT&T it must support the 850 and 1900 mHz GSM bands. To get 3G it must support UNTS band II (1900 Mhz) and UTMS band band V (850 Mhz).
(AT&T phones are all compatible with Europe's 3G GSM freguencies. Most recent T-Mobile branded phones support the required frequencies for Europe including 3G but check the specs before you buy as a few don't.)


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