Monday, July 30, 2012

You Have To Ask Yourself, Is Fear And Loathing Your Guide To American Politics?

A friend recently posted the following quote on his social network "wall":
"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." -Winston Churchill

The quote garnered responses like: "Too bad people don't know that's where we are headed (or where we already are)."

Hmm ...because nothing good has ever come from American's working together, or attempting to be more than the sum of their parts??  After all, that's how we become a "Super Power"...
...we avoided combining resources. Right?


I'm afraid folks started rashly confusing something called a, "spending deficit", with our country's ability to actually afford running our government.  In fact, any country such as ours; and certainly one with the most successful GDP in the world, can more than afford each and every year of our current and proposed Federal Budget. (Which is typically much less than 16% of our GDP)

The problem is, our tax receipts and method of "balancing" anything in Washington, has become an abomination of any responsible approach to finance.  Putting off the reasonable approach of immediately paying for the things we can very reasonably and easily afford.

For decades now, Washigton's method of "Political Finance" has instead been about delaying a person's feeling of obligation, and devising creative, misinformed areas of blame for the resulting debt.  Such practices were and are initially put in place to please deep pocketed constituents; arranging for "creative" practices with regards to tax incentives and an INSANE reckless choice of abatement and debt management; over responsible, sane, approaches to debt free finance.

** I'm just not sure how such mistakes equate to dumping on the idea that American's do EXTRAORDINARY things when we pull our resources and work together?

Asking the middle class to continue shouldering the largest percentage of any effort involving our Federal Budget, (not to mention something as mundane and needless as debt management; a.k.a. interest paid to the Chinese and Middle East;) is simply, ridiculous nonsense!! Especially, given the VERY disproportionate way in which the GDP is garnered. Such practices are certainly no longer the answer; and never should have been.  They are cleaver political schemes, run-a-muck!

** None the less, the middle class voices, and voters, seem to be susceptible to this continual, sensationally marketed message, being campaigned and sent down to them.  (So we end up misrepresenting quotes like the one above, and acting as if the U.S. is crippled!  It's crazy really...  Our leadership is the only thing causing a limp!)

Simply bizarre to watch how well we've been toyed with! ...and a bit embarrassing!  But such irresponsible behavior and manipulation of public opinion, is why guys like Rupert Murdoch and his unethical business practices, as well as all related, dominating, influences; over, at least a subculture of public opinion, are banned from their native countries.  Most governments have learned (the hard way; including ours,) how detrimental such continual influences of controlled press and media can be on their country's long-term stability, and ability to function as a Democracy.  Therefore, other Democracies luckily pass and uphold laws, preventing such perversions; well before the pockets of their congress were lined in such a way as to prevent such common sense approaches.

** When private interest is able to effectively undermine our public's sensibilities, we all lose something VERY valuable!  Our public sovereignty!

Many more of us should carefully rethink this non-sense of continually defending something, representative of a disproportionate method of dealing with our tax receipts and the avoidance of responsibly paying, up front, for the opportunity, privilege and power of a Federal Government, such as ours. ...Something, we, as the majority of the public at large, stand to gain from in no way; long or short term!

** Otherwise, we will all end up getting exactly what is deserved. vote, no power, no say, no sovereignty, no future.

Incidentally, as for the quote: Churchill became saddened and fearful of countless aspects of social power and control, given the events he was witnessing unfold.  Many of which were a social anomaly at the time, spawning from Hitler's well timed influences over a starving aspect of Europe's Germany.  Churchill, rightly so, become an individual, forced to be often guided by fear. (As was the case with much of the world at the time.) He witnessed the very worst in mankind.

If you want to understand more about how such fear is now dealt with in Europe, you should look into Germany's mandates as to how they assure they never forget such atrocities and how they teach their future generations to avoid falling prey to such tyrannous leadership and influence.

You have to ask yourself, is fear and loathing your guide?  ...and at the very least, study the context and timing of such messages; and what forces were being brought to bear at the time; and by what means had they come to power.

Otherwise, the context of such quotes, has little meaning for us American's.  For that matter we felt Churchill's entire war and struggles had little meaning for us, until the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  The man felt shamefully and painfully alone, most of the time! (Hidden away in a bunker, isolated and unable to see his family and closest companions.)  Life at the time, was simply an utter nightmare! Despite knowing he was rightfully fighting the most evil forces his modern armies had ever been required to engage. :-(

We are now able to review such history and decisions with very different eyes. ...opened eyes.
Don't be inspired to close them.

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