Sunday, January 13, 2008

Let’s put the SUPER back into our POWER…

(I originally wrote this on 1/13/2008, but did not post blog entries at the time.)

What will History ultimately report about our “New World’s” fate? What History, What Legacy will the United States leave for the 22nd and 23rd century to ponder and discuss?

The “Dark Ages”, the “Renascence”, our Settlers, the “Frontier days”, the “Industrial Revolution”, the “Industrialized Military Complex”,

Let’s not forget the decline of the Romans, the disappearance of the Aztecs, the political and social disasters of the 20th century Germans. Let’s not rashly exhibit our influence in the world as the British of the 19th century did. Let’s not reduce this country and our history into yet another historic Super Powers decline. And let’s certainly agree that arrogance and naive optimism have certainly done little to advance any society.

Time to show the world how a Super Power’s (even if we are now the only one left; how we…) create; endless, renewable power; responsible world leadership; united front’s; expanding global economics; and the use of our own natural and intellectual resources that impresses even the most notable.

Time to reinvigorate our ingenuity our true leadership. History has repeatedly proven cultures thrive and grow, and more importantly survive, when they create and possess the best ideas and tools.

History has also demonstrated what happens to a society when it bloats with arrogance, gets lazy in its role of innovation, or relinquishes the power of its innovation to the bureaucracy of the leadership. While we will hopefully avoid future forms of Autocracy; in what way will we still prostitute our actual long term opportunities and responsibilities as a “Super Power” for the sake of an easier life today?

Let’s show the world how a wealthy country commutes and live on pennies a day in energy consumption. A true case of the rich countries getting richer; rather than the rich individuals just consuming more than their share; polluting more than their share; and uselessly wasting our hard earned personal resources on inefficiency rather than proficiency and worthwhile rewards.

Let’s make sure the “Power” in “Super Power” is renewable, and independent.
Why is energy Independence a true test and rite of passage for any true Super Power?
Anything less requires we pick and choose our allies based on their own countries natural resources versus that countries responsible way of approaching human rights, democracy and true capitalism. Much less are we honoring a country based on their own ingenuity or showing favoritism based on their citizens educations, intellectual resources and resulting improved and standard of living for their entire country.

Instead are lack of ethical discernment is causing unimaginable separations in classes within those oil rich countries we currently depend on. Resulting in unimaginable damage to the balances of world powers by elevating those oil rich countries we have willingly become dependent on.

How does a Super Power Currently fly?
  • A typical 2500 mile (Coast to Coast) flights disburses 2.5 Tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) per passenger, as much CO2 a typical car owner puts in the air every three months.
  • Where is Boeing based? U.S.A.
  • Where is Pratt & Whitney Based? U.S.A.

How does a Super Power drive to work?

  • 94% of the fuel used in our cars never reaches the tires!
  • Only .3% of the fuel is used to move the passengers weight from point A to Point B.
  • That is a 99.7% inefficient approach to transportation; after 100 years of Automobile production this is an embarrassment.

Lets lead yet another revolution
Industrial Revolution
Where is Ford based? U.S.A.
Computer Revolution
Where was Sinclair & Babbage from? U.S.A.
Green Revolution?

What criteria must be met by any truly viable future SUPER, POWER SOURCE and our adopted and preached “Green” Philosophy?

Innovating requires sensible leadership and common sense “processes of elimination”. Lets’ not waste any more time on solutions that simply don’t survive even the most limited version of common sense.


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