Sunday, December 28, 2008

Unique Hidden Alleyways of Lyon France

After heading to Europe on four different occasion, I am disappointed I have never visited France. I’ve never even had a connecting flight land in this fine country.

Not only do I love the idea of a good stay in Paris, I would also like to go to France’s second largest city, Lyon. Once there, I would really want to explore the hidden “Traboules” within "Old Town".

It is a feature of Lyon possibly as quaint as the back alleyways and small, least used streets of Venice. Lyon has over 400 of these hidden passageway that link two parallel streets. This network of internal labyrinth of alleyways dates back to the 1500’s

You are very unlikely to happen upon or discover any of these hidden passageways on your own. However, there are a few well made maps that reveal where to make your way deep within the maze. (One such maps may be picked up at the Tourism Office, Place de la Republique.) Many traboule entries appear to be secured via a private secured keypad; if you simply hit the lower central button on the lower row of the keypad you are often instantly granted access. I feel when you use hidden attractions like traboules, just for a moment you truly feel like a local.

My description of a "Maze" might be an overstatement, since they really aren’t interconnected. Each begins and end perpendicular to a public street; serving as a shortcut. Many feature beautiful little central courtyards.

A famous attraction within one of the inner courtyards only accessible thought a Traboule is a large spiral staircase called the Pink tower.
Surprisingly, this listed Lyon attraction reminds me of a rarely visited little attraction I once saw in Venice, called "The Winding Staircase", Contarini Bovolo.
I digress, let's get back to Lyon, France.

Here are some tips for you if you find yourself wondering the streets one day:
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