Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My most challenging FB response to date!

+ Michael Hulme :: My Original FB Posting ::
If U.S. Wars could be fought for reasons other than Oil and posturing within the middle East (again, for the sake of Oil), then I wish they could be fought for a cause such as preventing these INSANE human tragedies from continuing to occur year after YEAR! How did we ever expect to avoid reaping the results of our absolutely poor priorities? We must also quit allowing PIGS like Rupert Murdock and/or Rush Limbaugh's of contaminating the moral fabric and psyche of our country. We must remember that ours and other's freedoms are not defended for oil & consumerism but for life and liberty.

Somali Women Face Rape, Sexual Assault as They Flee Famine
"Women fleeing conflict and famine in Somalia are facing another threat to their lives, sexual assault. As they make the long journey from what was once their home to the world’s largest refugee complex at Dadaab, Kenya, women has to contend with being attacked and raped by armed militants and band the world to continue..."
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+ Scott L., responded with:
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OMG that site is funny!
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We should send Michael Moore lmao! He could feed a bunch of em!
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+ Michael Hulme, responded with:
Scott is a perfect example of the type of impact Rush L., Glen Beck, News Corp and other irresponsible, unaccountable U.S. "News" agencies, featuring editorialized, commentated resources have had on the morality, temperament and decision making process of many sub-cultures of Americans. They will mock topics such as rape or any other human tragedy (i.e. Earthquakes in Haiti) in a heartbeat; rather than ever attempt to review and question how easily influenced and manipulated such deplorable views and opinions have become. It is an odd sociological irony that he and I grew up in virtually the same neighborhood and region of the U.S.. (We actually shared Jr. High School classes together.)

I think his postings are a good thing nonetheless. Proves quite a vividly disgusting point, others might be overlooking or doubting, when a grown, thinking man can see fit to post "laughing my ass off" at a discussion about rape! Regardless, I have some respect for the fact that he continues to read folks postings whom feature opinions other than his. I did at one point have another outspoken FB friend; actually a close family member; who embodied quite the same persuasions which Scott represents; and he quickly "unfunded" our connection on FB. Therefor, I typically make concerted efforts not to insult his or other extremist's resolve when I can.

We must each work tirelessly to understand each other's differences or I'm afraid much fewer changes to such opposing cultures within our society will ever be made. So if asked, "is a guy like Scott part of the problem or part of the solution?" I would say just by virtue of his curiosity, and time spent replying, he may yet prove to be part of a solution for improving this state of our union and even its most misdirected priorities and current tendencies.

The fact is, articles such as the following are mutually humbling for both men like myself and men like Scott. http://youarenotsosmart.co​m/2011/06/10/the-backfire-​effect/

I am again, learning as I go...
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