Sunday, September 8, 2013

Examining The War Within Our Own Country And The Subsequent Wars We Cause

Something worth reviewing before we do it again...

At some point, the Generals, politicians, and leadership who can't manage with all their wisdom, power, technology, sub-contractors and claims, to come up with any better "end-games" to the endless embroilment's asked of our citizens; their tax dollars, the lives of those who serve in the military, and the lives of the natives within whichever region we have now invaded; need to be held accountable for the results of these shameful conflicts, the trillions of taxpayers dollars, the INSANE death tolls and utter quagmires they create.

Leaving whole countries (including ours) in ruin; emotionally, politically and financially, is unacceptable!'s heinous!! ...It's criminal!! Yet, the wrong people are suffering and being punished!

The loyalty of our brave citizens can't continue to be expected to shoulder the burden of foolish decisions, "unintended consequences", and/or the losses caused by fools in positions of power and economic influence. And each of us as voters can't continue to participate in a seemingly naive manner each time we enter the polls.

This (embedded) compilation video of the many reunions we've witnessed over the years on the News and YouTube, serves as a very touching and emotional portrayal for so many reasons. Yet, it is the captured moments of only the elated, happy, relieved emotions!

  - Part 1
Christmas Edition:
Imagine if you were forced to watch (or much less live) the realities of those facing painful, sad, lonely, detached, deceased, divorced, unparented, unemployed, underappreciated moments! The REAL sacrifices made DAILY to remain embroiled in the two longest (and incredibly simultaneous) wars in our history are simply IMMEASURABLE!!

There is no way to calculate the cost, the losses, the sheer sacrifice by so many! If it doesn't make us rethink, (once again,) our approach to war, retaliation, crude oil dependency, our votes, our stewardship of "super" power, etc., then nothing ever will!! is the "soul" of this country affected by such irresponsible leadership?

My hope is that functional healing and recovery can occur within this Country, in relation to all the many (somewhat unspoken) tolls, which our policies have yet again placed on so many hundreds of thousands of our citizens over the last dozen years. The status quo has a death toll, and a toll on our entire society which we much STOP ignoring!

Reexamine your "loyalties", your "traditions", your peer pressure, your own resulting political views, and where they have gotten us! Then vote based on personal testimony; versus just that of the latest titillation. You now have a lifetime of your own observations and experiences which must compel you towards individual thinking, and an individual vote that can actually count for better wisdom.

Remaining subject to campaigns, miscellaneous claims made for ratings and/or poorly associated anger and resentment; or a lack of desire to study the real causes and effects of our history and humanities; is no longer a responsible way to participate in this democracy!

Ignorance has become a personal choice for many, within this era of our "information age". If you are reading this, then you have the ability to rise above your own previous voting limits. You can now aggregate your own fact checking; clarifying any intended responses and forge a true ability to evaluate your own positions and votes. (Sounds like "work"? Well, if you didn't work for your vote, then you are simply taking it for granted; and you sure shouldn't EVER brag about it's subsequent representation!)

Your clear alternative is to continue being fed some slew of "programming" & "commentary". We simply owe it to our historic (and at times, shameful) sacrifices made, to stop confusing the two for "news" and "facts"! Our own ethics and our countries soul are worth more than this confused version of "common" sense. Our media is NOT a reflection of our merit, nor should it be used to limit our Country's worthiness for a better future and life for those who trust in each of our democratic decisions.

You have a chance to do something both knowledgeable and redeeming; something worthy and capable of fixing our countries many mistakes and lacking wisdom.'re either part of the problem, or part of the solution.

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