Saturday, September 27, 2008

Neither candidate is talking about the REAL ISSUES!

So here we are about 30 days from the elections...
Neither candidate is talking about the REAL ISSUES! But what difference does it make - NEITHER ARE WE!

Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative; if you ignore these REAL issues; and continue to allow your favorite candidate to ignore them, then you have helped in ripping the fabric of our democracy to shreds.

It is real simple, most, if not all of the things we are arguing over as United States citizens whom like to act every four years as if we are divided into to TWO simple political parties, will be a moot point once our Dollar plummets to the value of the Russian Ruble. Studie these charts and you will clearly understand why we are facing a complete collapse of the American way of life!

All thanks to the theft, embezzlement and misappropriation of the leadership in this country! Leadership by both the Republican and Democratic parties that each of us try to find some pride in claiming as our own.

Since we have oddly allowed ourselves to become a TWO party democracy. As if two parties could ever have the wherewithal to comprehensively represent the fabric of 360 million people! We at least created a smaller target of only two groups to hold responsible, but we still didn't bother. If you call yourself a Republican or a Democrat then I ask when is the last time you also chose to hold either of your own parties accountable. Shouldn't you always worry about the log in your own eye before you point out the spec in your brothers.

We let all of them get away with every last dime of squandered American dollars. We let ourselves get distracted with crazy issues having almost NOTHING to do with the impact our federal government actually has on economy, our savings, our stability and our lives. While acting as if decision over the following types of topics should affect our voting preference for the President of the United States; abortion, gay rights, universal health care, a fear of socialism, gun control the fear we of all nations would ever have trouble defending ourselves when we're the ONLY "super power" in the world, and certainly the only one with over half a dozen aircraft carriers, and fighter planes that now cost $220 million dollars a piece (10x more than any predecessors,); and can go head to head with any other modern fighter at a ratio of 2 on 15 and still win.

We have active imaginations in this country as to what issue matter for both the long and short term areas of our lives and how our federal government will impact each versus our state and local leadership. And yet we continue to go on forgetting the impact our Federal leadership has on the very Dollars we use to run each and every one of our lives in this country.

Are you worried about the stock market? Are you worried about your retirement? It does not matter if you earned 4% or 14% on your CDs & 401k if when you go to access that money the dollar has drop another 10% in value. How well would you swallow a 40% drop? Who do you think is in charge of the 17-33% you send them every two weeks in FICA and Social Security payment? On top of this you pay 8%+ on every retail purchase you make. And this is all just for starters and just keeping it REAL simple! It is not hard to get your mind around what you should really be voting for! Stop thinking it is about pro-life or gay rites, and gun control, and start understanding it is about Theft, Embezzlement and corruption! Stop thinking it is about Socialism, and understand it is about the type of corruption that only a communist would be guilty of.

Stop thinking the Democrats cornered the market on Social Program spending when no one in history can shake a stick at the spending of the republicans, and stop believing that the Democrats will solve things by taxing the rich when they won't stop the excessive corporate taxes which burdened our much needed employees.

Ask yourself? Are you about the Left or the right, or are you about the right and the wrong?


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