Monday, September 15, 2008

The "Real Issues", Are Charting The Future of The United States, with or without us...

Whether you're Republican, Democrat, Independent or simply disenfranchised or idealistic, it doesn't change the fact that we are all on this journey together. The "Real Issues" our country is burdened with, are charting the perilous future of the United States; with or without your knowledge of the facts or direct involvement.

Don't read the rest of this article unless you want to gain a broader perspective of what it means to vote for your next U.S. Presidential candidate. And more to the point, what it will mean to our countries immediate and long term future. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem.

For the moment, let's just all agree to respectfully gain a mutually beneficial, increased understanding for the current stability of our Federal Government. With a goal of estimating how much longer our leaders in Washington can realistically function if allowed to continue drifting down our current course. We'll examine exactly what resources our country has available financially speaking and how we will stay a float? Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I am going to use easy illustrations and the very charts which are truly plotting the current course we are on together. (You'll see the official government agencies or private sources listed at the bottom of each chart. Just click to enlarge.)

However, let's keep in mind while we look at this state of affair, that no presidential candidate is ever going to fail to remind each of us, that "we are the richest country in the world." While this may be true, in so far as the personal wealth of all of our citizens, I think you will soon see, it is a rather moot point where related to the future success of our Government, which is at the guiding helm of our prosperity.

And I beg you; if you don't understand the below information's meaning or ultimate impact on our future, then leave a comment asking for clarification; if you don't trust the facts and figures presented, then PLEASE research another reliable, reputable source for yourself in an effort to find contradictions; and again, leave a relevant comment. What you learn in the process of doing your own research will astound you. And please let me know if you EVER find any information that in the least way significantly changes the conclusions drawn by the experts I present within this Blog entry.

I'm worried that some folks reading this who don't know me, might assume I am some doom and gloom individual. One of those whom just finds it easier to play devils advocate and always blame those in charge. Since this is far from myposition pertaining to our country or my life I thought I would offer up some proof. Therefore, I'm going to first show you a set of charts I recently (this summer) published to my own company's website; boasting how positive the local economy, employment and hosing rates were humming along in my area of the country, north Texas. Then I'm going to tell open my eyes and worry about more than just "my part of the country", and find the truth about our leadership and the state of our entire 50 state union, rather than just selfishly bragging about the one I live in.

First let me get my bragging about my local economy over with. I work for a relatively wealthy real estate investor and directly assist and coordinate several related Land Development efforts he and his co-owning family members are engaged in. So we eagerly observe all areas of business new where related to interest rates, hosing markets, and finance with high anticipations of favorable returns. All news in one way or another contains insight as to the returns we hope to make on each project. Having an open ear to modern America's dramatized, commercialized, news media can often be completely depressing and stressful, but for the most part we try be responsible and motivated sales people and ultimately boast an up beat stories for those clients we server and potential tenants and partner we hope to involve on our endeavors. While be open and honest about all potential profits & pitfalls is a burdensome and taxing scope of any partnership is is also the most crucial test of one business practice to maintain a realist and honest forcast.

Admitedly, I continually go looking for reliable, respected, positive reinforcements and information about our North Texas market; here are some of the very recent statistics I researched and posted on our company website to spread our company's goal of optimism.

There is no way to complain about our job growth, nor the related declining unemployment in this part of the country.

So here I sit in a native in my great state of Texas, and our housing market is also looking; folks are steadily moving this way, well into the foreseeable future to take full advantage of all this prosperity. So what do I have to worry about?

Weather you feel the Democrats will drive your taxes through the roof, or you feel 8 more years of republican leadership will double our National debt, again; the fact is neither party candidate is addressing any real solutions of "makeovers" which will commit their cabinets to the full time task of salvaging the inevitable collapse of the U.S. Federal Government. Either we completely reconcile the current state of affairs or we will witness over the next 30 years, an outcome that will make the fall of the Roman empire look like a little league game compared to the disaster a collapsed United State's Federal Government will have on the state of the global economy.

The emotional, moral, ethical, and fear based topics of privacy, torture, war, privacy, national defense, taxes, abortion, race, gender, education, fuel prices, food cost, health care, stem cell research, evolution, numerous science policies, NASA's budget, foreign policies, oil prices and on and on are all going to seem rather superficial in the scheme of a complete economic meltdown rivaling the collapse of the last modern super power to self destruct.

From a distance, I think any of us with a typical, limited knowledge of what caused the Soviet Union's collapse, assume it was their own government's corruption. Their governments horrible practice of Communism; and living rich, lavish lifestyles; while the rest of their citizens resided in poverty or extreme lower class situations. Not to mention their poor foreign policies; which were so often ailed with our own country's enemies.

So if these behaviors and policies lead to their downfall, what was at the root? In other words what characteristics define a true, failing, Communist nation? Beyond the dictatorship style of leadership and governing, I think most of us also feel that the power of a dictatorship, ultimately becomes a basis for abuse and the squandering of the hard earned resources of those whom they lead. Well, shamefully I'm afraid that last characteristic is beginning to sound a bit too familiar, even in our democratic, republic! Isn't it?

So what is the real consequence of our government's financial collapse. I started this little essay by agreeing with the pitch that "we are the richest country in the world." Well if wealth is to be measured in this case by liquidity, and that of actual cash, you must ask yourself; what happens to your own savings or wealth when the printed dollar bill (or anything you could withdrawal from a bank,) becomes worth as much as a Russian ruble.

Quick history lesson: the ruble was devalued in August 1998 following the Russian financial crisis. The ruble lost 70% of its value against the U.S. Dollar in the 6 months following the Russian financial crisis. In November of 2004, the authorities of Dimitrovgrad (Ulyanovsk Oblast) erected a five-meter monument to the ruble.
Do you assume your Treasury or Municipal Bonds will be magically protected from such macro economic irresponsibility? We are indeed told such investments are after all the "safest". With out ever considering the possibility of an imploding Dollar value.

After all we are the United States of America! So we are therefore bulletproof aren't we! We are after all, not Communist! ...and therefore nothing bad will happen to us.
LET'S GET REAL! We're neither the Soviet Union nor Bullet proof...

Within our Democracy, all government officials should be elected, by the people; and be, for the people; and as a results, naturally, serve the people's best interest. In this case, our republic might survive and serve us well. HOWEVER, theft has been allowed to happen right in front or our faces! Embezzlement! We like to also say we fear socialism in this country, it is evil. We feel electing Democrats will add to Entitlement programs which synonymous with most folks definition of Socialism (Which actually has very little to do with true socialism, but that is for another discussion.) So some feel by voting for the Republican party they are vote for those whom they feel will "Shrink"

McCain recently gave a speech where he boasted, "Government has a clear responsibility to act in the interest of the public. And that is what I intend to do to do..." He was referring to the recent debacles in the banking and insurance sectors. And explained he would accomplish this oversight under the auspicious of a "commission" he wants to establish to study the private banking economic crisis. I just don't understand how our government can be trusted to regulate and audit or review anything, given it's own practice of embezzlement an highly creative / corrupt book keeping.

Let's just hope Sarah Palin's 15 minutes of highly distracting fame (and previously Oboma's,) hasn't further distracted all of us from the real problems facing our country. All of us, regardless of party loyalties, are all less than 60 days from our privileged of electing a new president. How can we find the courage and solidarity to insist both of these parties take ownership of our future rather than make excuses and spend time blaming the other?

We must instill in each candidate, during their limited remaining campaign tours, a recognition of their accountability to the American people; however, the only reason they would feel accountable to these issue is if they perceived we were aware of them. So your awareness directly effects this countries future? Our next President must observe and feel burdened by this awareness and see it as an obligation which will follow them after they are sworn in. An oath they take in front of their voters; confirming their responsibility to sacrificially set our Government on a course of redemption for the years of corruption and theft of the American people's hard earned money.

Surely we all wish for a future administration that worries much less about their own fragile, personal legacies or even the political future with their respective parties and alternatively finds more responsibility to the American people and the future stability of our country. An administration actually capable of avoiding our eminent destruction based on these decades of embezzlement and theft and unheard of (even in the private sector) of mismanagement and deceit.

We should expect nothing less of our future leadership, and unfortunately nothing less will work!

(Head over to my August posting " WE OWE IT TO OURSELVES", for more information on our current "state of affairs" here in the U.S.A..)


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