Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My old Facebook Bio - pre 2008

Been a long LONG time since I've updated my FB Biographical information! For instance, I married my beautiful wife this last October (10.1.11); therefore my old FB description is no longer the most befitting statement about my life to have posted for the world (family and friends) to read.

So I am replacing my old sentiments with a new "manifesto" as it were; one which I drafted for my blog site just a few months ago. The new FB Bio is a literal cut and past of this previous blog entry:

The previous, dated, Bio it now replaces I'm throwing up here on my blog, just for my own future reference, it read like this:
++++++++++ Begin ++++++++++

I guess putting it nicely; I would say, life is very cyclical & I wouldn't necessarily recommend all of the cycles I've experienced. But most have been very good!

One of those that absolutely loves kids, but has to live vicariously as an adoring Uncle to my Niece & Nephew! In other words, never settled down.

Have humbly had more than one long term (3+yrs) relationships during my 15 yrs of working in Dallas, Texas, but never married. Regretfully, spent more time than should for far too many years working very long hours.

Never would have predicted I would be the workaholic type - definitely wish balancing life with more sensibility had been an earlier priority in my life... No time like the present!!

Eventually found myself dating folks who were equally as passionate about their own careers! Not the most romantic combination!

WOW - the more I rehash this past of mine with you - the more I regret... Didn't mean for this to sound like such a downer biography!??

Honestly, I think I've accepted my belated wisdom at this point; at least I won't blame Facebook for my brief moment of depressing reminiscent thoughts this evening. :-)
++++++++++ THE END ++++++++++

Thank you Paula for joining me on what I'm sure will be the most satisfying, exciting and best part of my (our) remaining journey through this world! I love you babe...


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