Wednesday, January 25, 2012

State of The Union Will Never Explain The State of Wingnuts

Spent some time off-and-on playing last nights recorded broadcast.  Was interesting and encouraging, as any State-of-the-Union address should be I suppose.  Of course, each time any positive statement or call to action was stated, it made me think in the back of my mind of all those folks in our midst who are trained at the moment to think our country's leader as a blatant, habitual lier, and a man somehow genuinely bent on establishing an agenda and goals contrary to the well being of the U.S..

As a result of such selfishly enacted brainwashing from the conservative media and it's unscrupulous methods at establishing loyal viewership; there is simply no way, anyone enticed or entrenched in such persuasions could have considered listening to or taken away anything constructive from last nights broadcast; nor for that matter would have had any interest in listening to anything the President of our United States has to say.  I think such audience members would probably be called a "lost cause."

Has been an odd time to watch what has happened to many of our more entrenched Right Wing (nut) Americans and their deteriorating ability to view, review, reason and/or relate to reason.  It seem frustration and confusion (and as I often admit, bruised pride,) have only yielded anger and resentment.

Ironically while on my way to a late lunch this afternoon, I tuned in to the Sean Hannity show on the local AM station.  One of the typical resources of Right Wing (nut) anger and belligerent opinions presented as facts and legitimate information.  It always helps me to listen to these types of broadcast in order to better understand why so many conservative and/or Christian friends and family have chosen such polarized paths of fear, hatred and extreme prejudice against any and all reason, conversations or dialogs which do not involve passionate insults of new or different ideas and facts.

As you listen to any single show's effort to scare folks, from any ideas and reasons beyond those which these shows consistently contort and disseminate, the thought does cross your mind, when did hatred become so appealing?  Why does fear create such loyal followers?  Most of these listeners are brutally (perhaps brilliantly) trained after only a few shows, through a keen version of reverse psychology if you will, to then avoid future, productive, discussions or learning outside of the shows own programing, by being sold an age old concept of "indoctrination".

The ironic teaching of a concept of "indoctrination" helps provide a fear of any one outside these veins of viewership, and teaches very directly that anyone not receiving the shows "legitimate" viewpoints are the people whom are have been "indoctrinated" by a socialistic, liberal, "left wing" agenda.  You realize real quick, why regular audiences become, sub-cultures of folks burden with unimaginable negativity, fear and insults.  And if you have ever tried to reason which such audience member or introduce additional facts outside of what they were taught to these loyal viewers of such "programing" it is met with noting sort of fear, contempt and conviction they would simply swear are not only their own, but feeling they have always felt about anything other than the political vein or party they are now aligned with.

You end up not possessing a mutual fear for them, but rather a concern for what motivated them to find identity and loyalty in such extreme prejudice and contempt.  It makes you wonder, if they could be so easily influenced by some journalism majors and writing staffs on one or two sources of editorialized news, what else will they most likely fall prey to once this trend has subsided?  In other words, what or who will be in their crosshairs, once any current victims are no longer relevant.

I am of course assuming for many, this is their first bout with despising their countries chances and adopting hatred for leadership under a particular administration primarily due to influence they have little to no affiliation with.  Or I should say for many of my own Christians friends, I think it is the first time they have also chosen to abandon any teaching related to a stewardship of support for those whom are chosen to lead our nation.  Instead there is no longer any discernment to the destructive nature of their new found, rash, negative loyalties based on disdain and hatred and concocted claims of "indoctrination" for not only the current leadership but also anyone choosing a course of support or optimism about the U.S.'s current goals for recovery and repair.

Such easily influenced populous must start understanding, they are either part of a solution or part of a problem.  And quite frankly they have yet to solve anything while spreading negativity and unfounded or educated prejudice. Buying into a school of thought simply because syndicated and network broadcasters are selling it to you, is truly reckless.

And worse, finding ones identity within a sub-culture, through a practice of taking issue with a HUGE percentages of your fellow Americans, while failing to understand any schools of thought or actual facts on any one issue, through direct research or dialogs with opposing groups is a radically mislead notion of progress and assistance.  In other words, it is a lynching negativity which only parallels movements fostering failure and damage to vast societies if not millions of people's well being.  Such negativity and those who follow it serve to accomplish nothing and simply represent an irresponsible and lazy way of thinking, way of avoiding complex conversation, way of gaining a voice with no reason.  More simply put, simply complaining and hating has no bearing on creating stability and progress.

As a result of spreading these damaging psychosis throughout naive or hate inspired sub-cultures, such confounded broadcast and resulting loyalties seems to be creating a much more profound, emotional divide between those who; seek information from actual sources, and reason through this information in attempts to approach potential solutions or in order to form position based on their own individual beliefs and convictions; versus those who are fast becoming or are already entrenched audiences who simply trust editorialized commentary as fact; and find inspirations in the daily negative rhetoric which follows.

The "loyalty" which hate based broadcast create in the form of return viewership is unfortunately, incredibly, effective!  Of course, scarring folks away from evil and towards a salvation centered on fear, self-proclaimed truths, arrogance or piety is nothing new!  It just surprises me that AM radio and cable news networks are able to depend on age old revival methods to sell pizzas and razors and unfortunately mold a very vulnerable set of American opinions and beliefs.

History and facts are certainly not on the side of proving, schools of thought fostered by sub-cultures whom choose to align with hatred, will hold any bearing on solving a countries recession.  Nor will you find examples of such extreme prejudice and hate centered objections to apposing policies, ever willing or able to offer sound rationales or adequate, proven alternatives in an effort to justify such extreme and negative bias.

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The Classical Liberal said...

You make some very interesting points. I too am frustrated with those who do not have a solid grasp of the source material and instead rely on others for their information and its interpretation. Many form opinions without the hard work of research and scholarship tempered by intellectual discipline and rigor.
It occurs to me that most thinking person's position on any given issue is directly related to their adherence to one of the two great economic theories of the last 100 years. Either you favor individual liberty and free market capitalism or collective liberty and a centrally planned economy. All else is window dressing. For those readers who may want to study the very basics before beginning to form political/economic opinions, I suggest these books be read and thoroughly understood.
Discourse on Political Economy, The Social Contract-Jean-Jacques Rousseau,
Leviathan-Thomas Hobbes,
Democracy in America-Alexis de Tocqueville,
Capital-Karl Marx,
Human Action-Ludwig von Mises,
Road to Serfdom-Friedrich Hayek,
General Theory of Employment Interest and Money-John Maynard Keynes