Sunday, February 5, 2012

Part 4 - GOP "Conservative" -vs- Fiscal Conservative

Here's a quick visual for understanding of how "Fiscal Conservative" the GOP is!

The GOP is no longer able to effectively market to those believing in ironically postured "moral conservative" positions of evangelical friendly alignment, so continue to resort to equally ironic "Fiscal Conservative" marketing; hoping these continued fallacies will not only allow the wavering Christian votes to find a new, obscure reasons to follow them, but also Tea Party members. (Talk about diversity!)

For a scary notion of the INSANE, additional, future spending to be lead by the likely GOP candidate, Mitt Romney; view his speech from two weeks ago, aired on C-SPAN (Yes, like a complete nerd I was watching C-SPAN live last weekend when it aired.)  

At the 13 minute point he covers his INSANE desire to expand our Navy, etc! (Our navy is currently larger than the next 17 Navy's in the world COMBINED!)

Any truly, "Fiscal Conservative" thinking, simply MUST seriously adjust our militarized DUMPING of tax payer money towards the ENDLESS government funding of private, military contracts and programs!  No other spending programs hold a stick to the insanity of the one's the GOP is directly responsible for campaigning on, growing and supporting!

When viewing the speech you will also see where Romney directly criticizes the current administrations attempt to address 1/2 a TRILLION in cuts along these lines.

Additionally stating that any "Waste" in military spending he can find, will simply be redirected back into expanded military programs.

Standard fear tactics (pertaining to an idea that we will soon only be able to dominate by fighting just ONE war at a time! Wow!) maintained through extensive lobbied government spending from our favorite contractors, Raytheon, Halliburton, Lockheed, etc., of the world.


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