Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Forks over Knives & Sneakers over Recliners

Graduated to a vegetable based diet 5 weeks ago. The benefits are producing much more measurable and visible results now. Energy levels were increased within the first few days, but has taken a few more weeks to experience more profound results. (And yes, I do still cheat a bit; like weekend German pancakes at Ol'South, complete with cream in my coffee.)

The learning curve to changing your diet this dramatically can be a bit steep, but there were a few resources and inspirations which we heavily depended on to make this conversion relatively easy for us.

First I simply watched the "Forks over Knives" documentary via Netflix http://www.forksoverknives.com/ (The health benefits and long-term studies explained in this movie are exceptionally compelling.)

Once I was fully inspired, I turned to the "Engine 2 Diet", (Also discussed in the movie -http://engine2diet.com/) in order to get very specific information as to what I needed to get rid of and throw away, which was currently in the kitchen; and what list of groceries to now take to the store.

Meal plans are now typed out out each week while commuting to work on the train and saved via Google Spreadsheets.  Here is a link to one of the monthly plans:http://goo.gl/oTkwl

Loving it so far! Which is quite the surprise given my status as a BBQ loving, Native Texan! But it truly feels much better to be "plant based" for so many reasons!
Diet and exercise! That's all it takes! :-) But it sure is hard for some folks to change or apply this simple message.

Seems "simple and sedentary" is a determination for a growing number of Americans; rather than conscientious and active. It is so sad when you consider the time that may be lost and the quality of life sacrificed, by not changing habits! :-(

A matter of changing ones lifestyle or literally loosing the life to style. Seems like common sense would take over, but lifestyle addiction and the perceived comforts of "simple and sedentary" seem to be winning instead. :-(

So many need to let go of the "loyalties" they have to both bad ideas and harmful belief sets. I always say, pride is a sneaky sin. It is good to also be reminded that "not being open to change" may be the final, fast approaching legacy for many of those folks finding purpose in making such mantra's the one's they live by.  Not a very impressive thing to be known for...

Such revelations should perhaps also be applied to our economy our leaderships or stewardship our religion and our foreign policies. Smart review of policies have given way perhaps to this culture of consumption rather than production. But I digress, I should have kept it simple.

To much thinking might require new knowledge and action. Yuck!

Not only are daily reminders to stay active and, unlearn how to eat badly, valuable; but much more important, is taking actions towards both goals NOW and each week there after!
So go for it! :-)
Make time to exercise now, or time to be sick later!


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