Monday, April 9, 2012

Vying, Equals Lying For Your Vote

You have to be impressed with what our dependency on foreign (specifically, Middle Eastern) oil can buy!  Has created the most impressive landscape ever imagine, out of a completely desolate desert!
The oil we get from the Persian Gulf, is enough to yield 32 million gallons of gasoline, fueling roughly 2 million cars with 16-gallon gas tanks, PER DAY!!!  Since we don't each fill up, "once a day", it's fair to say this region's imports alone, cover a sizable amount of our current thirst.

Understanding we get even more oil from Canada and Mexico; which makes you wonder what they are spending it all on??  Surprisingly, we actually import almost the exact same amount of oil from Venezuela as we do from Saudi Arabia; whereas, we get twice as much from Canada.

To read more details about our Foreign Oil dependency, you may want to visit this link:

Nice to at least research a bit about how this current economic quagmire and technological impotence on our part, continues to burden our economy as well as our ecology; rather than be one of those bizarrely, naive voters whom actually believe any U.S. presidential administration, directly effects our gas prices by even the most marginal percentage points.

Worked out great for us, having a Texas oil man in office for 8 years! Remember the record setting prices of Summer, 2008?? They still hold the all time record for the U.S., historic highs! If he couldn't control OPEC and the production management schemes by other corporate and foreign forces, what makes anyone think any other Presidential administration ever will?? Simply not a power, force, influence or a capacity the President EVER wields, despite the lies you are told by those vying (a.k.a. lying) for your vote.

F.Y.I. - OPEC's founding members are: Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. Later members include Algeria, Ecuador, Gabon, Indonesia, Libya, Qatar, Nigeria, and the United Arab Emirates.  We invaded the one we could, while the getting was good. It has done nothing for us, to control 1 out of 12 of these countries.

Don't kid yourself into believing our President can do ANYTHING more drastic than Bush's action in the years that followed 9/11. Certainly, no current of future administration could call up the U.S. based Exxon execs either and ask them to cut us a break, and say, fork over some of the record setting profits in the history of man kind, they have repeatedly garnered (45.2 BILLION, in a single year!) to help offset the results of OPECs, world wide, inflated value and indisputable influences.

When candidates are vying for your vote, they are lying for your vote.  Keep your own honest research and education at the helm of your opinions and beliefs.  Don't depend on hype and/or "News Networks" simply tying to "hook" you into repeated viewership.  Your vote, and the truth of the matters, are simply not worth a belief in false, oddly naive, titillation.

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