Saturday, April 21, 2012

Making Sense of Ill-fated Influences

A friend recently made me aware of this troubling interview with a prominent, Protestant, Southern Baptist, Minister:
While it is very difficult to understand such contradictory motivations and confusing direction from a "Christian" leader; it is necessary to use such examples bad "preaching" (and opinions) as catalyst for reviewing the sources of influence we each often allow to guide our own personal, moral and ethical compasses.

Simply depressing to envision folks viewing a pulpit, any pulpit, occupied by such staff members; whom are potentially yielding, unquestioned, "spiritually inspired", influence over their trusting congregations.

But I do know it happens everyday! Incidentally, this occurs while each of us, "bible belt audience members", have a front row seat.  It is more than a bit unnerving to be so close to; and quite frankly, not a show I like having season tickets to.

Such bizarre rhetoric, from folks thought of as "spiritual leaders"; is almost as depressing as witnessing whole News networks (a.k.a. Rupert Murdock owned media outlets) devoted to simular, unfounded, false inspirations; while effectively and embarrassingly, influencing droves of naive viewers, day after day, for years at a time.

All in the name of commanding repeat, titillated, viewership; so Gillett can sale some more razors! We are nothing in this country if not exceptional consumers!  Moreover, such shallow influences are evidence that our principles can truly be compromised for the oddest of reasons.

Hatred, fear and misdirected anger are powerful, yet shameful, emotions. Pride and insecurities are evidently the sneaky resources we each depend on to make sense of such ill-fated influences.

... It's embarrassing. ... humbling. Cause for concern.
"Concern", which we can't afford to also convert to fear and insecurity.
We must just continue to keep our grace in check, along with any growing wisdom we can muster.

Thank you friends, for your continued exceptional stewardship, influence and steadfast encouragement. :-)


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