Friday, April 20, 2012

A Shame The Cold Realities of Contempt Towards A Marital Partner, Can't Just Be Left To The Toiling Of Hollywood Screenplays

Pride and the difficulty of swallowing it, long before it cost us huge losses, is often one of the most trying challenges in all of our lives!  Whereas humility, and the strength and liberation which comes from it's embrace, is an opportune gift for those whom discover it.

I can almost instantly remember and group any of those individuals whom I've been close to in my life, which were either raised to believe "apologizing is a strength"; versus those who evidently thought of such expressions or direct apologetic statements "as a weakness"; given the fact, you never once heard a repentent thought EVER leave the latter's lips.

Life is unfortunately far to short to spend prolonged time involved, and/or partnered, with those who find apologies as acts of inferiority and weakness.  We all should know to avoid such deranged people, since we have all (admittedly or not,) seen ourselves as being and doing wrong, countless times in each of our own lives.

Rob Reiner's 1999 movie, "The Story of Us", is always a personal gut wrencher for me, where related to "crow swallowing", or lack there of depicted by the staring couple within the movie; and the burdens of their perpetual build-ups of contempt, while voluntary tong-bitting and/or lashings abound.  The resulting, unrepentant walls of resentment and discontent, ultimately appear to overwhelm the film's, comprehensive, depiction of courtship and marriage; just as such abuses and neglect will (and do,) any of our own relationships.

Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer, under Mr. Reiner's direction, end up doing the most unexpected job of condensing the age old process of recklessly deteriorating one's entire marriage; however, their story (without giving the endgin away,) crescendos with a rather rare, absolutely compelling, heart-felt speech.  It is befittingly given towards the end of this movie's journey; and it probably deserved an Academy Award nomination for it's emotional and gut wrenching humility.

Humility after all, is the only liberator for pride full, resentful, contemptuous, painful living.  Oh, and the healing properties of those who found strength in apologizing and those who loved generously enough to truly forgive.

(Side note: Not everyone, (nor many critics) like the movie The Story of Us; however, even if you don't like it, most everyone will take something from it.)

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