Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Striving for last! The U.S. Educational System Is Confidently Living In The Past!

A complete shame telecommuting for education (minus the telepresence robots) isn't taken more seriously in all areas of education. Would / could serve countless students wonderfully, who live far away from any respectable education opportunities.

Texas's curriculum and its' results now rank 40 out of 50! In a country which ranks 25th overall!!  Simple HORRIBLE and shameful!!

So why shouldn't a student who lives down in Mc Allen, Texas, be able to telecommute to a classroom in HPS (Highland Park), Dallas, Texas?  The simple answer, bureaucracy, misappropriations and pathetic leadership!

At the very least, any 21st century, private school should eagerly offer live broadcast and access to it's classrooms, for those enrollees wishing to attend from anywhere they might live. It is certainly an non-issue technologically to hold each student accountable for their attendance and participation.

The first company I started in the mid 90's, couldn't have existed without the connectivity the Internet provided to our California based software developers and hardware support. That was 18 YEARS AGO! How in the world do we expect our students to understand how small this world has become and how to productively utilize it's connectivity and resulting opportunities if our classrooms still function within a 1950's method of operation?!?

Our curriculum and methodologies as irrelevant and dated as our methods of delivery and dissemination. All this talk of "restoring America" is hog wash, as long as continued, failed, misappropriated and mismanaged methods continue to be the norm insofar as to the way we educate our students.

There is no future in an environment ranking at the BOTTOM of what counts!!  We now live in a world were consumerism is more defining as to the state-of-the-art than are our teachers.

This is why folks actually think items like the iPhone are the greatest innovation they have seen or been exposed to.  Such ignorance and naivety is embarrassing! It is pathetic, and it is fast (exponentially) defining our countries future and potential failure!

Avoiding such poor decision making is all any competing countries need do! The games and methods have changed! If we don't, we loose!

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