Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do we live in a big world or a small one?

Odd to me that one of the most accurate map designs in the world, portrays a planet of such unification.  We appear to all be joined together as one large common land mass.  Yet it often seems nothing could be further from the truth, when you consider the ever present influence of our differing religion and politics.

Fellow Americans can't seem to resist rampant, incestuous, petty bickering!  An ever growing amount seem to carelessly proceed without hesitation to tear down their own family's, political party's, church community's and/or the country's ability to proceed forward functionally; rather than attempt to grow and mature.

I venture to guess a great deal of our hostility is fostered from the fact we have no real persecution or daily need to fight for our survival within the U.S..  However, so often we want to feel as if we have earned the luxurious life we all share within this country.  Moreover, since only a small percentage of us have actually served in a capacity to have fought for this freedom, we instead choose to fight one another.  This garbage set of, mainstream media spurred, trash talk, has gone way beyond the confines of "constructive" uses of democracy and free speech.  

Often, needlessly destructive behaviors are justified over the shallowest of political divides, prejudices or mundane doctrinal excuses.  Creating ridiculous conflicts, hardly befitting the dismissal of solidarity, loyalty or loving consideration once offered by a true friend, family member, fellow citizen or loved one in return for shared or differing positions of depth and respect.

I wonder when and where humility and intelligence will finally coalesce on a large enough social scale to finally overcome, ignorance and pride?  Doubtful we will see such social or political maturity and sophistication, occur within our own lifetimes.  

Despite our fancy iPhones, air conditioned homes, unlimited access to information, and ever growing ability to communicate with others, all over this world; we still seem to hold ourselves hostage to a sort of dark-ages, fueled by pride; where related to our inabilities to effectively love, care, share, unify, forgive and broaden ourselves beyond our own selfish wants and comforts.

So when I asked the question, "do we live in a big world or a small one?" the answer I already had in my own mind was, "an unfortunately small minded one!"  Yet we have all witnessed the TRIPLING of the population of our planet in just 50 years time!  How can we afford to still act like such ignorant fools!???

Broaden your heart and broaden your mind.  We are here together, along with a total populous, fast approaching, 7 billion!  What have you done today to consider the well being of this vast amount of fellow human beings, versus just yourself?  I'm not saying to think in a way that is overwhelmingly burdensome; nor feel you are actually, directly helping, each and every one of these 7 billion people.  I am saying, stop thinking in a way that doesn't help them!  ...or yourself in the long run!

Our reach now goes far beyond the call to arms, gut check, post war speeches of the past; which we have also so confidently ignored, despite the last 10 years of costly wars.  Therefor, we should not merely feel compelled to check our patriotic conscience when asking, "not what our country can do for us, but rather what we can do for it?"  We must consider a much broader human condition and perspectives and countless lives far beyond our own political, social, economic and ecological bickering!  We, along with 7 billion others have a lasting impact on this small world, a flat world, the one word in which we all share.

If your thoughts are narrow and your reach short, then you are only limiting the life you will one day loose.  Don't take for granted the small world we do live in, by having a small way of embracing it.

Time to get a grip and grow up!  
You are either part of the solution or part of the problem!  
Which do you want to be in, P.O.T."S." or P.O.T."P."?


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