Sunday, June 27, 2010

Perhaps Apple will soon release an iPhone "Lefty"!?!?

How embarrassing for Apple; from 4 bars to 1 in less than 10 seconds without moving locations! (Video demo by Engadget, UK)

The phone is so fancy you simply can't touch it! As further demonstrated in this video too:

Not a very smooth move to make such a "thin & stylish" phone which requires an ugly, rubber, black case in order operate properly. So much for Apple's understanding of minimalism or form & FUNCTION. But they have only been designing & making (or outsourcing to China,) wireless communication devices for a few years. And this is only their 2nd phone design.

Strong inspiration for having experienced wireless communication company's design & manufacture the cell phones we chose to spend big money on; while getting suckered into, two more years of AT&T contracts. LOOK FOR CONSUMER ELECTRONICS FIRMS WHICH ACTUALLY DEVELOP / TEST & MANUFACTURE MANY OF THEIR OWN COMPONENTS UTILIZED WITHIN THEIR COMMUNICATION DEVICES; such as Sony/Ericson, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Nokia, etc.. However, feel free to shop different OS choices; the software can be easily upgraded and customized; the hardware however, in Apple's case, can not! (Once Apple releases a software "patch", one of the phone's radios will inevitably suffer permanently, lower, performance. However, Bluetooth, WiFi & GPS, share the left side of the device. The rest of the "wrap around" antenna is dedicate to UMTS (3G) & GSM/Voice.)

They say this "loss of reception issue" or short circuiting of the antenna, only affects, "left-handed, callers". At the very least, I think right-handed or the majority of people, tend to hold "Smart Phones" in their left hand while using a device's more advanced functions; so they can write and operate the more complex functions with their free, right, hand. (I am right-handed, yet typically hold my cell from with my left hand for all calling as well. Perhaps I started doing this back when I drove a stick shift car and had my earliest cell phones. Not sure?)

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