Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Irresponsibility of Spreading Nonsense

There are winners and loosers in any political race when you live in a country with Democratic opportunities and elections. We can't let fear, frustration and pride whelp into such a destructive force in this country simply because one finds him or herself on the loosing side of an election.

We should instead be reminded of our own rich history in such times of need...
Rather than making odd comparisons of the shameful (whether articulate or not) speeches of ruthless leaders of Nazi regimes, hell bent on world domination, as in those folks whom have flippantly mentioned Hitler and Obama in the same sentences. Or those whom would try to debate whether a Birth certificate from Hawaii was forged or legitimate. Or those who like to think the leader of the free world is in the hip pocket of a single organization such as ACORN.
...those historically productive moments in our country have been the times we chose solidarity over division and hope over despair.

Audiences witnessing the now prevalent mudslinging and random comparisons, titillating all those willing to be captivated by such networks and editorial programs are falling prey to a primitive, sad, method of trying to win some advantage by simply referring to negative aspects of an opponent or of a policy; rather than emphasizing one's own positive attributes or preferred policies.

In the broadest sense, "mudslinging" covers any rhetoric which refers to an opponent, if only by way of contrast, but can also include attacks meant to destroy an opponent's character. And while this may be very appealing to one's own personal prejudices, emotions, or special interests it offers no answer to any real argument.

If a person or group is just truly bent on criticizing our President and his administration and they truly care about conservatism then their energy should be effectively spent on developing alternative solutions; rather than constantly regurgitating the same ol' hysterics about Obama that we hear all day long from every other reactionary, crazy, resource out there.

We shouldn't want to find ourselves in the midst of a war on fear, as we are already quite depleted both financially and spiritually from our multi-fronted war's on terror. And we shouldn't contribute to the commercialization of such fear through such petty and misguided feuds.

It is getting way over the top when people find it acceptable to compare the obvious and intentional exaggeration of editorialized journalism to sentiments they are now seemingly adopting and regurgitating as worthwhile or factual comparisons in history.

I would not consider the irresponsibility on the part of those spreading such nonsense as a patriotic or even productive way to participate in this or any other democracy. I guess at the very least it is just naive behavior or again misdirected energies due to the frustration we have all felt when swallowing pride.

One conservative blogger I recently read put it best when he pointed out the fact that such mudslinging will actually never serve even those slinging it in any productive manner:
"Right now all you are hoping for is that the constant drum roll of mudslinging will cause the masses to forget about the stupidity of the right-wing before the next election. This will not be an improvement over the current administration but rather just a different day and the same ol' crap.

Besides, if your audience is nothing more than true believers then you haven't broadened the appeal of conservatism but rather only reinforced the beliefs of the already true believers.

That is not a political movement but rather just a cult."


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