Friday, February 19, 2010

Moving Wholeheartedly Towards Energy Independence

A Facebook friend of mine recently posted a picture of the price he paid at the pump this week in Rocky Point, CA..
(Picture taken, 2/16/2010)
You would think having a Texas oil man at the helm of the presidency for 8 of the last 9 years would have given rise to some level of OPEC accountability; if in fact U.S. citizen's interest, security and future economic wellbeing were indeed the priority.

Such insane energy prices; during a down economy; in a country such as ours, with so SO many natural resources and abilities to innovate, is a ridiculous situation which definitely helps maintain the many compelling arguments for energy independence established in the early 1970's.

As if the worst trade deficits of any country in the world; empowering worthless desert countries; and fighting expensive, random wars in the middle east wasn't enough inspiration. Not to mention those whom are very interested in the resulting free-enterprise opportunities which any emerging technological market provides; and then the added bonus of all those regularly debated environmental benefits.

As this speeches concluding point expresses, we can no longer afford to be lobbied by, manipulated financially, restricted or guided by the "alternative" methods of energy OPEC deems appropriate. It is time for us American's to reclaim the nature of truly innovative free-enterprise. Time for us to stop being lazy (or acting like any political agenda is relevant!) in relation to this important topic and get busy!

(If this speaker rubs you the wrong way, jump down to one of my favorite speeches given on the viability of Energy independence, -which I have previously posted,- by Amory Lovins at the end of this blog entry.)

Regardless of any differing opinions on the environmental impact; moving wholeheartedly towards energy independence seems a VERY obvious, necessary and responsible move for the most powerful (and energy hungry) country in the world any way you slice it; if we are to indeed "keep our shirts" in this growing Global Marketplace. Sending out money and our troops to the Middle East, generation after generation, has got to stop for so many reasons.

(Reposted speech by Amory Lovins, "Winning The Oil End Game",


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