Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our children's health is too important & Rupert Murdoch has enough cash!

A friend of mine recently left the following quote and information about a recent Hannity broadcast on my home page. (Unfortunately, I couldn't find any transcripts or online broadcast of this particular recent show via any of the typical Hannity's resources, if you know where I can read more about my friends context please let me know?)

"What blew my mind yesterday was Hannity going off on Michelle Obama about her new healthier lifestyle agenda for kids. It seems they are going to start enforcing healthier meals at schools and making set times for kids to engage in physical activity. Hannity was blowing a gasket that this was just one more inch that the government was gaining on a full take over and we can't let it happen.

Then he said parents know how to be healthy, kids know they shouldnt drink ten sodas. It's not the governments place. And all I could think was, "But they do it anyways! And we have some of the fattest (if not the fattest) kids in the world here! I'm all for the government stepping in and making people eat healthier food and step away from their sedentary lifestyles!" Ugh.."

Sounds like the Hannity's critique also fails to sensibly examine any of the facts involving the school menus' largest nutritional blows, due to the ridiculous, outdated government subsidies (for corn, etc.) established decades ago. While necessary at the time to support the dying and now dead breed of mom and pop farming, it's time has come when our children are now paying the price.

Hopefully with the First Lady's attention focused on the matter, effective changes and updates can finally be made which truly improve the school program's nutrition and consequential priorities effecting our children's health and future.
View the First Lady's duscussion with Larry King on the Topic here:

Can you imagine being a person responsible for a show or programing that flies in the face of any consideration for the actual wellbeing and productive future of this country. All in the name of your bloated salary. Truly shameful!

Baffles the mind how there are actual markets for repeat viewership, feeding this destructive frenzy of reckless moronic criticisms! A trend I wish our society had the wisdom to avoid, but it isn't looking good...

I guess we are all either part of the solution or part of the problem. (Pot "S" or Pot "P" - I call it) We each vote with the shows and positions we chose to support... Hannity and other, ignorant, vanity based, profiteering, blow-heart commentary like his are definitely Part of the Problem in my book! Our country doesn't have the luxury of the time necessary to feed the egos and pockets of men or networks like that. Rupert Murdoch has enough cash, time for all of us to lesson his impact in our lives, for the sake of all of our futures...

For information on school lunches and nutrition from a person who actually knows what they are talking about; specifically in the area of School Lunches and our children's health, view this presentation from Ann Cooper originally shown at TED.ORG.
Nice testimony of a private school managing to adopt an effective and healthy change in the daily diet of their students for only $3 per day per student.
Viewer Question about School lunch budgets: Michelle Obama on Larry King, - She has introduced a recognition program.

I certainly hope the First Lady's inspiration and influence is an initiative which might actually inspire the reformation of this catastrophic area of American life; one which is so evidently influenced and corrupted by greed and corporate influences; as she is also a mother of two, grade school age children.

We must all do our part to encourage the dismantling of a corrupted system which now predicates this deadly school lunch program.
(Updated 2/17/10)

***I hate to add one more video to the collection within this blog entry, however! Ironically, since I wrote and posted this blog entry a new award has been granted to Jamie Oliver, a noted chef from the U.K.! TED.COM ended up awarding him the coveted TED Prize for 2010.



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