Saturday, August 30, 2008

Let's take stock of our investments... No let's take cheep green stock!

When I first saw this interview it was the acreage yielding statistics that really struck me! When the described alternatives are compared to say, corn; the comparison is shameful.

  • Corn, yields a dismal 18 gallons of oil per acre per year! WOW - Truly pathetic!
  • Palm, yields 700-800 gallons per acre per year
  • Algae, 20,000 gallons per acre per year (in an open pond system!)
  • Additionally the "Vertigro" system, overcomes evaporation and obviously uses any acreage with extreme efficiency.
  • A ten thousand (10,000%) percent increase over corn! (And that is only useing an open pond system.) These sad comparisons aren't science fiction, they're a reality; one, which will hopefully have an impact on current, very poor ethanol production techniques!

    Is it any wonder why corn based ethanol is so debated? The only winners are the farmers… And perhaps commodities traders. I thought the corn farmer's were already further protected with government subsidies as well? Perhaps that's only the milk & cheese producers. The point is, how many different ways do we need to waste resources before we invest in efficient, viable solutions for our country. Oops, I digress...

    Well, the original goal of this particular blog entry was finding "cheep green stock", so please feel invited to look up VCTPF's latest trading value; for your chance to get an inexpensive piece of Valacent's ( “High Density Vertical Growth”, Vertigro system.

    Another couple of picks I like which are actually in the Solar arena are unfortunately not yet IPO's. But I'm keeping my eyes and ears open. If your hear something please leave me a comment.
    Energy Innovations - and NanoSolar -

    Another exciting company in the field of Product development and Venture Capitol is Idea Labs -


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