Monday, March 14, 2011

3 videos which inspire a new outlook on solving our U.S. education epidemic!

Want to be versed in better possibilities and a better future for your children's education? Take the 45 minutes required to view this set of multimedia information in order to gain a broad insight into the predictable problems and some game changing, amazing solutions.

Our future has a good chance of improving if we take the time required to become an educated democracy. This improvement must start with the vast amount of adult voters improving their own education as to how we arrived at this treacherous state in our countries history.

1.) Learn about the history of how our "modern" educational system started, and some insight on why it has run a muck. (12 Minutes)

2.) Learn about the future of our education when it itself is taught how to embrace and use current technology. (20 Minutes)

3.) Consider a warning from one of the riches men in the world; explaining, the a 3-5 year projection; if state and local school budgets remain operating the way they do, will make college educations "unaffordable". (11 Minutes)

You may want to join some of the organizations which are already initiating these changes and allowing you to participate in "The Future" or education today!

Kahn Academy:
Try a few "courses" / videos yourself.
**Are you smarter than a 5th grader? :-)

Big History Project:

Now that you have a taste (bad or good) of how we arrived at this point; and perhaps how things should be done, as well as why most institutions seem so completely antiquated and unaccountable; what will you do to influence and guide the future of education within your community, your state, your country? Sitting on the sideline will sideline this country's potential and your children's ability to function or even compete within a global market.

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