Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When striving to be a "better" Christian, keep in mind...

A dear friend of mine I really cherish, recently posted on his Facebook profile the following statement:
"The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you."

Wonderful Statement! I'm often shocked at the limited bubble so many of my Christian friends have always chosen to live in; as if "the grace of God" had some scary, marginalized, man made limitations. You know what I mean, folks you can barely visit with before they say, "I just want to do (or live in) God's will." I often think, "Are you use to that being spelled out for you? And if not, is this just a continual search that you are on?"

To me, it often means they are not really enjoying today so much as living for tomorrow, in the hopes of a "better" day; one when they will "feel" they have finally "grown closer to God's desire in their life."

Seems to me, by making that a daily "search" or "goal", they are actually missing a HUGE point of the atonement which has graciously freed them TODAY! Point is, their relationship and path with God is as wonderful, grace-filed and rich as it EVER needs to be. To knowingly and constantly STRIVE FOR BETTER; while seemingly riotous in its original context and inspiration; is an AMBITION having much less to do with God's grace and DEATH (the Cross) and much more to do with man's own, somewhat careless, needs or ego.

Think about it - only an ego would tell us that we can be a BETTER Christian tomorrow than we are today. Just a funny notion to me, that flies in the face of God's very presence and therefor unlimited, unknown purpose for each of our lives.

TODAY is what it IS ALL ABOUT! And asking for a blessing beyond the riches of THIS very moment has always baffled me in many ways! But yeah - we are in America! And in this country, "If you work hard enough, anything is possible." That is our motto! ...If I do MORE, I become BETTER or "richer". I think some folks end up confusing that western, capitalistic motto, with thinking their relationship with God, today, at this very moment, LACKS something it will inevitably be tomorrow; if they simply "get closer", "work harder", "live in His will more", etc...

Seems if our walk as Christians were a "guessing game" up to us to "figure out" we would find ourselves a part of a faith; or should I say a RELIGION, since the entire notion lacks "faith" in God's own purpose for this very moment; a religion, with a God full of limits we have placed on him through our own ambition to be "better". And therefor, no real truth or blessing related to who I am NOW at this very moment will be fully accepted, appreciated and realized, if or when I am believing I must be "better", or "closer" or "more in his will" in order to MORE effectively apply his teaching and purpose for my life.

Really? So what God has done today, has some deficiency which YOU will one day fix? Or allow Him to fix?
I know you're trying to turn that around, and say, "No, it is what I have or have not done, which is causing the deficiency."
Oh! So God has limits, when I cause Him to? Cool - Who knew? <- Stated with friendly sarcasm.)

It is just not this complicated! And today is the day God has (or "hath", if you prefer) made for you! Soak it up! Cherish it! Strive no more in the since of expecting a "better" or "closer" love from him tomorrow, or you may very well miss out on your relationship with Him today!

HE DIED FOR A REASON - so anyone, EVERYONE could get, would realize, would understand, how much they mean to him RIGHT NOW! ...not later! Not when they are better! Not when they are wiser! Not when they are MORE holy! "IT IS DONE", let His grace fall upon you and give you peace!

Just take a good hard look at a cross, if this is still confusing to you. Now picture your God hanging on it for you! Now try taking for granted His day, today! The one he made for you and I. Don't get a big ego about where you will "one day will be!" If today is good enough for me then it is good enough for you, and for everyone else as well. Get over yourself - and let Him, His love, His grace into your life as it stands at this very moment.

May God bless you and keep you...


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