Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rooting the smart phone that should be called a genius!

Rooted my Motorola ATRIX the day after getting it, via these instructions:
(Now I am free to use sites like www.amazon.com/appstore - since AT&T restricts any such 3rd party stores.)
Crazy how fast "they" get on this stuff.

Turns out these instruction and files were released three days before the phone went on sale.

Download links to all Motorola ATRIX rooting files, drivers & extras:
System LIB Package
Super One Click ROOT
32 Bit ATRIX Drivers
64 Bit ATRIX Drivers
ATRIX 4G Gingerbread Theme Package
How to Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_JINF__UKg
The phone is absolutely unbelievable, so far beyond the functionality of ANYTHING else on the market, I'm blown away! Used it and the "Laptop Dock", for the last three days while at a business conference. Hard for even me to believe mobile computing has come this far.

Working now on utilizing the newly “Rooted” status of the phone to disable the ridiculous requirement to maintain the special “tethering” plan. This plan is not required to do tethering on the unlocked device, but rather ridiculously to utilize the “Laptop Dock” accessory.

However, since the “Laptop Dock”, is nothing more than a portable keyboard, mouse & monitor - with additional battery, in the form of a super thin 11” net-book; there is no “tethering” occurring with AT&T’s network during it’s utilization. All data downloading is handled directly within the hand-held device; which are then simply displayed on the “Laptop Dock’s" external monitor.

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