Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is accountable media really a future posiblity?

My faith that true accountability will one day be applied to the rampant, irresponsible, destructive impact, our current versions of "News / Media Outlets" have on this country, has been restored! See if you can understand the implication of the technology being demonstrated here, in one of the most fascinating videos you'll ever see.

You can skip to the 11 minute marker in this video to more quickly learn of the broader implications of these genius efforts at MIT.
  • This amazing combination of unified technologies, now provides the ability to analyze all speech happening on every station (satellite and local) in the U.S.!
  • Yielding a monthly database of over 3 billion recorded, analyzed and linked comments from our entire media spectrum.
  • This vast record of real data is then mapped into "event structures" and their common links between people.
    • (Also imagine the implications for tracking terrorist organization, if that is your bigger focus.)
  • Common ground and interconnectivity between the content viewed on TV and the resulting commentary from the public may then be analyzed.
  • These relationships are able to be measured and linked in ways which create viewable results.
  • The results of these real media / date analysis are able to illustrate for the first time the actual "Cycle" of mass media effect on the commentary of its viewers and oddly enough the inverse reaction of mass media FROM the public commentary.
    • A feedback loop of sorts.
    • In other word the "News" media outlets simply giving us what they eventually think we want to hear and are entertained and titillated by.
Perhaps a future with non-duped voters really is a possibility.

I do still think such CRAZY tech, will start auto-magically, holding more and more people and media outlets accountable one day... A maturity of our information if you will. Information which is now quite overwhelming, (and unfortunately confusing and riddling the less discerning sub-cultures within our society with more conspiracy driven thoughts, than facts;) will one day surface and evolve.

A form of "automagic" footnoting of how our information is being sourced and why it is "popular" or deemed "important" if you will, must come to our rescue.

A credibility and understanding of any resulting perpetuation of freely available  disseminated  distributed and edited information (or prevention of such abuse, in the cases when inaccurate information is fortified with bad facts or lies;) will one day be a reality; and perhaps very ironically, such discernment will be granted via the further and deeper usage of the very tech which currently leads so many, naively astray. The software just has to catch up.
     As usual these days: More power to the programmers...  :-)

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