Saturday, October 8, 2011

America Must Remain a Birth Place for Future Entrepreneurs!

I often warn folks to keep in mind, we are all either "part of the problem or part of the solution"...

Recently a FB "friend" posted the following sentiment:

"Find something better than you, and when you do, figure out how you can make that something even better. Stop asking/demanding for other people to live your life for you. You can reap what you sow, or you can cry about what other people reap and sow. If you can't own up to your own life, how can you ask others to pay for your failures. Life isn't fair, get off your entitled high-horses and make a difference. Stop empowering the government to think for you."

** While it all sounded rather inspiring at first, it unfortunately garnered the following typical remarks:

"...there are so many out there that ONLY WANT to live off of the government and off of the taxes we pay!!! I have a hard enough time supporting myself and my 3 kids, and to have to pay the taxes we do really sucks, knowing the part of that goes to a lazy ass that doesn't want to work. Especially when they just want to keep having kids, doing drugs, driving nicer cars then I do and I'm the one out there busting my ass for 10 to 15 hours a day!"

** In discussions such as this, I think it is best to first ask yourself, "are you a person guided by fear or opportunity?"

A true entrepreneurial individual / job creator, is never guided by fear. This is not to say they are not aware of pit falls, but paranoia and bazaar ideas of victimization are hardly the catalyst for American innovation!

It amazes me how "off point" anger can place a vast lump of the American public. While it may make for titillating, sensationalized, editorial, commentary, it does so little to actually effectively / productively motivate the American public.

We all loose as American citizens when well-meaning folks actually believe they are under seize and under attack. When was the last time you personally saw some "angry conservative" become a productive, job creating entrepreneur? personally?

I desperately wish more "conservatives" would form opinions based on testimony rather than titillation. After all, "conservative thinking" is hardly the opportunity provided to those who truly know how to take advantage of our country's, free market, free enterprise and exceptional capitalistic nature. However, so many are being distracted by anger and fear, versus harnessing a productive passion towards the opportunities which would actually make a difference in this country's future and sustained viability as an economic world power and job creator.

While free speech is certainly one of the greatest freedoms we all have, it does little to create jobs when it is so poorly miss directed, time and time again. Don't confuse your opportunity and freedom to be angry and scared and expressive with that of being productive, patriotic and a part of the solution.

It is simply NOT a complicated thing to determine where your own taxes are really going. Simply do the research, don't let FOX or any other editorialized network or website throw you off point. Do the research necessary to truly form your own opinion, rather than using information of those simply wishing to sell advertisements.

First and foremost, depend on the actually sources of spending to determine where your money goes within the U.S. government. This is truly a democracy for the people and by the people, and these numbers are and always have been published and available. Use such information to become an educated voter. Then work to gain an understanding for why these HUGE swath of pie charts of spending require the money they do. Laziness, or the thievery of greed fostered by the poor, sick or needy is HARDLY the source of any exorbitant taxes any one in this discussion or any population of America should be directing it's anger at.

Our only hope is for America to remain the birth place of future entrepreneurs! Fear and misdirected anger is hardly the solution. Overcoming the brain dead nature of the modern voter, and the countless millions who would allow the likes of nightly staring contest directed at a TV in order to help them decide where these loyalties, passions and "facts" come from is one of the biggest threats to our fabric of opportunity in this country.


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