Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Irony of Conformity Amongst "Creatives"

I do often wonder if many Apple fan boys within the "creative" fields, have ever bothered to examine the irony of their own conformity?  ..."conformity" is not a very "creative" trait after all.

After-all, where related to technological tool-sets, "creatives" typically share in uniformly seeking the same monochromatic, minimalism, computing platform. (Mistaking, if you will, minimalism for high-tech.) An unfortunate misinterpretation; given Apple is a computing platform which draws those same professionals towards a set of tools which are actually so technically limiting; in either their offering as a PC, or robust computing platform. ...and let's not even try to approach the Apple's recent (2010) abandonment of its' X-serve enterprise line of computers. Indicating, even Apple concedes the shallow nature of it's platform and opportunities outside of consumer, versus professional customers.

In keeping with product lines, devoid of "professional" / mission critical, profit based, computing intentions; rumors are they will soon abandon their Mac Pro desktop computing line as well. Eliminating their only remaining; flexible, up-gradable, high-end system offering. This combined with the fact they have recently alienated themselves from Adobe; the only real application developer of professional / industry standard, Page Publishing (In Desgn) , Photo Editing (Photoshop), Web Authoring (Dream Weaver) and reliable video editing tools (Premier) their platform supports, (not even going to mention Flash) is just embarrassing and completely destructive for all those "Creatives" who continue to depend on them. (And my hat is off to all those fellow NLE's who have had experienced the nightmare of using both the previous "Pro" version, and the now downgraded Final Cut, over the years!) Not to mention the fact there has NEVER been an adequate "industry standard" application developer in the (CAD) Computer Aided Design field, (and very few within the field of Computer Animation tool-sets) which has ever wished to risk development resources on supporting the Macintosh product line. The only exception are typically those which already had a presence in the UNIX landscape so for a few years supporting a directly ported version for OSX.

Being a "creative", should never mean turning a blind eye to the most productive and liberating tool sets. But it is often hard to get a "creative" to turn their eyes of the obsessions they have already chosen to desirably gaze at! Passion! Can't live with it, can't live without it. In these cases, a plea or question should be asked. "Since when do "creatives" wish to be limited? ...or for that matter conformist?" Was never a goal of mine while steeped within the Computer Graphics, Design and Simulation field...

I can however appreciate the fact that many "creatives" are not necessarily striving to be "computer nerds"; therefor, seeking what may seem to be the "path of least resistance", to this end. And I might try to be sensitive to those who feel the safest route to avoid becoming technically adept; is to harbor a platform based on "closed architecture" and a highly restrictive ecosystems; since such limits might initially offer the desired solace or comfort.

It just seems that ultimately depending on appropriate provisions such as of self proclaimed, "Awesome", IT folks, (or perhaps, 3rd part, outside consultants,) in an inspired and productive effort to avoid stifling platform limitations, the perils of discontinued support and whole product lines, and the stagnation of "comfort zones" (aka paradigms); and instead support or introduce platforms and tools which actually provide the most depth, security and freedom. Such liberation and better values, should actually be the smartest long term route within any organization or studio. But as is always the case, folks just don't know, what they don't know.

Creativity and Intelligent within larger organization is already fraught with so many challenges; it is certainly not a good choice to have those individuals whom are "avoiding being computer nerds" to indeed have the final say, belief or influence on the computing platform they chose to find comfort in.

If creatives are thinking by avoiding the wiser choice 90% of all computer users see fit to depend on, they are avoiding being "typical" or conformist; I'm afraid by instead conforming to their other "creative" peers (or all of those visible within their immediate circles;) in this case, they have shot themselves in the foot.  This wouldn't be such an irony and challenge if it wasn't so likely to stifle future creativity.

Here are some odd perspective on a couple of emerging technologies I shared through a blog entry last December, that I have yet to see shake up the industry, as I hope they one day will:

Perhaps even CITRIX recent announcement today claiming, "it will make virtual desktops cheaper than real ones", is also a step in this direction of remote computing, based on platforms even the "creatives" among us can't be stifled by.

And some rather unrelated news of Apple' "green" efforts, which I am a fan of:


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