Friday, October 28, 2011

Real Men - Do's and Don'ts

Real men don’t “write checks” that require the “endorsements or withdrawals” of their entire family life and/or professional integrity to cash.
·         Real men don’t use the excuse of their pressures and responsibilities at work; to bare down unfairly and take for granted the love and loyalty offered to them daily by their own family and loved ones, children and spouse.
·         Real men don’t use the pressing responsibilities they are facing at home; as an excuses to practice cutthroat politics or even less scrupulous tactics; towards advancement within their workplace.

A real man’s character should always be present throughout his’ life.
·         Real men, don’t overlook that being a man requires protecting and defending the good in one’s self; maintaining steadfast character; a character that ceaselessly enforces one’s ethics and principals; especially when they are facing trials. 

Real men don’t find their own judgment, ethics, and principals; clouded, compromised or abandoned over new found power and responsibility.
·         Real men don’t find they have different priorities and ethics simply because money is being offered to them.
·         When greed becomes your inspiration, you have already failed.

Real men think about the legacy they will leave in this world before it is too late in their life to alter it. 
·         They understand that they are never to alter their legacy at the cost and expense of their own family, co-workers, and friend’s wellbeing or trust.

Real men don’t falsify loyalties.
·         Real men don’t change their idea of loyalty and alter the people they bestow it on, whenever it suits them; or ever stray from or deceive the very people whom they led to believe could depend on their consistency and sincerity.

Real men find a way to obtain humility, and treat others fairly; abundantly representing they are no more important than the persons they are speaking too, managing or calling friends, co-workers and family.
·         Real men treat their wives as if their own lives depend on their happiness, trust and love being respected and steadfast.
·         Real men treat their children as if their lives depend on it.


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