Saturday, October 8, 2011

Trusting Your Health to the Non-elected

It is one of this countries biggest shames that folks who might have something MUCH greater than just the opportunity to simply work at Wal-Mart or McDonanlds to contribute, often feel quickly driven or continually trapped to such legacies simply to find away to pay one of the six (6) insurance company's which control our health care opportunities in this country the exorbitant premiums they demand.

"Managed Health Care" has indeed transformed the way we all view our health when we are sick; and unfortunately for many the denial of such provision of health care to others when we are healthy.  I often ask folks who do not feel caring for our populations health as a "human right", if they do feel organizations like FEMA should respond when a community is devastated by a tornado, forest fire or flood? Or if they feel the coast guards should set out to rescues those capsized in a storm?  Most, even conservative folks do indeed feel such "Acts of God" yielding such unsuspecting, large scale tragedies should be approached as a collaborative, community wide response to those individuals and whole communities in need during such tragedies.

The irony comes when you ask them why they differentiate between the "Act of God" that decimates a community through that of an unsuspecting tornado, and the "Act of God" that devastates 1000's dying of breast cancer each year.  We are either a country capable of caring for our own or we are not.  We are either a country that prioritizes humanitarianism issues over that of endless nonstrategic exit strategy wars or we are not.  We can simply NOT have it both ways and claim to have a sensible moral compass in any of these matter.

In so far as simply maintaining a sensitivity for the "human experiences", I find it also ironic that most "conservatives" at this point would also claim to have a protestant Christian background, and yet I am simply not sure where being "Pro-war", "Anti-health care reform", "Pro Gun", "anti-human right for all Americans", etc...  Equals the grace-filled teaching of Jesus Christ.  Again, such duality of so called morality and principals will not be a legacy any of our children will see fit to respect, nor will have the luxury to follow.  Irony's such as these are signs of much deeper and greater problems than that of simply caring for the sick.

Many claim to feel adamant about avoiding trusting health care reform to our elected officials, and would instead continue to trust this insane, corrupt system to the six (6) company's which have a strangled hold on this industry.  I'm not sure why folks see fit to imagine that any groups of  share holder's opportunistic, financial  interest within a mere six (6) gargantuan firms are better suited to sway the nature of caring for all of our health, versus expecting the elected officials we have the power to remove and replace, in the matter of reforming such a VERY corrupt industry.  It seems we have truly lost sight of the power of a democracy.

I keep imagining this loss of vision and purpose must have simply died along with all other qualities of education within our country.  Perhaps less time should be spent following our favorite sports teams and more time understanding the purposes of our votes and the power of the people for the people.

The question of allowing our government to actively pursue "health care reform" might best be elevated to something the average public could make more since of, by simply asking the following:  Trusting your health to a board you neither elect nor own stock in; does this demonstrate wisdom or stupidity?  Even if so many "conservatives" continue to ignore the strangle hold this insurance industry has now placed on our country through it's insanely disproportionate financial burden, one might simply take some time to consider the stupidity involved in selling our HEALTH out to the share holders of six (6) unaccountable companies.  This isn't just the quality or value of an iPod or iPhone we're talking about! It is our lives! And our livelihood, and thanks to a burden 2nd only to our mortgages, it is a structure and a system of being taken advantage of the American public can no longer maintain.

It is amusing to think of all those folks who like to believe we are doomed financially in this country due to the diabolical, ingenious nature of "poor folks"; all those "lazy", "welfare mongols" who refuse to work, yet are so smart they have learned so well how to "work over the system", that they are indeed to blame for the bulk of our corruption and burdens within this country.  But the same folks crying about this poor, lazy but brilliant wolf, don't for a moment think the real problem are those who are actually educated and paid to consider on a daily basis, first and foremost, the profits received by their shareholders over all other considerations of public interest. Really?

How do we remind the voters, the leadership within any U.S. corporation within the U.S. are bound and driven by our current laws to make higher profits paramount before all other considerations.  We are after all talking about "managed health care" which while it has "health care" in the name, it should not be confused with true medical decisions. This is simply the insurance industry, nothing more.  Driven strictly by profits, nothing more!  Their decisions are NEVER weighed by anything as lofty as the Hippocratic oath, nor are the value of services they deem fit to pay for ever about the amounts we as American can afford of most need.  Why would a person EVER defend this system as if it has any one's best interest in mind where related to our health?

Have we truly forgotten the purpose for this democracy?
One created by the people, for the people...
Not by the people for Wellpoint, Cigna, Aetna, Human, United, Bluecross / Blueshield

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