Tuesday, November 22, 2011

China Faced The Music Even Before The GOP

If concerns about Global Warming and any negative impacts the combined human population of the developed world is having on this planet are indeed false; and the conservative right, U.S. political movement, truly does have some incredible insight on the truth; then who or what organization is responsible for duping China into changing the way this largest country in the world is approaching the challenges of their unprecedented growth?
(Might have to log-in to YouTube to view, due to lack of films rating.)

The possibility that an officially "atheist" country was convinced to be concerned with their's and the planet's future; while, on the contrary, an entire swath of one of the two party's which run our own country are clued out, is truly embarrassing! Worse, irresponsible and sadly ignorant! :-(

Completely ironic this same, "conservative" political party, is the one which often attempts to market itself to the Christian, God fearing people among us. And of course the reason this seems SO ironic and relevant to the fact China is atheistic, is the fact that most folks of such conservative faith are insistent God expects them to be good, responsible, stewards of his gifts. And none are larger than that of our planet and the life we live while on it.

Seems strange to sacrifice one's faith based principals (or for that matter, one's common since,) on the chance that a U.S. political party's claim of some rash, organized, conspiracy is occurring amongst the majority of all climatologist and related scientist all across the world.

It is hard to find legitimate organizations to depend on for learning and direction in this endeavor of "Green" living and transition towards a smarter future for this country. Let me know if you come across other resources like the NRDC: http://www.nrdc.org/default_t2.asp

Update: The following link, views even more humbling insight to the original movie, embedded above! http://youtu.be/A-RtiZSuFJ0
This is the fifth in a series of video podcasts from the new PBS series e2 desig.


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