Saturday, November 12, 2011

Continued Education Via The Internet

It is true, there are some things in life that just can't be measured.
Our intelligence is definitely a hard one to gauge.

"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education" - Albert Einstein
Some folks are only inspired to accomplish something if others are able to recognize, pay tribute to, or monetarily compensate them for their accomplishment.  Other's find the drive, incentive and passion to create, produce and grow simply for the sake of the accomplishment itself and the edification which comes from creating something new; regardless of whether or not others are present or aware of the effort.

For those who enjoy learning, striving and improving one's knowledge and capacity, regardless of measured or shared recognition with others; the following websites are simply a treasure! You will find an ability though these resources to literally learn just about any physical science, chemistry, political science, history, health care, astronomy, architecture, languages, all levels of math, software training, grammar, physics, philosophy or practically any other area of academic learning you choose.

I have blogged about this first site on my list of links previously.  It represents an exceptional future in education, and is sure to become a resource used by schools and home student all around the world.
Great resource for all grades and levels of teaching and tutoring needs:
  • The Kahn Academy:
    • Kahn has recently not only received multi-million dollar support and donations from Google's founders, but also the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.
  • Lentil (alpha) "Get your learn on":
    • Lentil describes itself as, "a learning application. Like a wise tutor, it breaks things down and finds the right pace for you. If you ever have trouble, it's our fault, not yours."
    • While it only serves to teach Japanese, some Korean, and some Geography at the moment; it promises many more application are to come!
    • It was founded by Russel Simmons, a Yelp co-founded who has always wished to improve education through tehcnology.
  • (An Online Academy are integrated with the University of Kansas, "eLearning Design Lab")
Other exceptional resources sponsored directly by elite Universities and Colleges around the country:
For those seeking professional software tutorials, (which in some cases require a small fee) these are very helpful:
Other resources best at inspiring interest and informing us of exceptional areas of research, science, art and current social issues are as follows:
Ready to enter the hottest advancing market in technology, App Development?  Let the resources help get you there:
More general learning sites:
Need help with your research:
Need to translate an article, text or entire website:
Simply, instant news briefing / electronic news paper:
I will continue updating this list of education related resources as I learn and use other sources over the coming years.
Enjoy!  ...happy (e)learning...

As for more physical / hardware tools to consider:
consider a writing instrument such as the PULSE SmartPen, which records ALL verbal lectures simultaneously while each written note is also digitized. This digital synchronization of both the audio present during a lecture or meeting along with your written dictation, allows you to later return to your writings and simply tap the desired note on the paper to instantly replay and hear it's related sound bite.  The more you get use to the power such instant recall and note embellishment provides the more you love it!
Soon we will live in a world which better understands, self sufficient accountability, where related to the study habit and efficiency of every student; regardless of which level or area of studies they are facing.  Once this maturity and wisdom is more common, and something our culture embraces, teaches and expects then resources being made available all around the world will then be recognized for the revolutionary tools in learning and developing they represent.
"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education" - Albert Einstein

Schools, libraries, colleges & university use to be the exclusive resources (beyond that of internship and apprenticeships) we had to depend on for higher education and continued education.  However, such brick and mortar, costly, institutions are simply no longer required.

Society has not yet caught up with these existing, new opportunities, the information age has now brought instantly to our fingertips, ears and eyes.  And there may not yet be an award system or  measurable way to account for the regular attendance or results each attendee visiting these resources garners; regardless, they are no less capable of complimenting and in most cases replacing our current aging system of education in this country.


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