Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dream Depletion Comes Natural to Some

"That's what life is... You have a bunch of dreams, and then you do what you can to make them happen." Jeb Corliss, Venice CA, Professional Base Jumper.

I'm no base jumper, and perhaps you aren't either, but that doesn't mean I don't dream. :-)
In fact:
I thank God for dreamers! And for those who encourage others to dream!

I also thank God for all of those folks who's dream it is to help those who don't have any, find their's. Whether they are teachers, coaches, activist, bosses, managers, co-workers, preachers, parents, writers, directors, artist, photographer, art directors, software developers, land developers, engineers, musicians, etc...
...be a dreamer!
Be a dream maker!

On the frustrating flip side...
Have you recently, (or perhaps long ago,) experienced a "Dream Depletion"?
Life is far to short to be diminished by those more motivated by office politics, insecurities, money and corporate ladders; rather than finding inspiration in the true progression of dreams and visions, versus one's own individual status.

If you are a dreamer - stay your course! Of you are a depleter of others, remember; your roll only truly serves to ruin those around you; and nothing truly successful will come from this. Find no pride in the halls you walk down, until you find the wisdom to lift up those whom you share them with!  ...I do believe these people; these "users" and "abusers" of all those in possession of dreams of their own; do indeed know who they are.  If at all unsure of your roll, you may also want to view the following check list to make sure your methods are not present on it either.

Moreover, here is some more direct communication for the "Dream Killer"s of the world:
When you find yourself so insecure and fearful of living life, you have become a dream squelcher, then get help and as quickly as possible, get out of the way! I don't care if you create such deficits in people spirits, intentionally or accidentally; the world is not here for your careless destruction.

Simply stay AWAY from those who are here to improve and grow all of our lives, until you can learn to contribute versus smother; lift up versus deplete, compliment rather than insult. Move on to a place where your negativity is only destructive to yourself; rather than damaging others; and the opportunities they are working hard to develop and potentially provide to others.

As an entrepreneur, product designer, inventor, friend, student, trainer and dreamer; I have had more than my share of run-ins with thieves of dreams! Some, were people vary close to me; other's looked on from a cowardly distance, while still taking their best shots. As a dreamer and dream creator, you MUST simply learn to accept that cowards exist in this world, and learn to continue dreaming, persevering even when in their midst!

Today I want to encourage all dreamers to dream again! Dream bigger! Live again! Live bigger! No matter who tried to rob you of your vision, who tried to insult your creativity, or who tried to taint your reputation, ...do NOT let them win!

Putting it bluntly, they were "damaged goods", meant to deplete this world of it's most precious commodities, long before they met you, and they mustn't make a looser out of the real dreamers within this world. If you let a dream thief beat you! ...if you give up, if you quit, we all loose far more than we know or deserve.
  • Don't ever let your religion get in the way of progress. (For instance, in the case of protestants, No death experienced by Christ ever illustrated a cross in defiance of science.)
  • Don't confuse your own desire to understand morality as an excuse to fear and insult other's methods of thinking and living.
  • Don't confuse a message within a self-help book; such as one trying to teach you how to win friends and influence enemy's; as an excuse to exercise uninvited influence or self assumed power over others.
  • No political party you choose to align yourself with is worthy of the resulting insults you see fit to cast on folks you have never met; or worse, friends and family members whom you are familiar with.
    No representative of that political party will EVER bother attending your funeral or your hospital bed when the chips are down. So put into perspective any false alliances you have constructed, and any insecurities which might have inspired these.
My random inspiration for jotting down these particular thoughts and encouragement was a result of simply watching a base jump video, featuring Jeb Corliss' quotes. I was instantly and vividly reminded how hard it is to keep your dreams alive within a world full of insecure, dream killers.

While there is very little I can directly relate to insofar as the world of those inspired to base jump, I certainly know how hard it is to get or remain positive in the face of, ever so tempting, cynicism; which tends to grow and grow after the numerous trials of facing dream killers head on.

For years I served co-workers and clients within the world Civil Engineering. I would remind myself on a weekly basis that in the world of Civil Engineering, these professionals are essentially taught, innovation is a potential liability. They are after all licensed by the state, and expected not only to follow each states rules and regulations but place a seal on each plan or document symbolising the liability they are willing to accept if those standards and rules are not properly executed.

As my professional and technical abilities grew; and my resulting dreams and departmental goals along with them; I progressed to larger and larger firms. It is true, it became harder and harder to make excuses for the co-workers, leaders, managers and fellow directors within the HUGE corporate environments. And quite frankly, tracking the politics within was not always my forte. However, I will NEVER believe that giving up or enabling the depletion in one's rare ability to initiate and bring to fruition one's visions and dreams is acceptable!  Instead, you simply MUST accept the fact these dream killing people exist and move on.

Thieves are after all, allways present.  This fact doesn't prevent us from, buying, gifting or treasuring the things we hold most dear.  We just lock our doors at those times when we feel the need, and trust our belongings will remain safe when we are unable to protect them.  Such cautions and trust in our inspirations and dreams is no different.  However, these gifts must also be taken out in plain sight of the thieves, often, in order to functionally serve the community at large.  It is finding this ability to continue to trust and risk, which all dreamers must never loose or give up on.

Stay strong, bounce back, present your gifts again and again, and dream on!

(Incidentally, I did construct some similar warnings and encouragements, from a Corporate America stand point, in bullet form, a few years ago; after leaving a rather high-profile position within a large 4000+ man national firm. This bullet listing can be found at another recent blog posting: http://themichaelhulmeproject.blogspot.com/2011/10/real-men-dos-and-donts.html )


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