Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Apple still doesn't fall far from the tree of its' mid 90's peril

If you're an "Apple Fan Boy", (and even if you're not,) the Wall Street Journal performed a good interview with Steve Jobs yesterday; here are the resulting video clips...

Incidentally, I am no longer a "Fan Boy" for reasons related to decisions such as those mentioned in this additional, "app approval" related article, ; nor was I personally able to remain "loyal" or naive to Apple's resignation for closed architecture, limited developing environments and poor business practices in the mid 90's.

At that time they were to small of a market share for this philosophy to be successful for its' brand or customers; and today it flies directly in the face of the future and attractive proposition of mobile computing and it's freedom, or power to tap connectivity and the availability of cloud storage, computing and other new and unforeseen, end-user applications.


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