Friday, August 1, 2008

"My grandparents didn't know any better." or is it Al Gore's Fault?

Well, we all made it to August 2008! Excellent...
It is about as hot and humid as any person can stand here in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas!
105 and counting! With, I would assume about 98% humidity; since a portion of the city is getting intermittent showers. All I know, is if you stick your head out the door, it feels like you’re about to head into a sauna, fully clothed! Truly uncomfortable!

I remember one time questioning my grandmother as to how folks dealt with the heat in this part of the country, prior to having A/C? More specifically, I ended up asking, "why folks did it"? And, "why our family lived here; given this crazy uncomfortable weather, and the fact that they use to have no air conditioned reprieve?" Her answer was rather straightforward... She simply said, "We didn't know any better."

Well, I guess that is as good of a reason as any! I just wonder, now that we live in this; jet set, well traveled, information age; and assume I end up having children; who in turn one day ask me, “why in the world did I chose to I live in an environment with 105 degree 98% humidity for weeks on end?” What will I tell them?

I think for now, I'm just going to take the easy way out - and explain, "My grandparents didn't know any better." Hate to make a scapegoat out of the folks I respect the very most! But what else can I say...?

Here's another possibility, which thankfully avoids targeting my family's earlier generational decisions. "Al Gore failed to do anything to ward off global warming during his own 8 years as VP. Which you would think would have been the ideal platform and office to speak to such things as floral carbons, and new green technologies. Instead he was able to parlay his non-responsive vice presidency into a post career of touring with an inconvenient, academy award winning power point presentation; which ironically offered no solutions! And yet, acted as if he was the holder of all things Green! As a result, temperatures in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, have risen faster than I realized, since I was a child. And I simply failed to shop for a career or home in a more suitable climate for my family's survival.

Sorry kids… It’s Al Gore’s fault… But at least he (claims to have) “invented the Internet”!

That guy makes me sad… Folks that have to, tailcoat other people’s ideas, leadership, hard work and productivity; and then act as if they had some part in the efforts, are really pathetic…

Wow! This blog entry went from somewhat light hearted “talk of the weather”, to a sad observation about one of our ex leaders. Oh well…

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