Sunday, August 17, 2008

I've got some swamp land I'll sell you...

Remember when there use to be clever cliche which warned us of getting double crossed or bait and switched. It just seems to me there were some more sensible times in our country's history, when we socially knew how to spot a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Doesn't seem those rules, or cautions are applied much anymore.

Recent "grass roots movements", like "The Pickens Plan"; and the likes of environmental conscious campaigns such as "Blue Communities"; forged by one of the largest Foreign Oil Cartels in the world, are becoming the new trend in marketing. These are nothing more than campaigns designed to seem as if a larger majority's interest are in mind, in an effort to expedite local and federal legislation and keep at bay environmental or social interest groups which might delay each billionaire's latest goals. I'm afraid as a whole, we're just to naive to know any better!

Take the "Blue Communities" Map website for instance; displayed below. They are nice enough to provide a beautiful map featuring interactivity which allows you to roll your mouse over any number of exceptional, natural, underwater habitats and get immediate gratification by viewing an underwater video of the environment.
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Just doesn't get any more environmentally friendly than that, does it?

In the bygone days of cautious cliches, this would have been called a "Snow Job in the Desert"! It just doesn't exist!

Blue Community's misleadingly claims they are the "worlds expert" in Marine biology and impacts made to under water habitation. They are certainly doing their share of "impacts"; since they are after all, unearthing the largest amount of underwater water land in the history of man, and piling it into vast artificial "sea side communities" for luxury living. Do you see any contradictions here?

For a little inspiration in finding the irony, watch the video below.

For additional confirmations of their claim to be the worlds leading environmentalist, you can visit their home website where the same opening video on "Blue Communities" is featured.

Now let's look at our own domestic oil tycoon's environmentally conscious marketing. Frankly, details of my opinion on these recently announced domestic campaigns; by one of our most out spoken private oil men, is included in my blog entry from, August 6th, 2008 called "Green and Ripe for the (Boone T.) Pickens". However, there is an impressive similarity to the "bait and switch" marketing of both those "Royal" families in the middle east and the Good 'ol boy campaign's being forged stateside.

While not quite as profound or tree hugging as the Blue Communities map of precious underwater habitats; Boone T. Pickens like to show colorful maps too. Those that seem to demonstrate how rich the U.S. is in its own "Natural" / "Alternative" energy sources. Such as the areas now being coined the "Wind Corridor".
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The only key issue left unexplained (initially), is the fact that this whole campaign has much less to do with impacting our (The U.S.A.'s) dependencies on foreign oil (Since Oil is not used to produce 98% of our electricity); versus the real goal of gaining the public support required to quickly and effectively engage congress; thereby quickly influencing the necessary legislation for positioning the huge transmission line infrastructure required to transport power harnessed in the "Wind Corridor" to the far reaches of large urban areas such as L.A. and New York who will spend endless amounts on this new electricity.

I think we (the general American population) are far to easily marketed too. Show us a map and a couple of videos and we assume you not only know what you're talking about, you also must care deeply about the big picture; and doesn't this include myself and my interest?

Thanks for the map & the videos! It means everything to myself and my fellow Americans. We're sold!

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