Sunday, August 3, 2008

Information overload

Had a nice weekend...
My middle brother, Philip, hosted the whole family over at his new home north of Frisco.

Had some interesting conversations with a couple of my Uncles on a broad variety of topics. These discussion lead to me compliing some additional information, once I was later back at the house; for the purpose of primarily providing links to content already posted on my website. AT least on of my Uncles and I will now use this information to continue our banters in the up and coming weeks via e-mail.

Should be fun...

(Thought it was a bit much for one read, so I sectioned it into chunks.)

For the unique statistics site I was talking about; primarily sourced from the UN’s data, head to my “Going Green” page under “Noteworthy Links” on my home page and choose the third link down called “Gapminder”. It actually makes statistics pretty cool.

Better yet, to view a very cool, MUST SEE, video of the professor who created this novel statistics site;. Just go to my “TED” page on my site. (Which is also under the “Noteworthy Links” menu.) The second video down on the TED page is by Hans Rawlins. The video really improve one’s understanding of the unique offering “Gapminder” provides when illustrating the changes occurring socially around the world
You may also watch the video here: Directly from TEDs website.

Incidentally, if you found his original lecture interesting there is also a follow-up, given on March of 2007; called, “New insights on poverty and life around the world”. This is when he actually announces the fact that the UN was making all of its’ statistics public, by May of that year; he then shares some of the results he had yielded in advance; and he announces the browser based version of his software “Gapminder”.

The area of my website that show some interesting information on new state-of-the-art vehicles, and the SMART car (which has been out and refined over the last 10 years.) is all under my “Extras” are of my website. Just choose the link, “SMART cars are smart”.

This is that “news at a glance” site I have enjoyed for several years (at least 5 or 6,) that just compiles all the latest and most popular headlines from Google news, in a sort of unique, at a glance visualization. I feel it serves as an affective sort of an electronic newspaper.

This is an area of my site I really want to work on and develop further. I want it to not only compel us all to seriously research and consider if we are, “Part of the Solution, or Part of the Problem?” (or as I call it, “POT-S or POT-P”) It will ultimately house good, verified, useful statistics; and then, perhaps more importantly, present real solutions to the problems we are all plausibly facing and possibly causing.

I just feel it does other’s little good for me to weigh-in to heavily on any discussion, if I’m not armed with facts and almost exhausted from research. So I try to spend most of my time reading as many reasonable arguments from all sides, rather than talking to definitively as if I have a solution; or an educated understanding for that matter – yet.

Unfortunately, at the moment this POTSorPOTP page on my site consist of nothing more than a video “Mash-up” of researched feeds, bookmarked to my own YouTube Channel, called “POTSorPOTP” =

IN RESONSE TO (one of my uncle's) FRIDAY (8/1/08) E-MAIL:
“This is really incredible. Please watch the short C-Span broadcast and forward to other Americans concerned about the rising cost of gasoline.”

This particular YouTube Channel is probably one you would find even more inspiring; towards these frustrations currently faced by Republican’s their battles within congress.

Of course I still don’t know what will incentivize any auto industry to start sternly consider modern advances that matter to anyone! Much less any “solutions” to pollution; such as those proposed in talk’s by guys like Amory Lovins, presented in 2005 when Oil was only actually “only” $45 a barrel. <- Skip to about 8:00 minutes into this talk if you want to save some time; then it only takes about 10 minutes to finish…

In states like California, despite all their strict regulations, it is still true that cars are the guiltiest party in the transportation sector at producing harmful waste.
However, given the fact only a, very debatable, percentage of our overall pollution in this country is caused by Vehicles; there are perhaps many even more reasons, but often even less incentives, to apply new technologies towards our industrial and commercial sources; before we worry too much about expecting each of us to sell our current vehicle and buy new better solutions.
I’m still trying to figure out how to productively utilize, what should be one of the most useful, Air Data websites. But it is not the most user friendly index.

Definitely some of our biggest reasons to stop overseas dependencies, is minimally to flip our trade deficits; and thereby, perhaps more significantly, eliminate a rather shameful need to empower Middle Eastern countries. Which would otherwise merely have the political clout of any other dessert region in this world – zero!

I rarely quote anyone as profound as one of our founding fathers; therefore, here is a little statement from a member of our pop culture. “Idealism detached from action is just a dream, but idealism allied with pragmatism, with you rolling up your sleeves and making the world bend a bit, is very exciting.” – Bono…

His whole speech in context is a little more compelling, ( but I like that quote 15 minutes in… And of course, this video is posted on my site as well… J

I’m still trying to figure out what action are the best ones to take and/or stand behind…
Let me know your thoughts whenever you can…

Although gun control was also a rather invovled topic during our discussions; I didn’t really touch on any issues related to gun control in this e-mail; Although, I admit, I personally, find movies such as, “Bowling for Columbine” interesting. As I do most of Michael Moore’s films. Notice, I simply said “interesting”.

HOWEVER, I also feel they have to be VIEWED before they can be affectively criticized. Do you agree? Hard to really identify with what is provoking about the films, from either side of the issues & arguments aired; when the films have seldom been viewed firsthand. Right?
Considering the challenges, researching and hypothesizing or execution of solutions, (found most often via the internet,) was my plight for 14+ years in the design & technology sectors I served; so it is a hard habit to break. I just direct it towards many different areas of interest these days.


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